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Monday, January 31, 2011


the end.

sunny and 81

Sunday, January 30, 2011

what a beautiful day just south of the atx! it's january. 81 degrees. we just had to take advantage of the great outdoors...

we decided to head outside for some basketball. 'tis the season, right?

please pay extra careful attention to browning in all of these pictures...

here's cee...
she's been doing so good in her games - she's the smallest person on either team in every game, and she totally holds her own on the court.

and jay is figuring out how the game works, too.

however, i don't think recruiters will be knocking down our doors anytime soon...but dance lessons are definitely in our future.

after shooting hoops, they dug their bikes out of the depths of our garage. i seriously love this weather! we have a sign about 100 yards from our house that says 'deaf child area'...i have never met the child, but i love the sign. that's their 'boundary' of how far they can ride while i'm watching from the yard.

protective older brother is the most chilled out dog in the whole wide world. until he sees his little blondies riding off into the wild blue yonder. this was him after his fifth bark. i'm not even kidding when i tell you they were no more than 100 yards away, and there were no other people or cars in sight.

doesn't he look worried and alarmed? he was definitely feeling anxious about their excursion.

i guess i might never have to worry about them sneaking out - i think their furry guardian is going to be on them like white on rice. always.

i had to adjust both of their bike seats - i didn't realize how much they've both grown in the last year. i totally remember having those uncomfortable growing pains in my legs when i was young, and so far they haven't complained...i'm surprised because they've been really busy at this growing business.

when the weather is this fabulous, it makes it a little hard to reign them in...but tomorrow's a school day. we are off for baths and jammies.

i hope you've had as great of a day as we have.

peace and protective pooches...

p.s. - don't forget to watch extreme makeover: home edition tonight...it's from a tiny town right outside of the tiny town where i grew up...God bless the brown family.

learning curve

i just conquered a major one!

can you guess what it is?

i have been debating whether or not to hire a designer to keep me happy with my blog background, but they're kinda pricey. cute, but pricey.

instead, i downloaded photoshop friday evening. i bought some digital paper kits and a few digital embellishments, tinkered around with them in photoshop, and voila!

here's my new blog persona.

it's a combo of charisma and a little bit of ingenuity. if you saw my blog this morning, you may have seen it in millions of phases of imperfection, but now i'm pretty happy with it. it was a fun challenge learning how to create the 'picture' in photoshop.

it was not such a fun challenge learning how to turn it into html code and even less fun figuring out where to plug the html code once it was created. but i did it. the kink i can't iron out right now is the gray at the very bottom of each page...it will be on my radar until i figure out how to make it white.

please take a moment of silence for my accomplishment...


i just realized that gray is a guest that every woman eventually hates - especially when it is taking over her hair color...maybe this is just the beginning of my issues with gray.

i think i may have opened pandora's box...i had no earthly idea that there were so many different digital paper kits and digital embellishments available. and the fonts...

don't even get me started on how many exhilarating fonts i found online this weekend!! if only my proverbial money tree were always fruitful...

we'll deal with that can of worms next time the creative bug bites. for now, though, that bug is pretty full.

i am sad (or happy) to tell you that my psychic gig didn't work out yesterday. either that, or i forgot about it. but i am pretty sure i didn't read anybody's mind yesterday.

jay turns six on wednesday. i can't believe my baby girl is six. she was drinking out of a gatorade sport bottle yesterday at basketball and all i could think about was how sweet she was with her bottle and her paci (aka 'uh-oh') when she was younger. we made a list of what she wants for her birthday. it's pretty funny.

a watch.
tinker toys (sweet).
to meet barack obama.
to meet uncle butch.**
love notes.
dog bones.

i asked why she wants dog bones...she asked...'oh - didn't i say puppy for my list? because i do want one for my birthday.'

