baron batch

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ever heard of him?

he's a red raider, so of course he rocks.

a friend emailed his blog link to me.

his post really made me think....check it out.


the time the cougar went to the stone

Monday, March 28, 2011

one of my favorite friends has recently found herself single. after an eight-year relationship and countless levels of investments on her part, she now has the freedom to spread her lovely wings and fly. she is going to go far. i knew this before today, but our conversation this afternoon completely confirmed my thoughts.

she has been single for 9 days and she has already been flooded with set-up opportunities. flooded! she really is that fantastic; there's no denying it. i honestly can't help but create analogous scenarios between her breakup and my's an automatic process for me.

one of my favorite friends : 9 days :: it's just me : two years and counting


one of my favorite friends : 28 :: it's just me : 36


one of my favorite friends : cute new puppy :: it's just me : two kids + fat, demolition dog

are you following my analogies?

one of my favorite friends also got an insider tip on where to meet great guys...from her preacher!!

one of my favorite friends : tips from preacher :: it's just me : inundated daily with an annoying amount of sidebar ads on facebook

pretty cool, huh (the preacher part, not the facebook ad part)? she couldn't remember the full name of the church, but she said it was something with the word 'stone' in it. we chuckled and agreed that it would definitely be a safe/good place to meet can't go wrong at church, right?

when i got home, i checked my facebook (because i am a creature of habit) and what to my wondering eyes should appear?

a video link that said, 'for the best sermon ever, you should totally click here!'

(okay, it didn't use those exact words, but it did list the church's name as the austin stone)

of course i immediately sent her a text, and we both checked out the website. i impulsively felt drawn to click the 'elders' link because of my age. i thought, 'oh my gosh - they are so young.' she thought, 'oh! they're pretty darn cute!'

one of my favorite friends : cute pool of promising prospects :: it's just me : can i adopt one? and can i get a tax write-off for it or maybe collect retirement sooner, sans penalty?

i am thinking that i might wear my fun hippie clothes (that i don’t yet own) and maybe some blue eye shadow and coral lipstick (that i don’t yet own).

then my elderly mind drifted into la-la land (as it often does…i think i have a.d.d.).

wouldn’t it be funny, i wondered, if someone had the audacity to go to a church like this playing the role of samantha jones? big floppy hat, loud and flamboyant, both hands full of age-defying vitamins. you know she’d be mouthing suggestive things to youngsters. and you know she’d be in hog heaven. it would be her own personal playground. for some reason, this made me chuckle...

i would never dare to do something like that, but i am sure there are people out there who would.

then i floated back to reality. i told her that i would absolutely go with her to the church full of very young adults, but if anyone referred to me as her mom or offered me a listening device then i probably wouldn't play nice for too long.

this sunday, we are on the prowl...

photo credit irony: cougar meets hipsters

just kidding.

but seriously. :)

peace and prey....

sneak peek

Thursday, March 24, 2011

last week, the girls had an incredible opportunity to work with a photographer from l.a. who happened to be in austin for sxsw. he was here for work and managed to find a couple of free hours to shoot the girls (with his camera).

he did a session with the girls about four years ago (back in the old days...when he lived here) and dustin downing was full of mad talent. this was one of my favorites from that session...

on round two, he didn't disappoint at all - it's so fun to me (as a mom) to see how much the girls have changed and it's so fun to me (as a photo lover) to see how much his talent has developed. here are three of the sneak peeks that were sent my way (he's a panhandle guy, so you can get a taste of his appeal and appreciation for all things rural)...

doesn't jay look extra mean? and don't you love the lighting?

if you said yes to the lighting, check out this gem...

cee's latest addiction is jumping rope. she has all these songs that take me back to my awkward, untalented jump roping days (i was the kid who always tripped and fell and ruined the rhythm)...

ice cream sundae, cherry on top, who's your boyfriend, i forgot.... a...b...c...d...

this one is my favorite of the ten we got to preview. is it the lighting? is it the looks on their faces? is it how they look like they might be about to attack? is it how cee has a protective arm around jay?

