a glittery resignation

Saturday, November 12, 2011

i am waving my white (sparkly) flag. i have resigned myself to accept the fact that my house will be gently dusted in glitter until sometime in the latter part of february.

it all started around halloween when cee painted a pumpkin for a class project and left a trail of glitter where ever she went. it was followed by shirts they both received as gifts that are covered in glitter (we love them, mimi) and paints that are glitter-based.

i can vacuum and sweep on a daily basis and still, at the end of the day, i will find glitter in weird places...on their bedroom floors; in their bathroom sink; on browning's tail; on me; on the piano keys. you get the idea.

it's everywhere!

in a couple of weeks, we'll be dragging out the christmas decorations (i can hardly wait!!!) which will infest our humble abode with yet another layer of glittery awesomeness.

new years naturally lends itself to more glitter, and just when i have all of our holiday decorations tucked away, it's time for valentines.

and that's where i draw the line in my five-month war on glitter. there will be no glitter for st. patricks day. or easter. or the 4th of july. none. do you hear me, glittter fairy? i said none!!

then again, we are a house of three girls (two little, one not)...glitter is part of our daily fabric...it's part of what makes us tick, and it's part of what makes our lives a little more sparkly. without glitter, our home wouldn't be quite the same...and home is what it's all about.

i hope you have a sparkling, glittery, fabulous weekend. :)

peace and pizazz...

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