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Thursday, November 24, 2011

hands down, this is the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year. i always feel like buddy the elf when i make fluffy, dreamy proclamations like that (erring on the side of annoyingly optimistic), but it's really how i feel.

time to count our blessings. extra time to spend with family and loved ones. time for lots of my favorite movies. time for jerry to make his much-anticipated return. time for christmas cards, cheesy christmas commercials, and christmas music. time to breathe and remember what "it" is really all about.

i started reading 'the hunger games' friday. i finished it sunday evening, and i started the second book in the series, 'catching fire' tuesday and finished it last night. i can't wait to dive into 'mockingjay'.

reading 'the hunger games' has made me realize that i really have a lot to be thankful for and that i take a lot of things for granted. sometimes a minor shift in thought can unearth a new perspective on life for me, and this series has done exactly that. timing is everything, right?

the series definitely reminded me to slow down and appreciate all of my blessings.

i hope you and your families have an incredible day, stuff yourselves absolutely silly, force yourselves into a turkey-induced coma, rinse and repeat...and take time to count your blessings.

in the meantime, wish me luck with today's main course. the cornish game hens are nestled (in a coat of butter and pancetta) all snug in their beds...while visions of roasting juices dance in their heads. i've never done them this way before, but whenever a recipe calls for pancetta and butter stirred together and coated on a tiny bird, i feel inclined to simply say amen.

it seems like the right thing to do.


p.s. - 2:57 pm update...they were delicious!

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