tres años

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

happy third birthday to figment soup!!

it all started with pancakes in 2009...

...along with some fantabulous inspiration from the always lovely and ridiculously talented kelly from lala photography.

and here we are...

changed? yes.

resilient? always.

better? for sure.

stronger? totally.

happier than ever? you betcha!!


without this blog and my amazingly wonderful friends (and family), i am not sure i'd be the same beaming person i am today.

for that, i am whole-heartedly, head to toe, inside-outside-upside down, and forever grateful.

big smiles and a round of something positively delightful for everyone - on me (but no shots, please). :)


...and peace!!!

my forehead is happy

Thursday, January 26, 2012

i'm a screen junkie and between work, grad school, facebook, the blog, and email, i spend a decent amount of time on the computer in the evenings.

last night, a friend of mine posted about a product she loves. it is software that adjusts the lighting of your computer screen to the lighting your body needs to maintain its innate awareness of day and night.

i downloaded it, and aside from my new iphone, walter, and my children (not necessarily in that order), i'm not sure i've ever fallen in love with something so quickly.

i know i've written about the furrow in my brow before...well, i've never actually felt it relax. until last night. i'm not kidding you - when the software kicked in, i honestly felt the muscles in my forehead decompress and they weren't really sure what to do with themselves.

it's better than chocolate. which is weird.

and true.

please take my word for it and give it a shot. i was kind of looking forward to it getting dark(ish) tonight simply so i could see if my brow would unfurrow again. it worked.

just try it.

click here now, thank me later.

oh yeah - it's free.

if i used my labels the way they're meant to be used, i would categorize this under 'fountain of youth.'


disclaimer: i read a couple of the reviews and it doesn't look like it's ideal for iphones...


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

iWish iWas cool enough to use my brand new iPhone. iHave been wanting one for a very long time, but when iGot divorced, iSigned a three-year contract on a network that didn't have iPhones. today iTook the iPlunge (actually iTook it yesterday and my friendly ups delivery man left it on my porch for me at 2:29 this afternoon)!

let me tell you...normally iAm the type of person who cannot wait to open new packages or exciting looking mail. iAm simple like that. iHad a strong start in digging into the plain, brown box...but seeing my tiny new iPhone box made me stop suddenly.

iRealized several things were holding me back from opening the cute, petite, silver lettered box (that yes, iKnow, almost everyone in america has).

what if i'm not cool enough to use it?
what if i break it?
what if it doesn't work?
what if i'm not cool enough to use it?
what if i love it?
what if i...don't love it?
what if i'm not cool enough to use it?
what kind of cover should i get for it
(once iCommit to removing the protective plastic shield)?
what does that cover say about me?
what if i'm not cool enough to use it?

after 30 minutes of staring at the cute little box, iOpened it...and so far, things are looking good. iDid transfer my number from the fruitless network to my new fruitful network, and right now the biggest obstacle iNeed to overcome is deciding whether iShould search for my home phone (because iOnly have it for my alarm system) or go to a neighbor's house (none of whom iActually know) to make it work tonight.

the alternative is waiting until tomorrow and doing it from school. this is what iGet for being less than a social butterfly with my neighbors.

iAm kind of already a little bit in love with it, and iTook an additional moment of silence for steve jobs because let's be honest...genius. right?

at any rate, today iScratched something off my life list. at this rate, iShould be done with it in about nine years and three months which should be somewhere around april 24, 2021. again, this is contingent on the hope that the mayans were smoking crack.

old dog/new tricks

iShall keep you posted on my progress with this new little device. and iMust tell you...kinda loving these.


shades of boring

Sunday, January 22, 2012

i'm an essie girl. i have been every since i moved to austin. i've had three favorite shades lately, and have comfortably rotated amongst them as my fancy floated along the road of life.

when i started thinking about it, my life revolves around varying shades neutrals. i'm not a bright color kind of person, but instead i'm naturally drawn to grays and blacks and browns and beiges. when i started examining my polish collection, i realized that it stuck to my plain vanilla taste.

i feel very flashy when i wear buy me a cameo, but as it turns out, it is simply a frosted satin mocha. translation: brownish beige with a smidge of frost.

i wear eternal optimist when i'm feeling more susie sunshine than usual. however, on closer examination, this color is really just a boring pale pink (spiced tea rose with a dash of cream).

if i'm feeling really edgy, i slap on a coat of mink muffs. it even sounds edgy - don't you think? although its darkness is kind of wild for me, in reality it's nothing more than a smoky plush taupe.

today i set out on a new adventure. i promised myself that i was going to purchase something outlandish and extravagant and i was going to do it in the form of a new shade of offensively loud nail polish. i was just in one of those moods.