**they are pretty sure uncle butch is the same person as president bush. they're wrong. plus they know him, so meeting him really isn't relevant.

alright - that's all i have for now. we are off to tackle our super fun to-do list for today.

peace and pixels...

a couple of things

Friday, January 28, 2011


dear turbo tax,

while i am extremely flattered by the fact that you asked me if i purchased any jets this year, i am also slightly alarmed. what part of mom of two, single, and teacher was unclear in my profile assessment? i look forward to hearing back from you. ♥, me.

p.s. - my friend asked if it counts that i'm fly like a g-6. so....does it?


my horoscope says i am going to be super intuitive tomorrow. it even goes a step further and suggests that tomorrow is the beginning of my career as a gifted psychic.

i have always, always, always wanted to be psychic, but it has never really panned out for me.

my time is now.

if you don't want me to read your mind tomorrow, steer clear.

there. you've been warned.

okie doke...

a couple = two.

my work here is done.

peace, planes, and planetary ponderings...

ranger danger

Thursday, January 27, 2011

today was full of fun and danger. mostly danger. very little fun. lots of excitement.

you know it's gonna be an interesting day when you have been granted a pardon from death before 9:30 in the morning. here's the email i sent to my school's resident awesome person who always knows just what to do in just about any situation:

hi. i almost just died. my projector screen came off of one of the ceiling hinges and seriously almost took me out. i got it off the other hinge, but i guess i need it reinstalled now. the kids said the same thing happened in social studies, so i am wondering if they all need to be checked??

true story.

i was standing in front of my class imparting information to them that will make them even more brilliant than they already are. mid-sentence, there was a loud, collective, and unrehearsed *gasp* and the looks on their faces registered quickly with me. i hunkered down just a little bit and asked, 'what?'.

if i hadn't have leaned that little ways forward, my 30 pound projector screen would have whacked me in the head, and well, it probably wouldn't have been pretty. at all.

it took me a few minutes to compose myself, and then i was fine.

until lunch. our resident awesome person who always knows just what to do in just about any situation replied to my email and copied the entire school to see if anyone else had rogue death pendulums in their rooms...

at lunch, my sweet friend waved me over to ask if i was alright. me and my lunch tray of grilled cheese with tomato soup walked over to her table to tell her that it was freaky and everything was fine.

grilled cheese and tomato soup makes everything better in my life.

but then i realized i wasn't fine - my voice got kind of shakey. the reality that i dodged death started to sink into my brain.

and while i was talking to her, one of her students began petting my grilled cheese.

not my tray.

not my arm.

not my imaginary pet.

my grilled cheese.

that almost brought me to tears.

i needed my grilled cheesus today.

from that point on, i figured things could only get better.

i was right.

they did.

the end.

just kidding. not the end.

we inherrited a new family member today: skinny.

a weird thing happened over the holidays: cee's teacher quit.

she got her new teacher last week, and her new teacher is super sweet and wonderful and cee is very excited about having her.

however, the new teacher is terrified of fish. terrified.

if i wasn't deathly afraid of bugs and snakes, i might scoff at her fear, but i get it. some things just aren't meant to be pets to some people.

welcome home, skinny. i'm happy to inform you that cee has permanently lifted the ban on fish jokes.

jay is feeling better - her fever is gone. tomorrow she'll be back to school, and then we will be ready to conquer the weekend.

friday, please hurry. please?

that's all i've got for now.

peace and pendulums...

no monkey business

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my girl is super serious about her sleeping situation. nobody can be left out of the bed.

did i mention that this is my bed?

jay's fever is back, which means that she will be under my wing tonight (literally), and so will her buddies.

please tell me you feel the love in this picture.

can you guess who's who?

pancake is actually mine. he's quickly approaching his (wait for it)...17th birthday. yup - me and pancake go way back. my friend whitney had a pillow named cracker and i had a bear named pancake. together, the four of us were pretty much unstoppable.

what a funky crew we were back in the day with our flat friends. :)

here's an up-close-and-personal shot of pancake so you can see how handsomely adorable he is in real life. his eyes say it all.

he's still kind of hung up on the whole waif thing, but i try not to fault him for it. i live vicariously through his thin thoughts.

so...jay and her posse are all snuggled up and sleeping soundly. i guess it's time for me to carve out my little niche of space for tonight's slumber and try to catch some zzzzz's.

peace and pancakes...

dear monday, you rock.

