oh, mama!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


{ting, ting, ting}

i have a very important announcement to make!

here are a few things that are not part of my very important announcement (but are still important):

1. i got to watch a precious little guy figure out how to walk today!
2. i can't pull myself away from the soccer-mom-turned-undercover-agent show i'm watching right now.
3. when you're sitting under the dryer at the salon, it's hard to know that even though you can't hear your angry birds, everybody else can.
4. sometimes you have to look out of a new window to see the big picture.
5. i so love my mama-friends at the girls' sporting events!

thank you for listening...

and now for my very important announcement.

there's a fabulous new blog that i want you to know about.

one of my very dear friends took the blog leap a few weeks ago, and a few days after said leap, we sat down together and gave her blog a face.

her blog already had a spirit and a life of its own, and lord knows it has spectacular voice, depth, and soul...but sitting with her as we gave it a face was when i realized exactly how fabulous it was.

she's doing a project-based blog, and her goal is to not eat out through the end of the calendar year. like lent, i would have lasted for about 36 hours with a goal as lofty as this, but she's off to a stellar beginning, and she is seriously one of the most determined people i know.

she's also one of the smartest and funniest people i know...

and now, i present to you...mama o.

(which, ironically, is oh mama - backwards. or reversed? because technically backwards would be o amam which isn't anything special. i guess it should be reversed instead. or maybe mirror-imaged. whatever, you know what i mean. right?)

i hope you love her as much as i do.

peace and cheers...

{clink, clink}

1 comment :

Mama O. said...

Sniff! Good Lord. I hope I can live up to even half of what you said. Thanks and love for the lovely send-off!

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