don't worry, it didn't last long, and it's been over for about four hours. but i did think my purchase qualified as an overwhelming success.

today i bought a new essie shade called it's genius. it looks kind of sassy in the bottle. it's practically purple, which is the complete opposite of boring or beige. and it even has glitter in it. so in the moment of fulfilling my shopping prophecy for the day, i felt that i'd chalked up a major success.

when i got home, i put it on and realized that it probably falls in the same (ish) plain vanilla category as my other faves. guess what.

i was right.

it's genius starts out strong..."a violet quartz shimmer..." but upon further reading, i realized that i have once again pigeon holed myself smack dab in the middle of boringsville. "...with beige undertones."

oh well, i tried.

i'm not going to analyze it further all new part one of two show is coming on relatively soon, but i promised you we'd never speak of it again. so we won't.

but it rhymes with schmarclashians.

and regardless of my plain jane inclinations, essie continues to make me a super happy camper (just like the schmarclashians).

peace and polish (with a short o, not a long one)...

i love our weekends

Saturday, January 21, 2012

basketball seasons has officially started for the girls, and they both played so well today! i love seeing how much they improve each year. a friend of mine has a daughter who is cee's age and a son who is jay's age. they've been on the same basketball and soccer teams for three years, and it's fun to watch those friendships grow, too.

something was weird with my camera, but here are a few shots.

cee is the one in green, and this was right after an awesome steal!

a parent asked me after the game where she learned to shoot. he didn't take me seriously when i said, 'i taught her everything she knows.' :)

jay did a great job, too, but her specialty seems to be entertaining and making sure everyone on the sidelines is taken care of. :) i tried, but i never got a good picture of her on defense. she has the most awesome jazz hands move that i am determined to capture before the season ends!

the girls attend an afterschool program through the ymca, and lots of their counselors from there also call their games. needless to say, we've gotten to know some of them pretty well, and they have been really good role models for the girls to have in their lives.

during cee's game, jay was going to the ladies room and she couldn't leave the gym because the doors were being blocked. she peeked out the window to see why and ended up seeing one of their favorite counselors on a stretcher. it really did scare her. we found out later that he had a seizure, and that's not something that's easy to explain to kids.

in an effort to take their minds off of it, we went shopping, to dinner and a movie. it didn't work, but they did find some way cute stuff...and chipwrecked had about three really funny lines in it.

grad school started this week, and i feel like we are finally back into our daily routine. that's a pretty good feeling!

i have sneezed about 258 times in the last three hours, so i'm going to take some medicine and hit the hay.

oh - one last thing i want to leave you with...because i feel like i didn't do equal justice for jay today...they watched some of 'never say never' tonight (justin bieber) and she took notes. in her new justin bieber composition notebook. yup - she's definitely my kid!


birds of a feather

Monday, January 16, 2012

the girls and i just finished inventing a flock of friends. i got the idea from a facebook friend who did something similar with her sister - except they were at a studio, not at their house. i was intrigued because my friend's turned out really pretty, and her sister's was a little cracked out.

i figured it would be a fun project to see how differently our own feathered friends would turn out...take a peek...

and here's our finished flock!!

cee made zaydae (pronounced 'zeta' as in epsilon zeta eta theta iota kappa lamda mu nu)...

jay made camille (which reminds me of bill cosby's wife)...

and mine is named zoey (without the two dots over the 'o' because i don't understand the purpose of the dots)...

our mess was massive, but it's all cleaned up now and we just need to find the perfect place to hang our new feathered friends.

woo hoo! and now we're off to conquer the day.


'peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.' ~mlk, jr.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

this entire post revolves around reality tv. i apologize for that in advance, i hope you don't judge me, and i think in the end you'll see we can blame almost all of this on 'the donald.'

1. i have managed not to watch e! for at least three years...until two weeks ago. i never considered not watching e! as an accomplishment of any type...until two weeks ago.

2. when giuliana depandi {hyphen} rancic was diagnosed with breast cancer, i was genuinely sad. i sort of feel like i know her since i've watched her show on bravo, and my heart immediately went out to her. i used to watch her on e! news all the time...before i unexpectedly gave it up. during the holidays, i saw her on the today show talking about her surgery and i suddenly felt compelled to see if she was back on e! and if she could raise her arms above shoulder height yet (this is something i take for granted).

3. i watched along with the other struggles she and her hubby have gone through (and documented) on the show giuliana and bill. an illegit marriage...trying to have a baby...losing a baby...moving to la from chicago...deciding where to open a restaurant...jet setting to and get the idea. 

4. the main reason i watched giuliana and bill is because bill was my favorite on the first season of the apprentice. so cute and handsome and dreamy. and golf coursy. and intelligent and ambitious...which is why i started watching giuliana and bill in the first place. which is why we can ultimately blame all of this on trump (and his hair). right?

