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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

last week, i made a bit of a premature call on who walter's voice-over would be if he could talk. naturally, it's an important decision every dog owner should consider when getting to know their new four-legged friend.
i'm too embarassed to tell you who i went with the first time, but i'm happy to let you know that walter now has a voice. i'm pretty proud of it, too.

stoltz picture courtesy of imdb
what do you think? can you see the resemblance? the coloring? the intense eyes?

walter is...eric stoltz.

not the pulp fiction eric stoltz, but the some kind of wonderful eric stoltz...where no matter how badly he thought he was in love with amanda jones, we all really hoped he'd pick watts. because she played the drums, was a little rebellious, said cool things like 'you break his heart, i break your face,' and most obviously because she really loved him.

i feel so much better. i knew the first choice was wrong, and you can't go through life with a bad voice-over for your dog. it's just not right.


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