Monday, January 24, 2011

dear monday,

thank you for being such a welcomed beacon today - i was extraordinarily glad to see you.

things 1 and 2 were back at school for the first time in awhile...they're both fever free, and their exuberance to get back to the business of education made me exceptionally happy.

i had glowing notes from last weeks' subs in my classroom saying how well-behaved and generally brilliant my students were! i have to agree; and as a teacher, there really is no better compliment than this. if that isn't a great way to start my day, then i'm really not sure what is.

my kids wrote thank you letters to the school board today. my kids this year just get it. sometimes their depth of understanding things that they shouldn't quite grasp just blows me away. today was one of those days.

the only bad thing that happened today was my sweater. it was new, and i was so excited about it. however, by 8:30, i was totally cursing it:

a) it was on my body backwards for the first 2 hours of my day. how does that happen?

b) it gave absolutely no mercy or apology for shedding all over my black pants. relentless, that darn sweater. i de-fuzzed myself so many times today that i lost count before lunch.

c) the shoes that i was so excited to wear with my new sweater did not match, and i didn't figure it out until it was too late.

all of this hit me before 8:33 am. luckily, there were tons of other things to make my bad sweater day a good monday.

the day ended with a fun baby shower for one of those two awesome babies i told you i've been shopping for...good friends, good food, good laughs. can't wait for that little man to arrive. oh - and he got the *cutest* pair of monogrammed baby boxers. uh-dore-uh-bull. seriously.

i got an email today that made me happy from head to toe...more on that soon, but just trust me when i say it was a delight and something i never thought i'd see.

and i got some great praise today from someone who i really admire.

so all in all, i couldn't have asked for a better day.

monday, i am sorry that you sometimes get a bad rap. i don't think that bad rap fits you too well...and i'll use today as proof of that! i'll do my best to give you a public relations facelift...i'm not really a p.r. person, but i'll give it the old college try. cool?

thanks for our time together...see you soon.


me ♥

sushi arsenal

Saturday, January 22, 2011

i tried to change my banner. something went way wrong. i'm working on it...

it's still national procrastination day in my world, and i'm making the most of it. so far, i have been pampered at the salon, purchased wine, and napped. that's a good saturday in my book.

my salon experience wasn't quite as much as i expected it would be, so i split the difference on some yummy sushi. my waiter told me about an 'off the menu roll' that is to die for. i tried it...it was to die for.

when my order came out, i noticed my 'to die for' rolls were shaped like r2d2. this made me like them even more...a little army of tasty, sassy robots! if you ever go to haiku sushi, be sure to order the alaskan tuna roll...spicy tuna and avacado in the middle, wrapped in seaweed, rolled in rice, rolled again in salmon, topped with tempura, and decorated with spicy mayo and eel sauce. deeeeeelish.

i didn't know they were called alaska tuna rolls until i got my check. i was instantly curious to know what alaska had to do with my rolls. and then i started wondering how sushi rolls get their names.

if i had a sushi place, i would inject fun into the names of the rolls...

fish stick rolls, the one that got away roll, swedish fish roll, deadliest catch roll, little mermaid roll, roe roe roe your roll, the world is your oyster roll, and the cod be with you roll. just to name a few...

alright - as procrastination saturday continues, it's time to settle in for mean girls. yes, i know i am a loser. and i'm okay with it for now.

peace and plastics...

national procrastination day

if there isn't already one of these, there should be. i'll look into it...someday.

i have the hugest to-do list today, and yesterday i was so psyched to get started on it!!

however, as a true procrastinator, i didn't act on that excitement; and, today that spark of inspiration is nowhere to be found. so in my final act of procrastination and defiance to this list, i thought i'd let you know what all i have to do this weekend...maybe it will help me stay a little more accountable and help me deny my wayward intentions.

1. put christmas to bed. no, my tree is not still up, and no my christmas lights are not still on my house. but nothing is where it should be, either. i keep finding christmas 'stuff' in the laundry...little t-shirts, dish towels, hand towels, santa socks, etc. today everything will be rounded up and put to rest for the next 11 months.

