haiku (for you)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

this week was wicked-
a real rollercoaster ride.
kids took the staar test

 (the new assessment
for kids of the lone star state).
we survived round one!

i channeled mike leach
in full adam james fashion;
we'll leave it at that.

got to see ac
on tv one afternoon.
that never happens...

wednesday: peace and calm.
wednesday evening: drinks with friends
(much needed relief).

lockdown on thursday...
i did not see that coming,
drills aren't always drills.

gun-toting rednecks
should not live near schools, you know?
flashback to summer...

squirrel's life in danger!
the moral of the story?
let's not shoot at squirrels.

i need lots of sleep...
in the very worst of ways-
early night for me.

thank you for reading
my super awesome haiku
(my next show's at ten).

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