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Sunday, January 8, 2012

what a great weekend!! some of my favorite people were back in town under very unique circumstances. one of these people is getting married in about three months, and i will be a part of the festivities...i'm totally looking forward to it! the girls and i had dinner and a sleepover with them, and it was (as always) so wonderful to catch up!

and continuing with the greatness, i have officially found my 'go-to cookie recipe' for my life list! i thought this would be one that came much, much further down the road, but i was totally wrong. it's simple and delicious. there isn't really a great story to go along with this other than 'i found it,' but i guess that happens sometimes...

the finished product looked a little something like this (while it lasted).

let's just say that cee has already had these two and is begging for a third. she's quite possibly the world's pickiest eater, so that's kind of a stand-alone testament to the 'go-to' status of these little goodies!


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