Friday, January 13, 2012

remember i told you about the hill with the view? well, three things have happened since then.

1) i decided it isn't actually a hill;

2) i took pictures for you (without causing any embarassment to myself or my children); and

3) i realized that i still love the breathtaking view, hill or not.

here's what i see almost every single day on my way to work. it's never exactly the same, and today the clouds weren't as wispy as usual. still - to me, this is completely fabulous. oh, and it all happened between 7:22 and 7:26 this morning.

friday the 13th?
friday the schmirnteenth.
how can anything go wrong with a day that starts with so much solitude and grace? 

this is what i would consider the zenith of my hill, and that's why i decided it isn't a hill afterall.

but how can you deny this view your everlasting gratitude?

an old friend taught me that when you have views like this, you just have to give god a high five, knucks, a booty bump...or if those are all too informal for your taste, you can simply say, 'way to go, god.'

if you're really fancy, you might opt for a refined, 'amen.'

either way, win-win.

good stuff.


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