chicken nostalgia

Sunday, October 16, 2011

i have been missing two things a whole bunch lately:
-my chickens
-farm fresh eggs

isn't she a beauty?

yeah, i know...a face only a mother could love.

when i was married, we lived on three acres, which was great and all, but more importantly, we lived in an area with no land/livestock restrictions. over five years, we had about 10 chickens. it took me six chickens to figure out how to raise them, and after we went through those unfortunate six, we ended up with four champs.

we had dora, boots, big red, and diet coke. the one in the picture is dora.

when i bought my new house, one of the first things i checked was the livestock restrictions. yup - you guessed it: most home owners' associations tend to frown upon egg-laying fowl. mine included.

if you've never had chickens, i know you're probably thinking that i'm kinda crazy right now, but you're just going to have to trust my self-inflicted sanity claim. they were so tame and friendly, and we could hold them and pet them...and call them george if we wanted to. they weren't picky about their names.

if you've never had fresh chicken eggs, you should totally find some. i'm really not an egg eater anymore since i don't have fresh eggs.

there's something alluring about the deep golden color of fresh eggs when compared to the less-golden-pale-mucky color of grocery store eggs.

did you know chickens only lay one egg per day? it must be very hard work for them. ours got to the point where they would lay them on the grill, which happened to be right next to our back door. when i lived there, we always cooked muffins and pancakes for breakfast. it was not unusual to say, 'girls, go get an egg for me.'

and they would toddle to the back porch, reach up on the grill, and get a brand spankin' new egg. :)

redneck? maybe a little.

good? you betcha.

a friend of mine has recently given thought to buying some land and building a house. she wanted to ask me about chickens. and raising them.

i instantly got so excited for her - maybe a little too excited. and at the same time, i found sad. about chickens.

i really do miss my chickens. i miss them so much that my next house will definitely not have livestock restrictions.

it's been a pretty great weekend - i caught up with some dear friends, got lots done at home, and i'm completely ready for whatever this week has to offer.

peace and poultry...

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