i don't know what it is...

do you see the same je ne sais quoi in this picture that i do?

they look like they're ready to conquer the world without an ounce of fear, and they're going to do it together. in polka dots and floral blouses.

i wouldn't want to bump into that pair in a dark alley. and they better never, ever be in a dark alley. ever. they have each other's back on a daily basis, but i didn't know it was possible to capture that on film. i bow down to dustin's greatness.

i wasn't there for their session, but i asked them all about it afterward. do you know what they were most excited about? dustin's upcoming bookings.

i can't lie, i think it's pretty cool, too. he's shooting lady gaga soon. and even better? quinn fabray from glee. the girls weren't sure who was the more exciting booking between the two, but it was super funny to hear them say, 'yeah, he's shooting gaga soon....and quinn.'

it will probably be another week or two before we have the rest of the images, but after the preview, i'm looking forward to the rest of them.

my next goal is to have this lovely and talented woman photograph them. and then this adorable, beautiful friend of mine...and then i will spend my life savings turning their shots into canvases and i'll be broke. but happy. and surrounded by fabulous canvases.

maybe annie leibovitz would photograph them, too. but she doesn't have a website, so i don't know how to get in touch with her.

okie doke...that's all i have for now.

peace and promises of portraits...

warm up

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

my students started the novel city of ember today. for their warm up, i tried to get them in the frame of mind to imagine a world filled with lots of darkness. here was their prompt:

Imagine living in a world with no sun. What would that be like? Think about how much you depend on sunlight every single day. Write two paragraphs describing a world with no sun.

in my mind, i thought they would come up with things like 'it would be really dark' and 'we would bump into things' and 'we could sleep in every single day.'

they exceeded my expectations ten-fold. here are a few of my favorite excerpts from today...

-the sun is a star, so maybe there are no stars at all. and without any stars, how could any of your wishes come true?

-i would use my lava lamp to light up my own little world and i would hang sparkly, pink flashlights in every corner of my room.

-a world with no sun would be a world without spring break or summer break!

-we would have to use our lights all the time and my mom would gripe even more about the light bill.

-my mom would never be able to sing me a good morning song. that might not be so bad because her singing voice isn't very good.

-a world with no sunlight would be like a world without a mom or a dad: it would be very cold, dark, and scary.

i love my job. i love these kids.

peace and planetary musings...

borrowed time

Monday, March 21, 2011

that's what browning is officially living on right now. the girls are with their dad tonight. grades are due tomorrow. i had a lovely night planned at home with my feet kicked up grading papers. it seemed almost rockwellian in its perfection and a great way to end a decent monday.

when i got home, i listened for browning. he's hard to miss: he waits for me at the door, and his heavy tail isn't at all stealth as it whacks against the dryer.

today? nothing.

nothing but silence.

i have come to realize that some day i might come home to find a lifeless dog (is there a nicer way to say that?). after a scare a couple of weeks ago that ended up with browning having accidentally trapped himself in my closet for the day, i have decided that if this scenario happens, i will be lucky if it's on a night that i don't have the girls.

that said, there were definitely a few seconds today when i braced myself to walk through the door.

before you get all sad and sappy on me, let me plant a new seed in your mind. remember this beauty that the girls made for me during the summer?

let's just say that this picture doesn't do nearly enough justice to what i found today.

and he the time i stepped through the aftermath, browning was standing by the back door, tail tucked, and couldn't make eye contact with me. without further adieu, this is what bonehead left for me today.

this might be the worst mess he has ever, ever made. after i let him out, i tried to process it all. he must be diabolical and completely entranced when he does this. i can just imagine him going through it bit by bit, having no idea what time it is or how much time has passed since his genius discovery, but knowing he needs to hurry so he doesn't get caught red handed. and i don't think it's so much the getting caught part he fears as much as it is the time to finish chowing down on his treasure.

