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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

today was filled with friends. that's always guaranteed to bring a smile to anybody's face and make you back yourself out from the doldrums of my previous post.

the girls and i had lunch with one of my favorites from college and her two adorable boys. there's something magically wonderful about watching your kids play with the kids of someone who is truly a part of your soul was instantly recharged after our visit!

this afternoon kept the greatness coming. the u.p.s. man made a late afternoon drop off and i figured it was a last minute gift i'd ordered for the girls. i'm not the most patient person, so i opened it in my room and laughed so hard that cee and jay came running in to see what the fuss was all about.

i wanted to show you in pictures...i really, really did.

it's just that walter isn't quite used to my camera yet. the first three hundred and forty one pictures looked something like this...

here's one of the endearing things about is kind of like groundhog day in his mind. every time he looks at me, it's like he's seeing me all over again for the first time and he gets so excited that he bolts straight for me. it cracks me the mornings, even though he's slept right next to me all night, he sees my face and his world lights up. super sweet and very flattering...but not ideal for taking pictures of him.

finally, after ten minutes of torturing training him, i got my shot of the gift that made us giddy:

oh, my friend rachel is so very funny! she gave me the heads up to expect something from amazon, but i did not expect it to be this bit of literary fabulousness!

a match made in heaven. you can get your own set (book + plush) online.

tonight i went to dinner and had the chance to catch up with another dear friend. on my way to dinner, i followed my heart and made an executive decision about walter. he was scheduled to be neutered tomorrow morning.

after our initial visit, jay got a little sad about the snipping process. we have been referring to 'them' as his 'fa la la la las' and jay said it just didn't seem right to take away his fa la la la las while it's still christmas time, so i cancelled the appointment for tomorrow.

and that's probably more information than you ever wanted to know about my dog's anatomy or the books my girls read. either way, his reprieve has to be as good a good gift for the little guy as our new book was for us today.

we’ll probably have a much better christmas since none of us will be donning elizabethan collars.

that’s gotta count for something.

good night....peace.

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