home sweet home

Friday, March 16, 2012

we spent a few days in san antonio, and it's great to be home. quality time at the riverwalk was a must and the flowers on this trellis smelled delicious!

of course we shopped, and this was my most favorite find...primarily because i am still completely appalled at the price. oscar dela renta, a la $11k...seriously.

we also went to the zoo (along with 8,000 other people), and i learned that having them dressed the same makes it so much easier to keep up with them in big crowds! really, they were just doing a social experiment: they wanted to see how many times people asked if they're twins. we lost count after twenty something. :)

no trip is complete without a ride on the train...and this year we rode it backwards.

dorothy was right when she said 'there's no place like home' and it feels so good to be back. we have lots to unpack and organize, there are only two and a half days left in spring break, and this has been a wonderful week!!

peace and projects...

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Mama O. said...

Your tags are hilarious. And I'm right there with ya, sister.

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