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Thursday, January 26, 2012

i'm a screen junkie and between work, grad school, facebook, the blog, and email, i spend a decent amount of time on the computer in the evenings.

last night, a friend of mine posted about a product she loves. it is software that adjusts the lighting of your computer screen to the lighting your body needs to maintain its innate awareness of day and night.

i downloaded it, and aside from my new iphone, walter, and my children (not necessarily in that order), i'm not sure i've ever fallen in love with something so quickly.

i know i've written about the furrow in my brow before...well, i've never actually felt it relax. until last night. i'm not kidding you - when the software kicked in, i honestly felt the muscles in my forehead decompress and they weren't really sure what to do with themselves.

it's better than chocolate. which is weird.

and true.

please take my word for it and give it a shot. i was kind of looking forward to it getting dark(ish) tonight simply so i could see if my brow would unfurrow again. it worked.

just try it.

click here now, thank me later.

oh yeah - it's free.

if i used my labels the way they're meant to be used, i would categorize this under 'fountain of youth.'


disclaimer: i read a couple of the reviews and it doesn't look like it's ideal for iphones...

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