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Thursday, December 29, 2011

i suck at new years resolutions. one of my friends posted an interesting status tuesday - 'Just a friendly reminder... You have 4 more days to do what you're going to go back to doing after you get tired of keeping your New Year's resolutions.'

that's so me. i start with great inspiration and tons of gusto, but then i feel ridiculously guilty when i fail or forget or something happens that distracts me. once the initial celebratory bubbles fizzle away, my good intentions tend to follow suit.

with that in mind, i've decided to try something new: a life list. i actually wrote this list last week and published it as a new page, but i wanted to have some time to let it marinade and make sure i was good to go with everything i've included on it. i made a few changes, substitutions, additions, and deletions, and i think it's officially done now.

some people do these life lists with sponsorships in mind, but mine is much more simplified. my plan is to mark things off of the list as i accomplish them, and maybe some great stories will come out of the process. we shall see.

so without further ado, the list is ready!

happy thursday (aka the beginning of the rest of your life!)...

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