Friday, March 9, 2012

fur kid and i went to the vet today. my old man is seventy-nine in dog years, so i figured it was time for a check up.

i am happy to tell you that he weighed in at an impressively svelte one hundred and three pounds! this is huge - he has lost twenty pounds in the last year, and he is finally getting his girlish figure back!

he is getting older and he's starting to slow down (i think walter may have made a few negative contributions in that department), but he got an excellent bill of health. last weekend we took him to the park to swim and he was in heaven; however, excursions like today take a lot out of my brown buddy...morgan freeman is glad to be back in his own bubble.

we're both settling in for a chill night at home with a good movie and a good book, and one of us is about to have an incredible glass of cab.

my spring break started four hours ago, and tomorrow i am headed off for a few days with dear friends. the girls are in waco for the weekend, and next week we have all sorts of fun planned! as always, i miss them already.

i have a zillion things i hope to accomplish this week, and r&r is near the top of that list.

stay tuned - i think there are a couple of things that i'll be able to check off of my life list by this time next week!! in the meantime, i hope you have a great weekend!!


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