Tuesday, January 24, 2012

iWish iWas cool enough to use my brand new iPhone. iHave been wanting one for a very long time, but when iGot divorced, iSigned a three-year contract on a network that didn't have iPhones. today iTook the iPlunge (actually iTook it yesterday and my friendly ups delivery man left it on my porch for me at 2:29 this afternoon)!

let me tell you...normally iAm the type of person who cannot wait to open new packages or exciting looking mail. iAm simple like that. iHad a strong start in digging into the plain, brown box...but seeing my tiny new iPhone box made me stop suddenly.

iRealized several things were holding me back from opening the cute, petite, silver lettered box (that yes, iKnow, almost everyone in america has).

what if i'm not cool enough to use it?
what if i break it?
what if it doesn't work?
what if i'm not cool enough to use it?
what if i love it?
what if i...don't love it?
what if i'm not cool enough to use it?
what kind of cover should i get for it
(once iCommit to removing the protective plastic shield)?
what does that cover say about me?
what if i'm not cool enough to use it?

after 30 minutes of staring at the cute little box, iOpened it...and so far, things are looking good. iDid transfer my number from the fruitless network to my new fruitful network, and right now the biggest obstacle iNeed to overcome is deciding whether iShould search for my home phone (because iOnly have it for my alarm system) or go to a neighbor's house (none of whom iActually know) to make it work tonight.

the alternative is waiting until tomorrow and doing it from school. this is what iGet for being less than a social butterfly with my neighbors.

iAm kind of already a little bit in love with it, and iTook an additional moment of silence for steve jobs because let's be honest...genius. right?

at any rate, today iScratched something off my life list. at this rate, iShould be done with it in about nine years and three months which should be somewhere around april 24, 2021. again, this is contingent on the hope that the mayans were smoking crack.

old dog/new tricks

iShall keep you posted on my progress with this new little device. and iMust tell you...kinda loving these.


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