intentionally early

Thursday, December 29, 2011

i suck at new years resolutions. one of my friends posted an interesting status tuesday - 'Just a friendly reminder... You have 4 more days to do what you're going to go back to doing after you get tired of keeping your New Year's resolutions.'

that's so me. i start with great inspiration and tons of gusto, but then i feel ridiculously guilty when i fail or forget or something happens that distracts me. once the initial celebratory bubbles fizzle away, my good intentions tend to follow suit.

with that in mind, i've decided to try something new: a life list. i actually wrote this list last week and published it as a new page, but i wanted to have some time to let it marinade and make sure i was good to go with everything i've included on it. i made a few changes, substitutions, additions, and deletions, and i think it's officially done now.

some people do these life lists with sponsorships in mind, but mine is much more simplified. my plan is to mark things off of the list as i accomplish them, and maybe some great stories will come out of the process. we shall see.

so without further ado, the list is ready!

happy thursday (aka the beginning of the rest of your life!)...

the lull

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the time between christmas and new years is always a lull for me, and i love some good down time. for me, it's a time to collect my thoughts, center myself, and catch up on things that need catching up reading.

the girls left for a ski trip with their dad last night. cee is determined to learn to board, while jay is dead set on making as many snow angels as possible. i managed to coerce them into a few photos before they headed out of town.

i loved the sun and the way the rays splashed and played into the ones by the windows. i wish i knew how to do bokeh. maybe i should learn...but not today.

i have a fabulous stack of books i'm about to dive into. that's actually not true because they're all on my i guess i'm about to dive into several megabytes of greatness. see ya on the flip side!


walter is...

last week, i made a bit of a premature call on who walter's voice-over would be if he could talk. naturally, it's an important decision every dog owner should consider when getting to know their new four-legged friend.
i'm too embarassed to tell you who i went with the first time, but i'm happy to let you know that walter now has a voice. i'm pretty proud of it, too.

stoltz picture courtesy of imdb
what do you think? can you see the resemblance? the coloring? the intense eyes?

walter is...eric stoltz.

not the pulp fiction eric stoltz, but the some kind of wonderful eric stoltz...where no matter how badly he thought he was in love with amanda jones, we all really hoped he'd pick watts. because she played the drums, was a little rebellious, said cool things like 'you break his heart, i break your face,' and most obviously because she really loved him.

i feel so much better. i knew the first choice was wrong, and you can't go through life with a bad voice-over for your dog. it's just not right.


small town christmas

Saturday, December 24, 2011

i grew up in a very small, west texas town. it was in the middle of nowhere, and it was positively filled with rockwellian magic. at the time, i didn't realize how many great things happened there, but looking back, it was full of wonderful people and it overflowed with charm, tumble weeds, and breathtaking sunsets.

the gas station i used was full service, and we had 'an account'. we also had 'accounts' at a ladies boutique, the pharmacy, and the hardware store. there were two grocery stores: the big one and the little one. if you needed regular items, the little one would do, but if you needed something fancy - like wheat bread or deli meat - the big one worked better.

the town was 'dry,' and my parents would drive 30 minutes to restock their supplies...they didn't know about the bootlegger, one-legged mary, who roamed across the tracks on friday and saturday nights. football and basketball were huge. for entertainment, we drove the 'drag'...from sonic to allsups and back. over and over and over again.

the land was flat, our hair was big, the streets weren't tree-lined, and the smell of burning cotton seed soaked the air from october through january of each year. no matter where you went, you'd bump into someone you knew by name. we left our keys in our cars and didn't worry about locking our front doors. trust was a basic pillar of that community.

each christmas, the chamber of commerce sponsored a tour of homes. i have no idea how they picked which homes would be featured, but it was one of my most favorite things to do each year. if your home was selected for the tour, you basically decked your halls to the nines, popped some delicious baked goods in the oven, prepared a festive punch, turned on the christmas music, and opened your doors to the entire community.

the tour lasted each night for an entire week. children were dressed in their holiday best each night - and somehow managed impeccible holiday behavior each night. lights twinkled from each window of the homes, and it really was a magical week in our tiny little town.

i was thinking about the impossible logistics of it all last much effort went into the presentation, keeping your home spotless for a week (restrooms & kitchen, too), keeping freshly baked goodies plentiful, keeping your children presentable, going to bed exhausted each night, and waking up to do it all over again the next day. with a smile on your face.

that was part of the magic that i never understood as a kid, but the ladies who lived in those homes did it out of the kindness of their hearts for the better of the community.

i'm not sure it's something that could happen anymore...willingly welcoming strangers to parade in and out of your home...opening your door to people you don't know...expecting so much from our kids...doing so much with nothing expected in return. times have changed. now, liability indemnifications would need to be executed and underwritten before anything so carefree might happen. society has changed.

although i'm sad my girls don't get to experience that same brand of small town charm, there are still plenty of other types to go around and keep us smiling. whatever the magic is that exists in small towns, i think someone should find a way to put it in  jar, sprinkle some glitter on it, fill it with water, seal the lid, and shake up the old memories from time to time...because sometimes you forget how quaint and fabulous things were.