2. clean out my garage. my ex moved out of his house last weekend and into a new place of his own. it was his first time to really clean out everything in the house we shared, and he was kind enough to box several boxes of awesome kitchen goodies up for me.

i love kitchen stuff.

i love pyrex.

i love the boxes that are sitting in my garage looking at me, begging me to unwrap the surprises within.

3. clean my house. christmas came and went with a vengance. then we went skiing. and when we got home, it was time to get ready for school. and then everybody got sick. my poor house is hanging in there, but it's time for some serious kicking trash to the curb and taking names. it's only 37 degrees outside. and it's january. so i don't think this qualifies as spring cleaning...but it's going to be along those same lines.

4. wash dishes. see #2.

5. make new curtains and buy new shades. yes, this one is kind of 'out there,' but the bug has bitten. i found some rockin' fabric yesterday and i think i'll be headed back to purchase it today. or maybe i should make that purchase my reward for finishing all the 'stuff' on my list. or maybe rewards are highly overrated.

6. clean my car. it looks like a homeless person has been living inside my car for at least a month, and for all i know, a homeless person may have been living in my car for a month. kids have that effect on life. it's gross, and i'm not going to try to sugar coat it. h20 will have a fun project in store for them today.

this is my floorboard. and the homeless person who's been occupying it.

7. address my hair. it is seriously out of control. today is cut and color day, and i really don't know of anything quite as relaxing as having my hair done. it makes me happy. it's like grooming for humans. plus, it's one of the few times i get to read a book in peace.

8. buy wine. wait. who are we kidding? this will be taken care of before anything else on this list.

so yeah. that's a heck of a little list, huh? the girls are with their dad until tomorrow afternoon. i suppose that means it is time to stop telling you what all i need to do and get my body movin'!!

peace and procrastination...

general commentary and rambling

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

her commentary on having the measles and the mumps while simultaneously waging bacterial warfare against a gash, a rash, and several purple bumps:

'i cannot go to school today.' ~little peggy ann mckay

or was that jay?

no, wait, it was cee.

or perhaps it was just me.

we are all three sick, you see.

so i'm writing poetry...

follow along carefully.

i will not be sing-song-y.

- - - -

and...now i'm done.

what a day!

(or two)

jay is doing some serious ninja work against her third round of fever in a month. ugh! after being thoroughly poked, prodded, quizzed, and radiated at the doctor yesterday, it has been determined that she is febrile.

that's a fancy french word for fevery, and we already knew this (the fever part...not its french cousin).

i almost fainted today. it could have been because of the sheer amount of dayquil and robitussin flowing through my allergy-ridden veins, but i think it had more to do with me trying to process the words 'infectious disease specialist' combined with 'elevated c-reactive proteins' used in the same sentence to describe my daughter's condition.

i do not speak 'science' and i love dissecting words.

therefore, i was left completely alone to decipher the gentle renderings of google as it delicately and subtly shed light on jay's situation for me.

lupus. early on-set arthritis. neutropenia. bacterial heart infection.

ugh, ugh, ugh.

and ugh.

i know better than to google these things, but people should know better than to give me limited information.

by 5, i talked with jay's incredible doctor, who informed me that she most probably has mono (ugh, but a kinder, more relieved ugh than the previous ughs) and will feel puny for awhile longer. she also said that an infectious disease doctor might be used to confirm her mono suspicions while eliminating other more worrisome afflictions.

all i can tell you is that after a mentally anguishing afternoon of wondering, worrying, and knowing just enough to be very dangerous to myself and my ever-wandering mind, having jay wrapped in my arms after school was just what the doctor ordered.

when i picked cee up from school, she had a noteable furrow in her brow. she said her head hurt. her exact words were 'it feels like bricks are bouncing in my head.' by the time we made it home, a nasty little fever was brewing in her, too.

i am worn out and lame myself. thank goodness my sweet mom is here to take care of the three of us. and when we pass our germs along to her, we'll be there to catch her slack.

hopefully we'll all be feeling back up to par sooner rather than later.

i hope they get some good sleep tonight.

and i hope you do, too.

may the force be with you. :)

peace and pervasive powers...


