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Thursday, September 29, 2011

one: where did september go!?!?

two:  you are dangerously close to a proud mom bragging moment. feel free to bail, i will totally understand and i won't judge you for it.

okay, there. you were amply warned and if you're still here, it's by choice. thank you. :)

i knew (and hoped) something was up today when i pulled up to get the girls from school. i saw cee run over to jay and whisper in her ear. jay smiled and nodded and they high fived. this is usually bad news for me.

last week cee came home with an application to run for student council. she was so excited about it, and i was a little nervous. i signed her form and told her we would work on her speech and give it the old college try.

i was thinking letterman top 10-esque (which i realize now is so not cool for the 3rd grade crowd).

she thought my ideas were too 'fluffy.'

therefore, she wrote her speech on her own. here's what she came up with...

'i'm very thinkative and i know not a lot of people use thinkative in a speech, but that's how i roll.'  ♥

i can't even tell you how impressed i was with her words...or her grammar...or her voice...or her font & color selection skills. the accomplishment of this speech alone was one of those fabulous mom moments. we practiced after school yesterday.

'are you ready? do you feel good about it?' i asked her.

her smile was the only answer i needed.

when i walked into their school today, jay immediately told me, 'mom, cee didn't get it.'

i looked at cee and she couldn't contain her smile for even a second - 'i got it!'

i'm not sure i've ever been this kind of proud before.

this is the first time she's ever said, 'hey - i really, really want to do this...and i'm going to do whatever it takes to get it. i need your help.'

we started her in soccer and we sent her to soccer camp and we keep signing her up to play each year. and she amazes us on the field and we encourage her to keep gaining more skills...but this?

this was all her own effort and hard work.

purely organic.

i'm pretty sure i couldn't be any prouder of her if i tried!

i know this is the first of many goals she'll set for herself (and achieve), i know there will likely be some heartbreaks along the way, and i know that cee is one determined child. i've always known that, but this is the first time i've really seen the whole process unfold in her very own hands.

watching jay brag about cee was pretty cool, too. the admiration jay has for cee is something i wish i could bottle and sell. i am blessed and amazed by these girls each and every day.

today was just more of a shining example. :)

okay, thanks for reading along with me. i appreciate it!


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