silent nights

Sunday, December 18, 2011

as a single mom, silent nights seem to be my nemesis during the holidays. while i am absolutely a girl who loves time alone, that isn't always the case during the holidays.

yesterday afternoon, the girls went to waco for christmas with their grandparents. after they left, i conquered the last of my christmas list, wrapped what needed to be wrapped, cleaned house, cooked dinner, caught up on my blogs (welcome back, jftb), and rearranged my office into a guest bedroom. it's pretty cute, too.

by the time the sun was setting, all of my to-dos were done. and last night i realized that i do an excellent job of keeping myself busy to help the time pass.

since i am done with grad school for a month, i found myself left to my own devices. i'm a sucker for a good romantic comedy, and so many of my favorites include christmas. the holiday (obviously), you've got mail, love actually, while you were sleeping...and those really aren't fun to watch when you're all alone and feeling sorry for yourself. which i was.

then i did what any reasonable girl would do: i opened a bottle of wine and forced myself into a non-romantic comedy that had absolutely nothing to do with christmas: the hangover. and after that, everything was better (which is, honestly, a slightly sugar-coated version of the truth). but everything will be better and i will be fine (and that's the truth).

so that's that...sometimes silent nights really do suck.

speaking of sugar-coated, the girls and i are going to make some cookies this afternoon. little slices of cranberry and orange flavored heaven.

oh, and with the addition of walter to our family, i updated our cast of characters. he's adjusting to our home swimmingly; however, he does like to pop his little snout into my drinks. so far we know he likes diet cokes and wine (which isn't great news). our next efforts will be spent learning about table manners, meningitis, and cooties.

and finally, i leave you with this...

as you can see, browning loves his new little buddy. :)

peace and sugar-coated sugar plum fairies...

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