when the emperor speaks, people listen.

Friday, February 3, 2012

this conversation seriously happened today between 9:38 am and 9:39 am. this is proof that greatness can happen in the course of a minute.

awesome-est kid in the world (as evidence will soon show): miss, you have paper boy in your 7th period class, right?

me: why yes, i do.

awesome-est kid in the world: okay. can you please strongly encourage him to attend a meeting we have tomorrow at noon? he knows where.

me (intrigued): yes...what kind of meeting is it? are you and paper boy having a super secret meeting?

awesome-est kid in the world: well, it's...just...(he's trying to dumb this down for me)...we're both emperors.

me: no way.

awesome-est kid in the world: yes. we're emperors of unrecognized countries. and paper boy and my other friend, who is also an emperor of an unrecognized country, are not seeing eye to eye, and if we don't do something quickly, our worlds are going to collide. and end. so i feel obligated to intervene.

me: i see. is paper boy the emperor of the land of 'i want my two dollars'?

awesome-est kid in the world: no, he's emperor of...

yup. this is as far as i can go because 'awesome-est kid in the world' said things that made my brain back track and regress and assume the fetal position and wonder why i hadn't been the first one to think of staring my own empire.

i did feel immediately compelled to share this crucial tidbit of information with awesome-est kid in the world's current english teacher.

she was already aware of the distress amongst the empires, as awesome-est kid in the world had already sought her input. he told her that he felt caught in the middle of two forces. she advised him to carefully remove himself from the situation, thus requiring the two gentlemen to settle their differences.

his reply?

'you mean peaceful diplomacy.'

for most 7th graders, this would be a question...one that seeks reassurance and needs the boost of confidence from an adult to accept what he already knows to be true.

but not this 7th grader.

his is not a question, but a very simple (yet thoroughly complex) statement.

'you mean peaceful diplomacy.'

it isn't a correction as much as it is a paraphrase in the moment of impending doom of said empires.

i taught awesome-est kid in the world last year, and he has a little sister coming up in the next class of 6th graders.

it is all-out, game-on for who gets little sister of awesome-est kid in the world.

i hope there is peace in your empire...because that's not something you can take for granted...


that's all...

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