he didn't miss a single scrap today. did you notice the empty bag of dog food in the background? yeah - that was half full this morning.

after he has finished his possessed rampage, i can only imagine that he sniffs a few more times, looks around, and then thinks, 'oh dear. there's gonna be hell to pay later' (in morgan freeman's voice). but i don't think he feels remorseful for too long...he's old. i think he feels guilty for all of about 2 minutes, and then i think he crawls on the couch and sleeps for the rest of the day.

what a punk.

and then he hears my keys in the door and he leaps off the couch and assumes the stance that conveys 'i did it, i'm sorry, and i know you're going to put me in the backyard to serve my penance, so please just go ahead and let me out. and keep your voice down...what would the neighbors think?'

it only took me about twenty minutes to clean it up, and now peace has been restored to my kitchen. and hallway. and laundry room.

sparkling clean.

i sit down to take a breath and get my thoughts back into the paper-grading frame of mind.

i look outside to make sure he's suffering, miserable, and feels badly about what he's done. i see this.

i realize that he isn't suffering or miserable and has probably forgotten why he's sitting on the porch in the first place.

i also realize i really need to clean that window. but i have papers to grade.

here we go.

peace and puppy dog eyes...


Thursday, March 17, 2011

despite the fact that i didn't wear green today, my st. patty's day luck continues.

the girls and i just went to get in the car to run a quick errand. you won't believe this: i had a completely flat tire. uggghhh!

then again, what are the odds that we could travel for 500 miles in three days and come home to a flat tire? i mean, it could have been a full fledged blow out on some random texas highway, and that would definitely not have been a good thing at all.

upon seeing the flat tire, i did what any sensible woman would do: i pulled out my little owner's manual thingy and i changed it.

i'm not going to lie to you or sugar coat this - changing a tire completely sucks. please don't laugh...i had to put on my cowboy boots so i could kick the wrench thingy to loosen the screws.

and that spare tire is freaking heavy.

and the holes on the spare tire aren't easy to line up with the bolt thingies, either.

but i did it. and i feel like a farmer.

and i need a manicure.

i hope it's hooked on there good enough...we'll be heading out tomorrow to buy a new one.

as cee said afterwards, though, 'mom, for a girl who has no idea how to change a tire, you sure did change that tire. would you like a massage?'

yes, please.

my adventures for the week are complete.

and my throat hurts.

it's time for a big glass of don't even ask...

peace out, yo.

shake your shamrock

home at last from our mini-vacation! we stayed with one of my best friends from college last night in houston. she has an 18 month old cutie pie, and it was great to watch our kids play together. i loved the chance to catch up my friend, too!

overall, the girls had a wonderful time, and i think they would have been just as happy staying at a $60/night la quinta 5 miles from our house instead of at moody gardens…their main focus was jumping from one bed to the other and back (again and again and again) and swimming. i guess it’s kind of like when santa brings tons of gifts that he thinks are going to be a huge hit, and the kids ultimately like the empty boxes and the piles of wrapping paper most of all.

today we went to the houston zoo on the way home – there were two super cute baby elephants and a baby giraffe. isn't this little guy adorable?

i do have to say that i have never seen so many angry, irritated, fussy parents. you could tell it was the end of spring break and families had spent way too much quality time together. kids were having melt downs left and right, and parents were too. jay screeched ‘child abuse!’ more than a couple of times at the zoo, which was super delightful and not at all embarrassing.

i didn't buy a beer, but i think the zoo was smart to sell them, and i think several of the parents were in desperate need of one (or two)... we battled the green-clad crowds, rode the train, and then hit the road.

last night i got an email informing me that i’ve officially been accepted to grad school. woo hoo!! i can’t wait to register for classes and get started. i think i now have a legitimate excuse to get a kindle – i’ve been told that some of the textbooks for school are kindle-friendly.

not that you asked, but my ‘goal’ in life is to be a college professor, so this is the next step for me. hopefully someday i will be dr. it’s just me. i have two aunts who are professors, and the thought of being a kind of ‘life time student’ has always appealed to me even though i've been on a 13-year hiatus.