5. which leads me to the last two weeks. in my concerned efforts to make sure giuliana is recovering okay from her surgery, i have inadvertently been inundated with the kardashians. before the inundation, i vaguely knew who they were. i knew bruce jenner was somehow involved. i knew they were armenian. but now i really, really know them. keeping up with the kardashians has kind of taken over my spare tv time. kourtney. kim. khloe. kris. hump. scott. mason. now i know them all.

6. an all new episode is coming on tonight, and i can hardly wait!!!!

it might be time for an intervention...or for me to not have cable anymore. but if i didn't have cable, i wouldn't be able to watch the bachelor or the real housewives of orange county (not atlanta, not beverly hills, not anywhere else...just orange county).

do i have a problem?


am i concerned?


do i need to go?

yes...because the all new episode is two minutes!!!

if you promise to not let this confession define me, i promise to never, ever write about it again. deal?



Friday, January 13, 2012

remember i told you about the hill with the view? well, three things have happened since then.

1) i decided it isn't actually a hill;

2) i took pictures for you (without causing any embarassment to myself or my children); and

3) i realized that i still love the breathtaking view, hill or not.

here's what i see almost every single day on my way to work. it's never exactly the same, and today the clouds weren't as wispy as usual. still - to me, this is completely fabulous. oh, and it all happened between 7:22 and 7:26 this morning.

friday the 13th?
friday the schmirnteenth.
how can anything go wrong with a day that starts with so much solitude and grace? 

this is what i would consider the zenith of my hill, and that's why i decided it isn't a hill afterall.

but how can you deny this view your everlasting gratitude?

an old friend taught me that when you have views like this, you just have to give god a high five, knucks, a booty bump...or if those are all too informal for your taste, you can simply say, 'way to go, god.'

if you're really fancy, you might opt for a refined, 'amen.'

either way, win-win.

good stuff.


the hill with a view

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

i have been meaning to tell you about a hill with a view for quite awhile.

it recently reigstered with me (after eight years in the same town) that even though i live near the hill country, the terrain here is relatively flat, which adds significance to this hill. it isn't a spectacular hill, and i really never noticed it until sometime in october. it isn't a new hill - it's been there for years (by default, i'm feeling pretty confident about this point).

now that i'm thinking about it, calling it a hill might even be a bit of an exaggeration.

each morning when i leave my house, it's still basically dark outside. the school the girls attend is about three miles from our house, and on the way there, we go up the 'hill'. then i drop them off, and right after i leave their school to head towards mine, i usually have my breath taken away.

when i'm at the top of the 'hill', the sun is just about to poke its head over the edge of the land...or it has just broken over the horizon and gives me a beautiful first glance at its rays for the day. either way, my view from this 'hill' is priceless. the sky turns from a gloomy gray into the most incredible palette of turquoises, oranges, pinks, and purples.

you'd think after awhile it would become routine, just another part of the scenery, and hardly noticed, but that isn't the case. each day offers a completely unique view. each day offers something pretty incredible. it makes me feel lucky to get to start most of my days with a view like that.

i know i could really bolster my post right now by including some amazing pictures for you. it never fails, though, that even if i have my camera with me, i feel like i don't have the time to stop and capture it. in the next few weeks i'm going to take the time to slow down and catch a couple of shots of the spectacle. i'll try not to be the weird person standing on the side of the road, but i won't make any promises.

i'm home with a sick thing two today. as usual, this isn't traditionally her healthiest time of the year. from the beginning of december through the end of february, fever is our biggest nemisis. thankfully she isn't feeling too bad and she has a big smile on her face.

this morning she got to catch the view from my 'hill' with me after we dropped cee of at school. i was tempted to go home and get my camera and drive back to catch a shot or two...but i felt like that wouldn't be as organic as the real deal.

plus jay was ready to get back home and snuggle up on the couch with walter and browning. she told me that today we are going to play some, drink some, sleep some...and then we can play some more, eat some, and sleep some more. this sounds like how my saturdays used to be before i had kids, and i like her idea a lot!

i hope she's feeling better soon, and i have to go now because i've just been informed that it's time for our first sleep. :)

happy tuesday. peace...

friends & cookies...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

what a great weekend!! some of my favorite people were back in town under very unique circumstances. one of these people is getting married in about three months, and i will be a part of the festivities...i'm totally looking forward to it! the girls and i had dinner and a sleepover with them, and it was (as always) so wonderful to catch up!

