the hill with a view

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

i have been meaning to tell you about a hill with a view for quite awhile.

it recently reigstered with me (after eight years in the same town) that even though i live near the hill country, the terrain here is relatively flat, which adds significance to this hill. it isn't a spectacular hill, and i really never noticed it until sometime in october. it isn't a new hill - it's been there for years (by default, i'm feeling pretty confident about this point).

now that i'm thinking about it, calling it a hill might even be a bit of an exaggeration.

each morning when i leave my house, it's still basically dark outside. the school the girls attend is about three miles from our house, and on the way there, we go up the 'hill'. then i drop them off, and right after i leave their school to head towards mine, i usually have my breath taken away.

when i'm at the top of the 'hill', the sun is just about to poke its head over the edge of the land...or it has just broken over the horizon and gives me a beautiful first glance at its rays for the day. either way, my view from this 'hill' is priceless. the sky turns from a gloomy gray into the most incredible palette of turquoises, oranges, pinks, and purples.

you'd think after awhile it would become routine, just another part of the scenery, and hardly noticed, but that isn't the case. each day offers a completely unique view. each day offers something pretty incredible. it makes me feel lucky to get to start most of my days with a view like that.

i know i could really bolster my post right now by including some amazing pictures for you. it never fails, though, that even if i have my camera with me, i feel like i don't have the time to stop and capture it. in the next few weeks i'm going to take the time to slow down and catch a couple of shots of the spectacle. i'll try not to be the weird person standing on the side of the road, but i won't make any promises.

i'm home with a sick thing two today. as usual, this isn't traditionally her healthiest time of the year. from the beginning of december through the end of february, fever is our biggest nemisis. thankfully she isn't feeling too bad and she has a big smile on her face.

this morning she got to catch the view from my 'hill' with me after we dropped cee of at school. i was tempted to go home and get my camera and drive back to catch a shot or two...but i felt like that wouldn't be as organic as the real deal.

plus jay was ready to get back home and snuggle up on the couch with walter and browning. she told me that today we are going to play some, drink some, sleep some...and then we can play some more, eat some, and sleep some more. this sounds like how my saturdays used to be before i had kids, and i like her idea a lot!

i hope she's feeling better soon, and i have to go now because i've just been informed that it's time for our first sleep. :)

happy tuesday. peace...

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