my mom got here yesterday, and we are officially in christmas eve mode. there are cookies to bake for santa, treats to make for the reindeer, farewell letters to write for jerry, and plenty of good cheer to be shared (

whether it's the small town type, the big city kind, or something in between, i hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

i'll leave you with my most favorite christmas decoration ever:

cheers!! and peace...

when i grow up...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

the girls were having one of those deep, serious sister conversations in the car today about santa claus. i may or may not have been eavesdropping as they continued to talk about how they want to do the same thing even when they grow up because 'sisters should always stick together no matter what.'

and then we passed a fedex truck.

jay says, 'when i grow up, i want to be a fedex delivery person so i can go to the north pole and meet santa and mrs. claus and the elves and maybe i can pet the reindeer and meet jerry's family while i'm there. cee, is that something we could do together?'

cee says, 'sure....'

i'm not convinced by her reply, so i inquire further.

i ask, 'so you want to be a fedex delivery person, too?'

cee answers, 'no, mom. i want to own the company and jay can be my best employee and i can give her bonuses. that way i'm the billionaire and we're still sticking together.'

global thinker? check.

entrepreneurial spirit? check.

competitive drive? and check.

their conversation reminded me of an idea i've been kicking around for awhile, and it prompted me to start a new blog page. you can link to it here, and it's also embedded in the right margin...i'm hoping it will be a good alternative for people who suck at new years resolutions (like me).

i'll post about it, too, but not right now.

you know how things eat away at you and make you lose sleep and you toss and turn the scenario around in your head (ad nauseum) and you're still stumped by what happened? yeah, that's happened to me for the last couple of nights.

therefore, i'm pretty tired....which is why i now declare it nap time.


back to good

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

today was filled with friends. that's always guaranteed to bring a smile to anybody's face and make you back yourself out from the doldrums of my previous post.

the girls and i had lunch with one of my favorites from college and her two adorable boys. there's something magically wonderful about watching your kids play with the kids of someone who is truly a part of your soul was instantly recharged after our visit!

this afternoon kept the greatness coming. the u.p.s. man made a late afternoon drop off and i figured it was a last minute gift i'd ordered for the girls. i'm not the most patient person, so i opened it in my room and laughed so hard that cee and jay came running in to see what the fuss was all about.

i wanted to show you in pictures...i really, really did.

it's just that walter isn't quite used to my camera yet. the first three hundred and forty one pictures looked something like this...

here's one of the endearing things about is kind of like groundhog day in his mind. every time he looks at me, it's like he's seeing me all over again for the first time and he gets so excited that he bolts straight for me. it cracks me the mornings, even though he's slept right next to me all night, he sees my face and his world lights up. super sweet and very flattering...but not ideal for taking pictures of him.

finally, after ten minutes of torturing training him, i got my shot of the gift that made us giddy:

oh, my friend rachel is so very funny! she gave me the heads up to expect something from amazon, but i did not expect it to be this bit of literary fabulousness!

a match made in heaven. you can get your own set (book + plush) online.

tonight i went to dinner and had the chance to catch up with another dear friend. on my way to dinner, i followed my heart and made an executive decision about walter. he was scheduled to be neutered tomorrow morning.

after our initial visit, jay got a little sad about the snipping process. we have been referring to 'them' as his 'fa la la la las' and jay said it just didn't seem right to take away his fa la la la las while it's still christmas time, so i cancelled the appointment for tomorrow.

and that's probably more information than you ever wanted to know about my dog's anatomy or the books my girls read. either way, his reprieve has to be as good a good gift for the little guy as our new book was for us today.

we’ll probably have a much better christmas since none of us will be donning elizabethan collars.

that’s gotta count for something.

good night....peace.

silent nights

Sunday, December 18, 2011

as a single mom, silent nights seem to be my nemesis during the holidays. while i am absolutely a girl who loves time alone, that isn't always the case during the holidays.

yesterday afternoon, the girls went to waco for christmas with their grandparents. after they left, i conquered the last of my christmas list, wrapped what needed to be wrapped, cleaned house, cooked dinner, caught up on my blogs (welcome back, jftb), and rearranged my office into a guest bedroom. it's pretty cute, too.

by the time the sun was setting, all of my to-dos were done. and last night i realized that i do an excellent job of keeping myself busy to help the time pass.

since i am done with grad school for a month, i found myself left to my own devices. i'm a sucker for a good romantic comedy, and so many of my favorites include christmas. the holiday (obviously), you've got mail, love actually, while you were sleeping...and those really aren't fun to watch when you're all alone and feeling sorry for yourself. which i was.

then i did what any reasonable girl would do: i opened a bottle of wine and forced myself into a non-romantic comedy that had absolutely nothing to do with christmas: the hangover. and after that, everything was better (which is, honestly, a slightly sugar-coated version of the truth). but everything will be better and i will be fine (and that's the truth).

so that's that...sometimes silent nights really do suck.

speaking of sugar-coated, the girls and i are going to make some cookies this afternoon. little slices of cranberry and orange flavored heaven.

oh, and with the addition of walter to our family, i updated our cast of characters. he's adjusting to our home swimmingly; however, he does like to pop his little snout into my drinks. so far we know he likes diet cokes and wine (which isn't great news). our next efforts will be spent learning about table manners, meningitis, and cooties.

and finally, i leave you with this...

as you can see, browning loves his new little buddy. :)

peace and sugar-coated sugar plum fairies...


