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Thursday, November 10, 2011

1. i have been wanting a nook for quite awhile...namely since the metaphorical death of my local borders (moment of silence, please. and thank you.). i'm still working my way through the loss, and tonight things got a little easier.

2. i got a nook! a nook color to be specific...i feel like a technological genius right now and i am truly, madly, and deeply in l-o-v-e with it! isn't it cute?

in addition to its wicked cuteness, it has angry birds on it (which will stifle my iphone urge for at least a few months)!  i am a little worried that i'm not going to be smart enough to figure out how everything works, but i'm looking forward to trying.

3. my class started analogies this week. i love analogies. they fuel my nerdy soul. did you know that?

4. much like the chicken and the egg, i'm not sure of the exact order in which the next series of events unfolded. i've had 'the world is your oyster' on my mind a lot lately. i've also noticed that browning drinks out of the toilet more than normal lately. it doesn't matter if i put the lid down or not. he can lift the lid with his nose, and then the toilet becomes his proverbial oyster. see? which came first...

5. i've been rereading my favorite david sedaris goodies since my rollicking night in san antonio last week and i am so excited to get them on my nook. as a result, i feel like i've been laughing more than usual, and my stomach muscles are finally adjusting to it all.

6. something odd happened two and a half weeks ago. i'm sure it happens to a lot of bloggers. even though i like to think the people who read my blog are primarily people i know, i obviously keep myself moderately anonymous because i realize there are people who read my blog who i don't actually know. this has always been an intriguing element of blogging to me.

i've always been a very private person, and i have surprised myself with some of the things i've written on here. being a private person and harboring a love for writing about life made me realize that if i really wanted to blog, i would have to find a way to protect myself. since writing about my life is what i'm best at, the option of blogging anonymously seemed like the best place to hitch my wagon.

the quandary of blogging and knowing people who read my blog is that i don't always say everything i would if i was 100% anonymous. the counterpoint of the dilemma is that i don't always say everything i would if was 100% identifiable. so to an extent, i guess i censor myself...which is what happens when you allow a very private person the opportunity to share from the safety and protection of a dark, webbed veil.

it's also why i'm gingerly tiptoeing around what i'm trying to say. isn't this a fun little dance we're doing? :) i know it's annoying. i'm sorry.

7. the girls and i were standing in line at target two and a half weeks ago and i heard two people behind me discussing 'the two little girls from figment soup.'

not even kidding.

i slowly turned my head, and they were looking at cee and jay...smiling at them. my girls had no idea why they were being gawked at and went on about their business of being themselves. cee and jay weren't talking loudly enough that i worried they would say each other's names, but i had an 'oh my gosh...' moment that i really can't even begin to describe.

it ranged from 'please don't say your sister's name right now...(cee and jay aren't their real names in case you worried my children were actually  named after letters of the alphabet. that really only works for kay. and jay...)' to 'am i buying anything embarrassing?' to 'do i remember where i parked (because sometimes i forget - and a big part of me wanted to grab the girls up and just bolt and run far away, and bolting tends to work best if you know exactly where to run in a crowded parking lot)?' and a million others in between.

i'm serious. and i know that sounds weird, but that's never happened to me before. it was freaky (in a complimentary and unnerving sort of way).

8. i got a nook!!!

9. i've been tossing the same set of questions around in my head every since the girls were recognized. is being mostly anonymous the right thing to do, or would it be better to forego the facade? do i want my girls to be known as 'the figment soup girls'? is it fair to them? do i share too much? should i share more? do you want to play 20 questions? why is the sky blue? where is my nook? why am i still writing about this? why is the sweet genius guy creepy? did i set the alarm? did i lock the front door? is the toilet lid closed (and does it matter?)?

10. sometimes i feel like i ramble and don't make any sense. when it comes down to it, though, i started this blog (almost three years ago!!) as a way to capture my girls' lives as they blossom and grow, as a way to capture the random thoughts that fly around in my head (blogging them makes the flying around part stop), and as a way to stake my claim on the way i view, appreciate, and live my life.

there are lots of things i write that don't end up on here...until i hit 'publish post', though, those other ideas continue to flit around in my head until something bigger takes them over and demolishes their imputable existence.

11. enough of the wishy washy shenanigans...i think it's time to get back to sedaris (on my nook!!). let's call it a night, okay?

12. now that i got all of that off my chest, i think i'll be able to write more. it's really been bugging me. ahhhhh.....i feel much, much better!! thanks for listening. :)

peace and privacy ponderings...

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