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Sunday, January 22, 2012

i'm an essie girl. i have been every since i moved to austin. i've had three favorite shades lately, and have comfortably rotated amongst them as my fancy floated along the road of life.

when i started thinking about it, my life revolves around varying shades neutrals. i'm not a bright color kind of person, but instead i'm naturally drawn to grays and blacks and browns and beiges. when i started examining my polish collection, i realized that it stuck to my plain vanilla taste.

i feel very flashy when i wear buy me a cameo, but as it turns out, it is simply a frosted satin mocha. translation: brownish beige with a smidge of frost.

i wear eternal optimist when i'm feeling more susie sunshine than usual. however, on closer examination, this color is really just a boring pale pink (spiced tea rose with a dash of cream).

if i'm feeling really edgy, i slap on a coat of mink muffs. it even sounds edgy - don't you think? although its darkness is kind of wild for me, in reality it's nothing more than a smoky plush taupe.

today i set out on a new adventure. i promised myself that i was going to purchase something outlandish and extravagant and i was going to do it in the form of a new shade of offensively loud nail polish. i was just in one of those moods.

don't worry, it didn't last long, and it's been over for about four hours. but i did think my purchase qualified as an overwhelming success.

today i bought a new essie shade called it's genius. it looks kind of sassy in the bottle. it's practically purple, which is the complete opposite of boring or beige. and it even has glitter in it. so in the moment of fulfilling my shopping prophecy for the day, i felt that i'd chalked up a major success.

when i got home, i put it on and realized that it probably falls in the same (ish) plain vanilla category as my other faves. guess what.

i was right.

it's genius starts out strong..."a violet quartz shimmer..." but upon further reading, i realized that i have once again pigeon holed myself smack dab in the middle of boringsville. "...with beige undertones."

oh well, i tried.

i'm not going to analyze it further all new part one of two show is coming on relatively soon, but i promised you we'd never speak of it again. so we won't.

but it rhymes with schmarclashians.

and regardless of my plain jane inclinations, essie continues to make me a super happy camper (just like the schmarclashians).

peace and polish (with a short o, not a long one)...

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