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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

i have always considered myself an extraordinarily lucky person.

not lucky in the way of picking just the right slot machine in vegas or lucky like buying the winning lottery ticket at just the right time or lucky like having someone knock on my front door with balloons, a hidden camera, and a check for a million dollars from publisher's clearinghouse (made out to me, of course).

maybe blessed is a better word than lucky because i do think that i have extra peeps watching over me. maybe i require more 'attention' than the average earthling. i don't know. i'm not generally a high maintenance person, but it's quite possibly because there are extra invisible forces looking after me.

this morning, i proved this point to myself.


i could not sleep last night. i tossed. i turned. i benadryled. all to no avail...

i sent an email to two co-workers at 9:30 thinking maybe if i got the one kid who was keeping me up off of my mind, i could sleep.

nope. no luck, no sleep. nada.

all night, i kept thinking i'd forgotten something.

this morning, i groggily made my way to the dryer to fluff  my outfit. i heard bird(s) in my garage (this is not normal).

i had cracked my garage last night because it was getting kind of 'time for the trash man to come' know?

before i went to bed last night, i hit the garage door button and just assumed it closed. when i heard the bird(s) this morning, i figured a bird had spent the night in my garage, and then i groaned because i knew i'd left my sunroof open and i figured there would probably be a nest or a nice pile of poo awaiting me in my car.

i carefully, slowly opened the door from my house to my garage, thinking of the caption 'teacher dies when angry birds attack.' my eyes were actually closed (birds peck).

when i opened my eyes, my jaw hit the ground. somehow, i'd managed to leave my garage door open all night long.

i closed the door (thinking that would make it go away?)...

in a split second, my mind starting totaling the potential damage....

when i opened the door again, i realized that my garage door had, in fact, been open all night long and closing it again would not erase this fact.

i also realized a series of sickening oversights...

the sunroof was open.

my car was unlocked.

my purse was in the front seat...

(with my wallet in it).

my brand new order of checks that i'd gotten from the mailbox yesterday was also laying in the front seat.

the keys to my car were in the console (i have a logical reason for doing this...).

the keys to my house were under the doormat.

"hello, wicked people - please come steal my identity or take my life."

that's the banner that may as well have been hanging in front of my house...with a giant strobe light beckoning traffic and bad guys.

i quickly assessed all the potential things that could have been violated or stolen, thinking that angry bird(s) pecking my eyes out might be better than the worst case scenario.

guess what...

not a thing was missing or out of place.

there were even two amstel lights left over from the weekend that were in my car monday morning before school...i put them on the floor of my garage before i left because i thought that probably wouldn't be a good thing to have in my car at school.

beers? fully intact.

after i determined that nothing had been taken...or touched (or sipped), i breathed maybe the hugest sigh of relief ever (while shutting the garage door).

can you believe that?

i still can't.

and that's why i think i have lucky stars and a small army of guardian angels.

i'm exhausted and ready to crash. i'm sure the angels who were watching over my garage are ready to hit the hay, too.

have you ever felt that lucky? i hope you's a great feeling.

combine that with a fabulous dinner with two of my faves and you have the framework for a stellar day.

tonight my garage is closed, my purse is inside, my car is locked, the house keys are no longer under the doormat, the alarm is on (just like it is every night), and i am a very thankful and grateful lady with a very peaceful (albeit tired) heart.


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