alright. that’s it for now. it’s time to unpack and settle in for a wild st. patty’s night at home with my girlies.

oh – melt my heart…they just brought in the sweetest thank you card for me. how did i get this lucky?

peace and pots of gold…


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

love them.

love the beach.

love our time together.

love how easy it was to capture these pictures. makes me wonder why i work so hard to get their full cheeses when the best moments are the effortless, unscripted ones like this.

love how simple and amazing life can be.

peace and perfect moments...

packing slips

Monday, March 14, 2011

every time we pack, i try to think of a new way to make it fun for the girls. this time i asked them to make a list of everything that they need to pack for our trip.

jay's list is fanciful and amusing and full of the things she loves the most.

if you're still polishing your 'i read kindergarten writing' skills, here are the cliff's notes:

cokes (for me). crayons. jammies. your (my) camera. clothes. sunscreen. sand toys. floaties. snacks. ice cream sundaes. soap. snow cones. paper. toys - lots of toys. movies. pony tails. dresses. sun glasses. stuffed animals. candy. markers. hats.

cee's list is ever-practical, just like her.

i am fascinated (as a mom and language arts teacher) by how she spells 'outift.' she doesn't pronounce it with an 'l' sound. why does she write it with an 'l' sound? inquiring minds really do want to know.

i love that both girls included sunscreen on their lists. i love that cee included aloe vera just in case we have an 'oops' in the sunscreen department. i can tell my efforts at having them protect their skin are paying off; however, it looks like i need to work a little harder in the dental area so next time they'll include toothbrushes and toothpaste on their lists.

it's all about baby steps, right?

peace and packed bags...


Saturday, March 12, 2011

it's that time of year again in sunny austin, texas. south by southwest music, film, and gaming festivities are officially here and will cause truck loads of people to run amok downtown for the next week.

while there are a few bands that i really want to go see, the crowds are big enough to keep me far, far away. in lieu of seeing bands, i found my favorite band names this year. drum roll, please...

B L A C K I E all caps, with spaces
ghost of a saber tooth tiger
dirty karma
experimental aircraft
french horn rebellion
sissy-eared mollycoddles
noah and the whale
youth pictures of florence henderson
penguin prison
hoodie allen
my gay husband
sea of bees
trampled by turtles
slang chickens

i was really hoping that we were promised jetpacks would be back solely for the purpose of making my list, but it looks like someone came through on that promise in 2010 and propelled them well beyond swsw.

the girls and i ventured downtown (as i promised we wouldn't) for a birthday dinner. the hipsters were out and about, and things really were kind of crazy....corporate sponsors wasted no time taking over some of austin's indy hot spots. cee and jay had a ball people watching and checking out the goods.

now we're safely back home and we have no further plans to tangle with any of the south by madness. then again, i kinda want to catch a band or two late next week. we'll see...

i know this is lame, but i am really fascinated by hipsters. i read an article about this book last week, and i think this might be my spring break read.

peace and paparazzi...


Friday, March 11, 2011

it's bittersweet. more sweet than bitter, bitter than sweet... ~big head todd

what a great name for a band. 

what a bitter sweet day.



here we go.

i can’t believe the earthquake and madness in japan. what a seriously sad way to start the day. i woke up at four, and my tv was on cnn…i never fell back to sleep.

i counted my blessings many, many times this morning before i woke the girls up at 6:30.

i knew today was going to be a little rocky – it’s the last day of school before spring break, and the kids are as ready for a breather as the teachers are this year. cee and jay were beyond excited when i dropped them off at school – they are so excited to sleep in for a few days. i am so excited (i think) to unveil their version of ‘sleeping in.’

remember i said today was bittersweet? my day started with truckloads of goodness after waking to bleakness, and just before lunch, things headed south again. a kid called me stupid, another kid cried, and another kid refused to participate. super fun times, but that's kind of how i expected today to be.

