Sunday, January 15, 2012

this entire post revolves around reality tv. i apologize for that in advance, i hope you don't judge me, and i think in the end you'll see we can blame almost all of this on 'the donald.'

1. i have managed not to watch e! for at least three years...until two weeks ago. i never considered not watching e! as an accomplishment of any type...until two weeks ago.

2. when giuliana depandi {hyphen} rancic was diagnosed with breast cancer, i was genuinely sad. i sort of feel like i know her since i've watched her show on bravo, and my heart immediately went out to her. i used to watch her on e! news all the time...before i unexpectedly gave it up. during the holidays, i saw her on the today show talking about her surgery and i suddenly felt compelled to see if she was back on e! and if she could raise her arms above shoulder height yet (this is something i take for granted).

3. i watched along with the other struggles she and her hubby have gone through (and documented) on the show giuliana and bill. an illegit marriage...trying to have a baby...losing a baby...moving to la from chicago...deciding where to open a restaurant...jet setting to and get the idea. 

4. the main reason i watched giuliana and bill is because bill was my favorite on the first season of the apprentice. so cute and handsome and dreamy. and golf coursy. and intelligent and ambitious...which is why i started watching giuliana and bill in the first place. which is why we can ultimately blame all of this on trump (and his hair). right?

5. which leads me to the last two weeks. in my concerned efforts to make sure giuliana is recovering okay from her surgery, i have inadvertently been inundated with the kardashians. before the inundation, i vaguely knew who they were. i knew bruce jenner was somehow involved. i knew they were armenian. but now i really, really know them. keeping up with the kardashians has kind of taken over my spare tv time. kourtney. kim. khloe. kris. hump. scott. mason. now i know them all.

6. an all new episode is coming on tonight, and i can hardly wait!!!!

it might be time for an intervention...or for me to not have cable anymore. but if i didn't have cable, i wouldn't be able to watch the bachelor or the real housewives of orange county (not atlanta, not beverly hills, not anywhere else...just orange county).

do i have a problem?


am i concerned?


do i need to go?

yes...because the all new episode is two minutes!!!

if you promise to not let this confession define me, i promise to never, ever write about it again. deal?


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