Monday, January 17, 2011

i got an email yesterday and noticed the person’s font was blue. it made me feel like i should change my font color, too. i’ve always been a black font kind of girl, but maybe it’s time to change things up a little bit. i mean, it is 2011.

i started thinking about what color i would pick. definitely not red. that would make people feel like they’re getting scolded even if i was just writing to say ‘hi’.

green? i don’t really live a ‘green’ life (i'm sorry) even though i love the color. that might be a false representation, and what would that say about me?

purple? another of my favorites, but it’s such a strong, royal color. i am neither strong nor royal.

and then it hit me. what if i changed my font color to white? how awesome would that be? watch this:

i am typing in white.

i am typing in white.

i am typing in white.

i am typing in white.

i am typing in white.

i am typing in white.

how cool is that? it's unpretentious, unassuming. subtle. gentle. understated, yet...not. it does make a powerful statement in its own special way.

the more i thought about it, the better it sounded.

one time courtney cox got a tattoo on her belly, and she got it in white. that way she could cover it with makeup if she needed to.

one time on facebook, i made this my profile picture.

nobody said anything about it - not one comment. i don’t know if it’s because they didn’t notice or because a profile picture as awesome as this requires no comments.

one time i read a story about a kid who got a bad grade on his art project. he used a white crayon and scribbled all over a piece of plain, white paper. it was a blizzard. smart kid.

white is a cool color for a font. if i changed my font color from black to something else, i would pick white. thank you for reading my story, i hope you enjoyed it.

i know we will all sleep better tonight now that yet another life-altering dilema has been solved by yours truly.

that's why they pay me the big bucks...


mlk, jr.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

jay learned all about mlk, jr. at school this week, and last night she shared her story with me. i was pretty impressed. then she said, 'oh yeah. and what's the lady's name?'

i thought...and said, 'rosa parks?'

and she went on with the story of rosa parks and the bus and how things just weren't fair back in the old days. she knew about buses, restaurants, water fountains, swimming pools, hotels...she blew me away with her knowledge.

it really melted my heart. i had no idea that she knew about (and understood) some of the civil rights issues. i love american history, so i guess i'm double proud.

i have always been very careful to not discuss skin color or racial differences with the girls because their hearts are so open right now. they notice things like personality and hair accessories and outfits in people. they see equality in everyone based on who they are, what they believe, what they say, and how they treat other people.

i love this and i am so proud of how they see people for who they are on the inside.

last night when she was telling me the stories, jay was calling him marvin luker king. too cute.

this morning she asked me how to spell his name...she was doing an art project. i wrote it for her so she could copy it but i didn't know what she was doing. here's the end result. we're both super proud.

(please note: she's making a heart shape with her hands)

(that's God, not gold...those lower case d's and b's can be pesky sometimes)

this is one of those 'take my breath away' moments...

my kids at school are going to analyze his 'i have a dream' speech tuesday...seeing what my own babies know gives me a better foundation to teach my school kids.




the end.

not your average bears in my zoo

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

as opposed to happy-go-lucky 11 and 12 year olds, it seems that some parents joined forces early this morning and decided instead to send small grizzly bears into my classroom zoo today.

i'm not talking about the cute, stuffed kind either.

i mean, they were cute, don't get me wrong. they're always cute. but still: they were grizzly bears.

on top of that, i was not provided with sedatives (for me or them).

fortunately, my bear population was contained to one class period, and it was early in the day. right before lunch. i did my best not to feed the bears.

here are a few distinct characteristics of bears that i just googled, and the results are shockingly accurate:

-can and will readily climb a tree...or the walls. i'm not kidding...when i walked into my room, two were standing on chairs. for no apparent reason. when questioned about the standing in chairs extravaganza, they weren't too sure why they were standing in chairs, either.