the morning’s madness was balanced by a modern day saint: we have this incredible woman who i only know as ‘the lady of the lunch.’ she delivers deliciousness to my school about once a month. today was her day, and her delightful trio of egg salad, tuna salad, and chicken salad did not disappoint.

in sixth period, one of my favorite kids told me that today would be his last day and he would be enrolling in a new school after spring break. okay – this kid is a dynamo. he is bright and funny and responsible and respectful and precious and he has the deepest, cutest dimples i’ve maybe ever laid eyes on.

and he’s moving.

it always stings when kids like him move away.

instead of telling him goodbye, i made lemonade out of the lemons: i rationalized that things would be okay because i’d have him for the last period of the day, too, and i swore we would do something special for him as a class.

my plan was flawless in my mind. we’d do our lesson and the kids were going to discretely pass around a card for him so he’d know how much we will all miss him.

instead, ½ way through today’s last lesson, the front office called today say that this precious child was being checked out early and withdrawn. my plan had been foiled. i have never been quite sure exactly what to say to a sixth grader who i might not ever see again.

keep in touch? not really appropriate…teachers are mongers to them.

good luck? not good because there is the implication that luck is all they have on their side.

you have so much potential? kit deluca…yeah, that one’s a little too  pretty woman.

wish you could stay? well, maybe the kid does too, and then again, maybe the kid could care less. they’re 12. they know they aren’t really in charge of the decisions being made.

keep doing good things? this one is pretty safe because it's wishing them well without writing them off. it lets them know you value what they've done and you know they're capable of continuing the greatness.

i told him to keep doing great things, and i took a deep breath and went back to the business of make kids brilliant. J

about five minutes later, mr. dimples strolled back into my classroom. he said proudly, ‘my mom said i can finish the rest of today and ride the bus home with my friends.’




and his parents, too.

my school releases at 3:25. i always let my last class stack their chairs at 3:23. generous, i know.

today i made what i thought was a very special announcement to them: ‘thank you so much for your hard work. you have officially made it to spring break! it’s 3:21, and you can hand your work to me now and stack your chairs.’

as dorky as it sounds, this is kind of a lot for this class…they are usually more likely than not to finish their work early because they're worn out. it’s their last class of the day, and they are beyond pooped. 

that said, you won’t believe what they did today at 3:21 and 24 seconds.

hint: bittersweetness.

they all looked up at me, and one kid said, ‘let’s keep working, guys.’

and then they all put their heads back down and their pencils back on their papers. and they kept working.
as a teacher, moments like this are absolutely priceless and they fill my heart with more content than any paycheck possibly could.

what an incredible group of kids. they kept working right until the bell rang. and then they slowly began stacking their chairs. a few stayed for an extra minute or two to complete their assignment.

today was filled with a couple of very short-lived moments of ‘i quit. i don’t get paid enough to get treated like this by kids. or adults. or to be away from my own babies.' in a day filled with more ‘yuck moments’ than i am generally accustomed to, there sure were some strong bookends to hold it all together.

i picked the girls up from school and just as i promised, we made homemade pizzas tonight. total yum.

theirs (with a mysterious paw sneaking some sausage)...

and mine (pesto, roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and chiffonade basil if you're curious)...

thing one's 'creation' was more like a calzone - and my tiny child ate the whole thing...

homemade pizza combined with the sting of the continuing devastation in japan sums up my day perfectly: a slap in the face combined with a jab to the heart interspersed with some of the sweetest moments ever and sprinkled with a few unexpected twists dipped in a big bowl of contentment.

they’re both sawing logs, and they both swear on a stack of bibles that they’re going to sleep in tomorrow.

