Tuesday, September 27, 2011

have you ever woken up and wished that you could have a mulligan for the entire day before your feet even hit the floor? like wished it from the moment your eyes opened? that was how my day started.

do-over, please.

jay bird was sick all night.

sleepless + fever = no bueno.

she has been horizontal for pretty much the whole day.

after a quick trip to the doctor and a diagnosis of strep throat, we have acquired some fabulous antibiotics and a gigantic tootsie roll, and i am happy to report that she's on the have to imagine the gatorade stains are her real smile. try hard.

having a sick little one is enough to make anyone call dibs on a mulligan, but in addition to the fever, i am now dead last in my fantasy football league. i'm sure it's not normal to be this attached to winning, but i am. it's how i'm wired. i can't help it.

last year i was the league champion (as i am painfully reminded each time i log in to check my current level of bottom-dweller loser-dom), and now i am the low man on the proverbial totem pole. this doesn't make me happy.

not a bit.

on the bright side of things, it's a stormy night, i have on my flannel babushka pj's, we're going to bed early and sleeping late, i have a sub tomorrow, and jay is starting to feel better!

oh - and those fluffy friends she's snuggling? yeah...they're affectionately known as 'big turty' and 'little turty.' this is funny to me...except for when she refers to them in public.

alright - we're off to catch ourselves some zzzzz's. tomorrow will be better.

it has to be.


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