december? really? (hi)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

i always welcome december with wide open arms...but it seems like december made a super expeditious arrival this year.

no complaints...nothing more than a casual observation.

i'd just like to point out a few very important things to you.

1. sue sylvester is in the fugitive. did you know that? i didn't...until just now (because i'm watching it). she's a pathologist.

(okay, in all fairness, i probably already knew this, but i just realized it. again.)

2. jerry is quite simply up to no good. 'mom, can we bake a cake?' of course...except for the elf is in the mixer. 'mom, will you teach us to play the piano?' absolutely - except i think we'd be getting into his bubble.

3. i can't be sure, and i would hate to wrongly accuse anyone, but i believe that jerry is also trying to sabatoge my favorite pasttime (aka 'wine fund.'). there's nothing accidental about the location of his dangerous little elf feet.

and why won't he look at the camera for pete's sake??!! he's always glancing innocently off to his right. what's over there?

give me pensive.

is that asking for too much?



pensive, you little elf!!!

i have a feeling that jerry is simply up to no good tonight.

trouble (it would be with a capital t if i believed in capital letters).

plain and simple.

elves these days...

he makes cee and jay a couple of happy campers, though...

so i guess he has earned a little flexibility in our house...

for now.


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