party of five

Thursday, November 3, 2011

i know you've heard the scenario...'name the four famous people (living or otherwise) in history, you would love to have sitting around your table.'

usually i think it's more than four, but i prefer smaller groups...

i've never been able to adequately answer this question, but through the years i have carefully compiled, added to (and subtracted from) my list. my attention to detail in this matter is impeccable. trust me.

i have left no proverbial stones (or deserving guests) unturned.

and in my quest to assemble my dream team dinner party, i've always ended up with a party of four (including myself) instead of the magic number (five).

i will go ahead and tell you that my children did not make the list. and jesus didn't either (no offense intended at all - i think he's been to more than his fair share of these and is probably happy to be able to send his regrets).

so here it dream team dinner party.

1. princess diana: lovely and fair, kind-hearted and tenacious, public yet stealth, regal and humble, she was a woman of opposite extremes. i'm not sure we would have agreed on what to order or where to go, but i think i could have talked her into walking on the wild side...for at least a block or two. decent chance she could have taught me a few things, too.

2. jfk, jr: because let's be honest...he got the best of the genes from the kennedy crew and the bouvier brood. he was rebellious, but raised well. he was adventurous and liberal, yet refined and restrained. educated, but not boxed in. i cried the day his plane went down...i could still to this day pick his brain with millions of questions over a lovely plate of lobster rolls somewhere in tribeca.

3. nora ephron: what an incredible woman. hysterically funny, brilliant, and witty. a renownded playwright and author. she gave a new name to 'essayist' and had some fabulous experiences along the way. i just need to know more about the ganz collection @ the wynn and about why the wrinkles on her neck are so personally distressing. i'm sure she wouldn't mind shooting the breeze with me...i feel confident that she'd have a glass of vino while we chit chatted.

i have, for years, stumbled here, primarily because i am very aware of gender. i've always wondered how my final participant would factor in to my epic feast. would it contribute towards a testosterone imbalance? would it be female dominated? or a could it be...a perfect balance?

well, i only want five people at my dinner i guess that will automatically skew things slightly....

4. last night i got the proper answer to the question that has been plaguing me for the last seventeen years of my life (although i'm not entirely sure it's been quite that long or quite that short). i went with one of my faves to see david sedaris.

holy sweet jesus...if you've never seen him, you need to. and if you've seen him, you need to see him again. he is incredible and outrageously funny, and i laughed until i cried...five different times.

my blood pressure lowered decisively from the time i was waiting for the doors to open until the time i was waiting to get my car out of the lopsided parking lot at the end of the night.

i'm pretty sure medical doctors should prescribe 'him' as opposed to other more invasive interventions to counter-act life's daily toll.

he rocks. and he is part of my own personalized health plan from here on out.

and he can pick the place...i trust his taste.

so there you have dream team dinner of five.

and on the eve of my 37th, with a year full of very few notable accomplishments, i have to tell you something: it feels good to finally have my dream team assembled.

really, really good!

another item to check off my 'to-do list' in life.

who would you invite to your party?

peace and ponderings...

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