(yup - this is what i wake up to every single day...why does she sleep like this? the world may always wonder, 
seeing as she is very tight-lipped about the root of this habit) 

i’ll let you know how that one turns out…their idea of sleeping in compared to mine is vastly and ridiculously different.

we’re headed to the coast next week, and i’ll have lots of pics for ya.

i hope your weekend is filled with happiness and sunshine.

peace and impossible-to-predict kinds of days…

charity isn't always a proper noun

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

charity (chăr’ ĭ tē): kindness or generosity toward others or toward humanity

example: showing people you care by donating to their needs

non-example: a person, city, place, or destination

we have been cleaning out closets for the last couple of weeks. and drawers. and buckets. and baskets. and underneath two specific beds in our house (hint: not mine). i wish i could tell you that spring cleaning happened in one fell swoop in our house, but that would be a blatant lie.

we operate in stages. they aren’t always speedy stages; however, we’re thorough.

sweet jay felt much better today. by noon, we were bored out of our minds, so we humiliated browning in the name of les bon temps rouler. after we picked cee up from school, we had a ‘roll off’ and jay won. she never wins.

since jay felt better and since we were bored, we continued along with some of our spring cleaning. they are both very into giving. they want to give to haiti, chile, and new zealand for their earthquakes, although i’m not sure how to get our things there and i’m not sure there are things we have that they actually need.

i want both girls to know that even though there are horrible disasters around the world every single day, there are people in our own communities who are just as needy and could benefit directly and more immediately from the things we have.

as they were cleaning through their things today, they started asking some questions that had me totally intrigued and floored.

‘does charity need baby dolls even if they have marker on their face for make up?’

‘does charity need mittens to keep their hands warm?’

‘do you think charity needs art supplies?’

‘do you think charity would maybe want to play with my barbies? i’m talking about the ones that i cut their hair and i kinda didn’t know what i was doing. because i was a little girl.’

‘can i give charity my socks as long as they match?’

matching socks are a hot commodity in our house.

‘do you think charity could use some of my old books that i already know how to read?’

my heart was melting as they asked these questions. and then i realized that they were referring to charity. as in Charity. a proper noun.

‘does charity like dogs? i bet we have some dog toys charity could have.’

‘does it ever snow in charity? maybe they need my old coats to stay warm. and i have a scarf to keep warm too.’

‘do you think charity would like to have some love notes?’

‘do you think i should draw some pictures for charity?’

‘do you think there’s a grocery store in charity? because i have lots of quarters and nickels and dimes. and i have some buddy bucks they could have too.’

buddy bucks are a hot commodity in our house, too.

in the moment it took for me to realize that they didn’t quite grasp the meaning of charity in the same way i do, everything changed.

everything changed because i realized that they grasp the concept of charity more than i would have ever imagined that they could. for them, it's more meaningful if 'charity' has a face to go along with it.

suddenly i found myself at a loss for words. my girls – who fight over any material belonging primarily for the sake of having dibs on said material belonging – were willing to get rid of lots of their treasured items so other kids could benefit.

my thoughts relinquished my ‘mom of the year’ title (yup - it's only march) because my mind was saying, ‘wait – you still play with that. those jeans still fit you. and that shirt is almost brand new. are you sure?’

but they were sure. they are both very aware of budgets and money, and they know that i will do anything i can for them.

if there are things they want and i can’t afford it, i tell them they’ll have to wait.

i have done my best to teach them that there are wants and needs in life and i’ve tried to help them understand the difference..

with this in mind, the fact that they had so much to give made my heart race.

sometimes they fight over the silliest things (example: mom, she’s looking out my window and i don’t want her to look out my window!) and i think they don’t realize how much they have going for them or how much this universe is providing for them.

and then we have moments like today where i feel like the luckiest mom on the planet for having kids with hearts that know absolutely no bounds.

that’s when i stop and take a moment to collect my thoughts.

selfishly, one of my first thoughts is that i am going to have to protect and comfort these hearts more times than i can imagine as they grow older and experience the world.

i'm more than ready and willing to do that.

we are healthy.

we are happy.

we are fever free.

we are blessed.

our needs are taken care of, and our wants are almost always fulfilled.

we have been blessed beyond words, and i am going to start looking for more opportunities to appreciate what we have instead of waiting for these moments to sneak up on me and run me over like a freight train.

