tres años

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

happy third birthday to figment soup!!

it all started with pancakes in 2009...

...along with some fantabulous inspiration from the always lovely and ridiculously talented kelly from lala photography.

and here we are...

changed? yes.

resilient? always.

better? for sure.

stronger? totally.

happier than ever? you betcha!!


without this blog and my amazingly wonderful friends (and family), i am not sure i'd be the same beaming person i am today.

for that, i am whole-heartedly, head to toe, inside-outside-upside down, and forever grateful.

big smiles and a round of something positively delightful for everyone - on me (but no shots, please). :)


...and peace!!!

1 comment :

Liz said...

Happy 3rd!! Thanks for keeping us laughing with your wit and inspired by your wonderful parenting for 3 years!..and for finally turning on the comment section!

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