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Thursday, October 13, 2011

i sure do miss my babies on tuesday and wednesday nights.

a lot.

therefore, i look extraordinarily forward to my thursday nights with them.

tonight, like all thursdays, did not disappoint.

scene 1

me: cee, how was your field trip today?

cee: it was so spot-on.

me: did you just say spot-on?

cee: yup. why?

me: just if there was one part in the play that you could have, what would it be?

cee: the goose.

me: why?

cee: because she got to go to the very edge of the stage, turn around, and shake her booty to the whole entire audience. in a tutu. who gets to do that? it's every girl's dream.

scene 2

jay: mom, you gotta see what i did in my room.

me: (bristling whilst simultaneously holding my breath - because usually this involves a sharpie) oh god. what?

jay: look! (pointing to stickers plastered on her door frame) do you know what these mean?

me: no, what?

jay: this is how tall i was when i was a teeny tiny baby (at the level of my ankles), and this is how tall i'm gonna be when i grow up (at the level of five inches above my head), and thiiiisssss is how tall i'm gonna be when i can google inappropriate things (really? the level is entirely insignificant in this context).

scene 3:

i had their annual teacher conferences earlier this week. usually i smile and nod at the kind compliments and politely say thank you.

this year was not usual. i was seriously so overwhelmed with all of the sweet things their teachers shared with me that one of them offered me a box of tissues. my head and my heart swelled entire dress sizes this year.

the older they get - and the closer they get to the age of students i teach - the more i appreciate the feedback and feel like what i'm doing with them really is paying off.

sometimes i feel like super grinch mom. sometimes i feel like chronic fun-ruiner mom. sometimes i feel like world's worst mom.

but getting such genuine, positive feedback on their ability and behavior and demeanor makes me realize that being a parent really is a hard job. nobody ever told me we wouldn't always get along; nobody ever told me we wouldn't always be smiling and laughing; and nobody ever told me it was okay to have bad days.

it's just the way that our lives have unfolded, and it's reassuring to know that i'm doing something right in the big mess of day-to-day life. it feels really great to discover that the things i'm teaching them are  sticking and paying off.

happy hearts make happy homes.

alright - it's bedtime.

peace out and sweet dreams.

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