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Saturday, January 21, 2012

basketball seasons has officially started for the girls, and they both played so well today! i love seeing how much they improve each year. a friend of mine has a daughter who is cee's age and a son who is jay's age. they've been on the same basketball and soccer teams for three years, and it's fun to watch those friendships grow, too.

something was weird with my camera, but here are a few shots.

cee is the one in green, and this was right after an awesome steal!

a parent asked me after the game where she learned to shoot. he didn't take me seriously when i said, 'i taught her everything she knows.' :)

jay did a great job, too, but her specialty seems to be entertaining and making sure everyone on the sidelines is taken care of. :) i tried, but i never got a good picture of her on defense. she has the most awesome jazz hands move that i am determined to capture before the season ends!

the girls attend an afterschool program through the ymca, and lots of their counselors from there also call their games. needless to say, we've gotten to know some of them pretty well, and they have been really good role models for the girls to have in their lives.

during cee's game, jay was going to the ladies room and she couldn't leave the gym because the doors were being blocked. she peeked out the window to see why and ended up seeing one of their favorite counselors on a stretcher. it really did scare her. we found out later that he had a seizure, and that's not something that's easy to explain to kids.

in an effort to take their minds off of it, we went shopping, to dinner and a movie. it didn't work, but they did find some way cute stuff...and chipwrecked had about three really funny lines in it.

grad school started this week, and i feel like we are finally back into our daily routine. that's a pretty good feeling!

i have sneezed about 258 times in the last three hours, so i'm going to take some medicine and hit the hay.

oh - one last thing i want to leave you with...because i feel like i didn't do equal justice for jay today...they watched some of 'never say never' tonight (justin bieber) and she took notes. in her new justin bieber composition notebook. yup - she's definitely my kid!


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