-can move at a rapid pace - up to 30 mph...i saw this with my own eyes today. it was library day. they were instructed to walk quietly to the library. in a day filled with contradictions, it seems that walk loosely translated to sprint. quiet was not even a vocabulary option for them today.

-tend to cover a lot of territory in a 24-hour period...or less. they made it from my class to the library in what has to be a school record. i've submitted their names to the track coaches.

-accustomed to being around people and therefore have lost their fear of humans...and teachers...and consequences. i'm not trying to suggest that teachers aren't humans. and i'm not trying to suggest that bears should operate in fear; however, i do want to suggest that bears should be moderately responsive to directions. especially after the fifth or tenth request.

-may make huffing sounds or clank their teeth...or talk or tap their pencils or shriek and squeal or pop their gum that they've already been asked to toss. or try (unsuccessfully) to stiffle the giggles of children bears who know they're in trouble but are just too amused by the situation to regain composure.

-omnivorous, opportunistic feeders...um. wait. what? i have a question.

does that include the blue pen one of my 'bears' attemped to digest today? because i have to tell you that it took all of my self control to not laugh when one of my bears came up to my desk to ask if he could go drink some water. from a near-by fresh water stream jumping with rosy red salmon.

through a completely blue-inked mouth.

oh yeah. the pen and its ink exploded in his mouth.

i didn't ask any questions because i wasn't even sure where to start.


such a classic moment...

...such a classic day.

there is a reason i don't teach elementary. it's quite simple: i cannot possibly be held responsible for the things that other people's kids try to eat. be it clothing, paper, boogers, pens, bugs, rotten food, or worse, that's just not my territory.

although tending to my own personal bear population today offered a super fun ecological challenge for me, i sure do hope my regular kids show up for school tomorrow. i promise i like them and i will take really good care of them and teach them amazing and valuable things that will enhance their academic achievement and maybe even get them a full ride to college. at baylor. :)

i promise to recyle and repent. just give me back my humans.

i'll even tell them how much i missed them and call each and every one of them cute.

go bears.

the end.

peace & porridge...


Sunday, January 9, 2011

at the basketball games yesterday, i realized - while in public - that the girls and i had assumed our normal pose, except this is normally how we look on our couch. in the privacy of our own home. minus the makeup on my face and red mat behind us.

i guess this explains why i am bored and lonely when they're gone: it is, quite literally, like i am missing very important parts of me.

i used to not like snuggling, and i used to always need plenty of my own space. not anymore. if they aren't directly in my face and/or my space, then the world is not complete.

the girls got hair cuts today - so so cute. i will get some pics up of their new do's soon...they're super sassy. but right now i have two half pints moving into my space.

it's time to assume our position...we're settling in for nanny mcphee.

peace and pig cake...


Saturday, January 8, 2011

today started off with a bang - it's basketball season, and i'm not coaching. i got to watch both of my girls play. they both scored goals!! that's obviously the goal, but my girls are 'petite' and the goal gives them a little more taunting than it does to the average sized child. so goals are a big accomplishment in our family.

post-game, i went to run a few errands. i am admittedly not the best driver, but i'm not a bad driver. however, i sure did upset a woman today.

she honked at me, made a fist, shook said fist at me, and mouthed two words that might have been vacuum but i don't think they were...all while i was stopping at a yellow light and she was zooming through a last ditch left turn.

she had to come to a really quick stop because the cars in front of her were stopped. this gave me the perfect view of one of the many bumper stickers that plastered her car:

hatred is not a family value.

first of all, i was (and still am) pretty sure the fist shake was completely unwarranted. second of all...who does that? and third of all...why? and fourth of all, should people with a 'no haters' bumper sticker do hateful things?

i am a 36 year old adult, and i almost cried. what is wrong with me!?!?

to make myself feel better, i decided a little retail therapy was necessary. i bought a new shade of nail polish. i'm super excited to try it, but my feelings are still a little bit hurt. maybe the candle and eyeshadow i bought along with the polish will help.

therefore, i think i'll have a glass of wine...

