Sunday, March 18, 2012

i'm crossing something off of the old life list: challah bread!! i used laurie david's recipe from the family dinner and it was divine. it's basically a very eggy yeast-based bread. what makes it extra special is that you use honey to feed the yeast, and the sweetness at the end is outta this world.

thing one helped stir the dough...

i wish i could tell you her feet weren't on the counter, but that would not be accurate...
it was a very sticky dough and i didn't want to over flour it. once we got it in the oiled bowl to rise, i was a little concerned (because the rate of error in my kitchen is shockingly high)...

but the baking gods were looking over me. the dough rose for an hour, we punched it down once and let it rise for another thirty minutes and then we braided (holla!).

isn't she a beauty?
after the initial braid (with egg wash), we let it rise for another hour and then we added a second glossy coat and poppy seeds. this particular recipe called for raisins, but i'm not a raisins-in-my-bread kinda girl.

forty minutes in a hot oven, and i wished there was a candle i could make to recreate that smell. i was lucky to get a picture of the finished product before the girls had their little fingers digging into the middle. and i wasn't far behind them.

i think the bread was a hit and i was glad i made an extra loaf. as a bonus, i used half of that loaf to make challah french toast for breakfast this morning. oh dot em dot gee - delish. it was a french-jewish delight. we're multicultural like that.

if you don't have laurie david's cookbook, there are seriously tons of great recipes you can google for challah.

today is the last day of spring break, and we are going to make the most of it...so that's all for now!!


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