and continuing with the greatness, i have officially found my 'go-to cookie recipe' for my life list! i thought this would be one that came much, much further down the road, but i was totally wrong. it's simple and delicious. there isn't really a great story to go along with this other than 'i found it,' but i guess that happens sometimes...

the finished product looked a little something like this (while it lasted).

let's just say that cee has already had these two and is begging for a third. she's quite possibly the world's pickiest eater, so that's kind of a stand-alone testament to the 'go-to' status of these little goodies!


radius clause

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the girls got home safely sunday - an hour ahead of schedule! i felt like all the missing pieces of my puzzle were instantly back intact from the minute i scooped them into my arms and covered them in kisses from head to toe!

even though they were only gone for six whole entire equinoxically long days, it felt like much, much more of a a painful, nibble away at my heart kind of way.

have you ever tried parting your hair on a different side for no specific reason only to find that your whole day (and the balance of your head) feels quirky and off and lopsided? that's kind of how i feel when they're gone: quirky, off, and lopsided. and the wind doesn't seem to play fair, either.

while you ponder parting your hair on a different side for a day, i have a confession: i was a freakishly weird mess from the moment they left. it was the first "big" trip they've ever taken without me, and once they drove away, i was suddenly overwhelmed with a very sickening sense of fear and worry.

trips to waco and back? not a problem. trips to the beach and back? no biggie. trips where i can't get to them within about three hours? no can do.

apparently my mind and my heart have a radius clause, and this trip was definitely in violation of my comfort zone.

it was all-consuming and it ended once i knew they had arrived safely. it started back up the very moment i knew they were making the drive back home, and subsided (duh) once they were back in my arms sunday evening.

they were home.

they were safe.

they were sound.

and then last night (or this morning...) at 2:45 am, i woke up with the same feeling of all-consuming fear and worry. i checked on them, tucked their covers around them, kissed them, and knew they were perfectly enveloped in love and safety.

but i couldn't make myself go back to sleep. i tossed and turned and counted sheep and tried to decipher the root of my worries. i tried to trick my mind into oblivion. i tried rationalizing the feeling. i even tried to blame it on bad food. nothing worked to calm my jitters last night...probably because i couldn't quite pinpoint exactly what it is that has me unnerved.

i don't think there's a contractual resolution that can soothe my soul right now. this is a completely new feeling for me, and i'm not a fan of it. is this normal? i have no idea.

is this how i'm going to feel every time cee and jay are out with their friends?

will i worry like this when they are old enough to drive?

and how in the world am i supposed to deal with this feeling once they're in college on their own?

if this is my destined path in parenthood, i am going to be completely gray before they're out of elementary school (and just last week, i had a professional confirmation of 'still no grays!').

there are some aspects of parenthood you can't prepare for. this whole business of letting my girls take baby steps into the wild blue yonder? i'm not sure this is something i'm capable of doing.

the pollyanna/susie sunshine side of me is still trying to unearth the silver lining in all of this (and embellish it with happiness), and in my head i honestly already know what the silver lining and common sense are in this scenario...except it's not as simple as convincing my heart to acknowledge the obvious.

this is a major reality check for me.

if i knew how to put it into concise words, then i would probably add it to my facebook timeline of major life events. but really, there aren't any words that can capture this weird feeling i've discovered.

time for bed.


out with the old, in with the new

Sunday, January 1, 2012

in nine hours, my sweet girls should be back home in my arms. it's been hard having them gone for so long and i can't wait to love on them! they've had a great time...i know the snow and mountainy air make their hearts happy.

2011 was an interesting one for sure, and i continue to feel very lucky and completely blessed.

on the flip side, it wasn't a great year for everybody. i know plenty of people who are ready to kick last year to the curb. homes burned (literally & figuratively). a coworker lost her son. a friend i grew up with lost her two brothers - eight months apart. one friend fought breast cancer, and another is fighting uterine cancer.

watching people stand up to face adversity and overcome broken hearts or illness really says something great about the human spirit and the strength we have. so many times it seems like we don't realize how strong we are until we face a challenge. for me, it also puts my own problems and worries in perfect perspective.

here are two of my favorite quotes. i found them and loved them separately, and then i realized that they really are a great pairing. now, they're framed on my dresser.

'we must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.' - mlk, jr.

'hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. you wait and watch and work: you don't give up.' -anne lamott

i read these every day, and for whatever reason, they inspire me. i try to instill some of this into the girls as they learn to navigate their way through the world. sometimes i have to stop and remind myself of these when i forget how to navigate the world. 

i hope that 2012 is a better year for those who need it to be, and i hope that 2012 is a blessed year for us all. here's how jay welcomed the new year into her life...

i completely love her enthusiasm (and her inside out shirt)! happy new year, and more importantly, cheers! oh, and don't forget to eat some black eyed peas...

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