...paired with a little 'penny for the ear - how much for the rest?'

peace & cheers...

dear taos, i miss you.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

these are some of the shots i took on our last day there.

the sun stayed behind the clouds most of the week, but on our last drive down the mountain, it decided to make a new year's eve appearance.

pretty, huh?

the whole scene was only available for about 15 minutes, so i took full advantage of it.

i never knew some of these colors existed!! beautiful...

peace and painted skies...

happy new year!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

warning: this might be the most uninspiring new years post in the history of mankind.

there. you've been warned.

we rang the new year in with tons of giggles!! i hope you and yours had a great new year and i hope 2011 is a fabulous one for us all. we are finally home. i am tired and i have a stack of laundry 2 miles high glaring me in the face. i'm gonna be brief tonight, and here are some pictures...

this cross is in the plaza right across the street from where we stayed. it makes me happy.

here's jay surfing for sun...she magically ended up on the disney website. guess i'll start saving for that little adventure...

cee and i got in several good games of scrabble and checkers. i'm not allowed to tell you who won at scrabble, and i'm embarassed to tell you who won at checkers.

remember i told you about the sweet little stream that followed us up the ski mountain? the snow just off of the road was a *lot* deeper than it looked. no photo snappers were harmed, maimed, honked at, or flipped off in the taking of this shot...whew.

telling you that cee is like a kid in a candy shop in the snow is such a ridiculously inadequate comparison...hopefully this little series will give you a taste of what it's like trying to go from point a to point b (15 yards from each other) with a blonde headed cutie pie in tow.

walk, walk, walk...

okay. remember, we're 8. we're back up. walking, walking, owning it, strutting our 8 years of coolness...


here's the accompanying smile that made it really hard to fuss at her to hurry, even though i was seriously freezing.

you really can't deny happiness to this smile, and i dare you to even try.

i am so sorry that i am so dull tonight. i am exhausted and ready to crawl into my own bed. here are some new years eve pics of the girls...in 10 more years, this is going to be major trouble.

double trouble.

cee was laughing so hard that her cider was dribbling...all over my bed!!

dear balls,

i miss you and it was so good to see you at christmas. let's just call this little picture exhibit "a" because we both knew that jay was going to be our little party child well before anyone else had a clue. and now you've officially been figmented. :) xoxo.

happy new year!!!

i am very excited about several things that this year will welcome:

two of my most favorite people in the world are expecting their first babies (separately) in less than 60 days! this makes me super happy. and if you think i haven't already been shopping for these babies, you've lost your mind. one's a boy, one's a girl - there's really no stopping me.

another of my friends from high school is in the process of adopting. she actually just found out that her birth mom is due on jan. 10. all i can say is that this little child will be seriously blessed to fall into such an amazing family. for some reason, adoptions make me more emotional than just about anything else i can think of. to me, they are visible proof of miracles.

another of my friends, heather, just bought her first home. i'm so excited for her!! as her dad said, 'welcome to adulthood.' we'll be there to visit soon! and we're super proud of you!

(two figmentations in one night...you're welcome)

i have a friend who is going to be battling (and beating) breast cancer this year...her outlook on life is so awesome to me. she really puts life into perspective. she brings an entirely new meaning to 'don't sweat the small stuff.' she rocks.

and equally as exciting as the few things i just mentioned, another of my sweet friends is going to return to her blog this year. she is the mom of two beautiful girls, and i am so excited to hear about all of their adventures. her pictures are maginificent, too...good things are coming in lala land.

therefore, i guess it's fair to say that i have lots of praying to do for lots of friends this year. i know that things are going to go swimmingly for them all, and i am very blessed to be a part of so many incredible mile stones as they unfold.

as for me, i have a hefty handful of my own resolutions, but we'll get to those later.

now, before i end, i have one very simple question for you. have you ever wondered how many fermented cucumbers you can buy in texico, new mexico, for $1.08?

me either, until yesterday. but here's your answer.

and they were really yummy (and no, i am not pregnant...i'm blaming it on the altitude).

happy new year to you and your loved ones; peace & pickles to all, and to all...a good night.

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