i think it’s high time i took a lesson from my girls: life is good. we have everything we need, and we need to take every opportunity to be thankful for our blessings.

peace and a plethora of prosperity…


Monday, March 7, 2011

'i cannot go to school today,' said a very puny sick miss jay.

her fever is back. with a vengance. it started yesterday and it was so minimal. she was in a great mood and was as entertaining as usual.

i was trying to snap a picture last night to show how sweet cee was being to her. she's such a doting little nurse. so right before i took this, jay said, 'wait!! you've gotta see this.' she proceeded to kiss each of her biceps and then she said, 'boom shacka lacka!'

of course we all cracked up and i thought that surely she was on the mend.

that's what i get for thinking. :)

by the time we got to the dr. at 11 this morning, her fever was up to 103. i really hoped we'd be heading to the infectious disease specialist to find out once and for all what's causing her fevers; however, it's been just long enough since her last round of fever that we have to start the process all over again.

this was her face whenever we found out we had to start over with flu and strep tests (she asked me to take a pic).

she can handle having blood taken or getting shots, but she hates the strep test. i don't blame her a bit. she was a tough little cookie, though.

for the rest of today, her fever has been resting right around the 104 mark. that's usually where it ends up in the middle of the night when she's really sick. it's never been this high before in the middle of the day. i feel so bad for her - it's breaking my heart and i want her to feel better. i want to know what's causing this. something in her body is waving a red flag....we just don't know what.

 i hope she's kissing her biceps, being silly, and feeling better again very soon. this evil fever is for the birds!

cee sure does miss having her partner in crime ready to roll with her from one adventure to the next. i'm sure they'll be up to their old antics in no time at all.

that's all i have for now. send positive thoughts our way!!



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i just love that perky, fresh feeling i get whenever i renew my norton antivirus software each year. it's like the hottest, best, longest shower ever...or the most amazing scrub treatment you could possibly imagine.


it makes me happy.

it makes me feel optimized. it's like getting the oil changed in my car (which i need to do)...

or getting the license tag sticker on my car to say '1/2012' instead of '1/2011' (which i need to do)...

or getting your tires aligned or your brakes lubed or your wiper blades replaced (which i bet i need to do).

or getting a good detail for your car after you've had a completely mortifying experience (which i am absolutely positive i need to do).

i'm not really sure what that experience might specifically be, but it could be something along the lines of having three friends (adults) hop in your car for an impromptu trip to see a new (and super adorable) baby and apologizing profusely for the rotten, deteriorating state of the interior of your car due to the condition more commonly known as having children.

it would also be like if the 'clean your disks' function left a lone, barren lollipop stick hidden deep in the seat where one of your friends sat and then forgot that the stick was there. and then that stick decided to attach itself to your friend's butt immediately prior to her exit from your car and it caused your computer to malfunction.

or laugh excessively when it was actually past the time to laugh excessively.

yeah - that really happened, and we laughed so hard that diet coke actually spewed out of my mouth.

i can't extend my metaphor anymore because i had to restart my computer (and subsequently clean my diet coke mess) and i lost the ability to save norton screen shots.


my work here is done.

my metaphor has fulfilled its destiny in life.

plus, that's about all i know about cars.

glee wasn't on tonight and i really needed it to be. what a weird day of unexpected randomness. i'm not exactly type 'a,' but i am also not one who is crazy about unintended chaos...with no exit strategy.

you should always have an exit strategy.

tomorrow = training.

no kids, just adults.

i'm actually looking forward to the opportunity to teach teachers tomorrow.

if i'm gonna bring my 'a' game, i'd better hop in bed.

a sleepy 'me'  = a particularly unproductive 'me'.

productivity will be key to tomorrow's success.

until next time,

peace and productive powerpoints...

addendum: 10:01 pm - apparently the renewed feeling is short-lived and evaporates as if it never existed the minute one realizes their favorites (bookmarks) have been dee. leet. ed.

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