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Thursday, November 17, 2011

there is really no way to adequately describe the feeling you get when you're a single mom and your children stayed with their dad the night before and when you pick them up from school the next day, you realize they are dressed like orphans.

i won't even attempt to define the precise level of my mortification, but let me set the scene for you. it was 42 degrees this morning. it is november, exactly a week before thanksgiving. it is after labor day. easter is at least five months away, and any self-respecting southern girl knows you just can't wear white after labor day or before easter. and boots never, ever go with soccer shorts.

i'm pretty sure emily post has written about this.

so you can imagine my horror when i picked up these cutie pies from school this afternoon.

and the kicker is that i'm no fashionista myself, so i am certain there are other fashion laws that we've undoubtedly violated. can you find them? (hint: jay's pants aren't buttoned)

i know i shouldn't worry about what other people think, but i do. i have to think that somewhere throughout the day, someone saw my children, wondered if i was drunk when i dropped them off at school, and had no idea that i knew nothing about their outfits until the bitter, heartless end.

when i asked her about the clothing selection, cee simply replied, 'i wanted to play soccer and wear cute shoes. and my shoes match my shirt! isn't it the greatest?'

well, it's something...

my punched-in-the-gut feeling was something, too. although i can't pinpoint the 'how', it parallels in magnitude to the day i picked jay up from daycare (under similar single-mom circumstances) and cringed at her 'ho ho ho' santa shirt. it was may. her shirt was red, her pants were purple. yet somehow, today was distinctly and measurably worse.

i love my sweet baby girls to pieces. absolutely love them from head to toe. matching or not, they are my world.

the exciting news is that we are doing our christmas pictures in t-minus 48 hours. and i promise not to post anymore mismatched photos between now and then. deal?

good. :)


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