Thursday, February 9, 2012

we had a fish funeral today. i was pretty convinced that skinny was the longest-living betta in the history of bettas.

he meant the world to cee, and for her, i am sad he's gone.

we're marking the cause of death as old age, although cee is pretty sure he had cancer (which is her new current medical obsession).

there really weren't any adequate words for his eulogy. we tried, but we weren't eloquent by any means.

dear skinny,
you were a good fish.
you were a smelly fish.
you're a really smelly fish right now.
thank you for being a good fish.
we will never forget you.


good bye.

cee is home with me today - after a couple of days of vicious coughing, she has walking pneumonia and strep which is no fun at all. i'm not sure she anticipated having a fish funeral amidst the sickness.

i'm also not sure how we are going to tell jay after school today - she gets very sad about loss and i'm not sure exactly how she'll handle the news.

would fish sticks be an appropriate dinner tonight in honor of our floaty little friend? i think so.

est in peace...

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