cosmic b's

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

yesterday i wrote this really debbie downer post called cosmic b.s.

it stood for cosmic bitch slap, which is a phrase i got from jennifer garner in the movie valentine's day.

when i woke up this morning, i felt bad for being such a bummer, so i deleted that post. :)

and today i'm here to tell you that i'm about to get my first b in a class.

b is for boooooo (hiss).

and we come full circle back to cosmic b.s. in the form of cosmic b's.

i am the kid who needs to get straight a's (crooked a's work, too)...i like a's.

multicultural literature rocks, but right now it is not my friend.

yesterday i wrote a seven-page paper about the values and contributions of culturally diverse inclusive literature, and tonight i finished a 35-slide powerpoint about the same mumbo jumbo.

this class made me seriously think about taking a break...but i know myself too well. if i take a break, i probably won't go back. so i dug my heels in and made the best of it.

and here we are. at slightly less than four-point-oh. (dot em dot gee)

so whereas i thought yesterday was a cosmic bitch slap, i can now tell you i was wrong. today, this class is.

in case you were curious, the only synonym for bitch slap is pimp slap, and that doesn't have the exact same ring to it. so naturally i looked it up in spanish.

i'm happy to tell you that i have a new phrase to incorporate into my daily conversations: quĂ©jese bofetada!!!

good stuff, i know.

(you're very welcome)



Mama O. said...

That's so awesome. And this is why we don't speak Spanish. We would not be able to be controlled. You are a wonderful teacher, and you LIVE inclusiveness everyday in your classroom. You are not a letter grade.

it's just me... said...

thank you, mama o. love your wisdom. :)

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