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Saturday, November 19, 2011

another year of christmas pictures are over and done! the girls did a fabulous job, the cards are ordered, and i even managed a 25% discount. score!

this picture was my favorite...

and this picture was their favorite...

and then the three of us agreed on an entirely different picture to use for our card.

when i was fixing their hair for one of the shots, i found a mini-colony of glitter stuck to jay's scalp. not only is it everywhere, it follows us.

cee's birthday is on monday, and we've got lots of good stuff to take care of this weekend (and next week). being a teacher rocks during the holidays: no work until nov. 28...woo hoo!

i cannot wait to drag out my christmas fanfare - by this time next week, my halls will be completely decked!

okay, i'm feeling way too exclamation marky right now. gotta get it back together.

in the meantime, if you'd like a good read about perserverance, i double dog dare you to read this. he's my fantasy football namesake. :)

peace and portraits...

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