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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

is it seriously only tuesday? i guess poor sleep for two nights in a row makes for two very, very long days. tonight i will be crawling into my giant, comfy bed super duper early.

in the meantime, i have a couple of pictures for you. the first one is the girls having a pre-oscars tea party. please excuse the pathetic condition of my backyard. it needs some major tlc. two dogs and a drought are not the most ideal set of circumstances for the tundra behind my humble abode.

i forgot to tell you that super mom was an attendee of jay's birthday party a couple of weeks ago. she really was super. she brought her camera and took pictures just for fun. i didn't have a knife; she found one. i needed help serving cake - she helped. she helped herd children from point a to point b. she was magical and i told her she needs to charge for her party support services.

and true to her super mom status, she delivered a fantastic stack of pictures to me late last week. this next pic is one of my most favorite. i'm serious - she is super mom, and i bow down to her skills.

also - i have to share a couple of funny things that have happened in the last few days. the girls and i went to a ut basketball game over the weekend and out to eat on south congress afterward. because i sometimes forget that jay is fully literate now, i am often surprised by the things that come out of her mouth. saturday was no exception.

after dinner, we were walking back to our car and she asks, 'mom, did you see that sign?'

'which one?'

she said, 'the one that said no more shitty clubs. so like...why would they feel like they needed to use that word on their sign? they could have used lame or loser or boring.'

such a poignant observation...and excellent use of context clues.

we are watching chopped and doing homework right now. food tv seems safe enough, right? well, a nuva ring commercial just aired. cee asks, 'so where do you put that thing in to take it?'

' your mouth. just like a pill.'

'yeah, but it said it isn't like a regular pill.'


my mental dexterity is going to have to step it up to handle questions like that.


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Mama O. said...

Dude, that's a flashback worth taking right there. HEART!

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