Friday, December 16, 2011

today-slash-last night i decided a surprise was in store for the girls. i set up an elaborate plan to unveil the fluffy glory and here's what happened next...

and then there were tears. from both of them. and i wasn't exactly sure what to do with those tears because for the last nine years, i've been used to seeing them cry when they're sad or hurt or upset. and i thought my brilliant plan had taken a turn for the worse.

instead, they fervently explained to me how excited and happy they were about whatever it was that came with these gifts. and it took us all a moment to get past the flood of happy tears.

i think it's pretty safe to say our new addition is a hit.

wish us luck with walter (and while you're at it, you might send a little luck browning's way, too).

peace and puppies...


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

my mom always told me, 'if you love someone, set them free. if they come back, they're yours forever.' i'm like the bird that gets set free. i'd have to say i'm like a canary. i think that's why my mom always sets me free, and now it's time for me to come back to her. i feel like one of these days she'll want to keep me.

this was a part of my conversation with a girl who i promised myself i'd watch over at beginning of this school year. she's twelve, and she's been through more in her life than i can possibly imagine.

monday was the ultimate of mondays for her, and for me, too (not that this is really about me at all). some of the things she shared with me are still whirling around my head, and i still haven't forced myself to take the time to sit down and sort through them because i'm scared that i won't be able to organize any of it very well.

she has endured more in twelve years than most people will endure in a lifetime.

and it's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year right now.

in the last three days, that claim has suddenly become very situationally relative to me: the holidays aren't happy for everyone.

my least favorite part of teaching is seeing kids - children - who have been damaged by adults. unfortunately, the holidays unveil the darker sides in lots of people, and as a teacher i see that kids are ultimately the ones who suffer the most.

if the saying is is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath today...then i think i've had my share of breath-taking moments for the week.

and it's only wednesday.

count your blessings and hug your loved ones...

true story.

not as talented as sarah

Saturday, December 10, 2011

sweet jay loves to write. without further ado, i present to you the. greatest. story. ever. written.

jerry has been showing some incredible skill in the last few days, too.

the other day, he took extra care to give us all a good laugh...

he's pretty talented, too.

but obviously not as talented as sarah (duh).


if somebody asked me...

Monday, December 5, 2011 give today a name (other than monday), then i would, without hesitation, call it 'the time i masqueraded as a human cortisol fountain.'

i haven't been home very long, and i left my house at 4:45 am. that's not normal in my world, and i think that any hour before 5 am should be deemed unholy.

the good news is that all is well, i have on flannel sock monkey pj's, browning is warming my feet (i've literally been too cold for words all day long), i have a full glass of 'don't even ask', and the proposal is on tv.

i knew writing would continue making things better, and then i realized that i wasn't sure where to start. afterall, jerry has been up to quite a bit, and funny things have happened in life, and i think sometimes people who blog feel like they've gotten so far behind that they can't catch up. and then they just stop because they're so far behind.

i don't want that to happen, so this may possibly be the crappiest, most disjointed post ever, but we'll call this a crappy first draft (thank you anne lamott and bird by bird).

when last i left you, i had a feeling that jerry was about to cause some shennanigans. shockingly, i was right. do you see what i see?

please don't judge her non-matching jammies...

in case you're thinking 'oh my gosh, that's brilliant. i'm going to steal it,' i have a word of caution for you. jay is extremely sensitive and jerry didn't factor that into his plans. jay's emotions friday night ranged from hysterical to amused to 'curious' each time she came in and the fan was on...

but by the end of the night, she was giving jerry joy rides.

(and wishing she could duct tape herself to the ceiling fan)

and you'll be happy to know that jerry finally peeled himself away from the fan...

but he left a little something for the girls (with a side order of glitter for me).

and i was pretty sure he was the most brilliant elf i'd ever met...until they started hitting each other and yelling at each other 5 minutes later.

and then i'm not really sure where he ended up sunday or even today because we had birthday parties and balloon launches and sleepovers and...

...and then in the wee hours of what would eventually become 'today', my mom and i got up at 4:15 so we could leave my house at 4:45 so we could have her to the hospital at 5:30. these hours, in my book, cannot technically be defined as 'morning' or 'evening' because they are so ridiculous and off the charts.

shortly after today's 'ridiculous' hours, my mom had surgery.

i realize that people have surgery every day, and i realize that people become easily stressed when their family members are having surgery.

it's just that i'm not usually one of those people because i tend to do a pretty good job of managing stress.


but not today (enter the cortisol party fountain extravaganza).

it wasn't until she was laying on the stretcher/rolly bed thing that i realized why it completely unnerves me to see her like that.

it's because she's one of the strongest people i've ever known. and to see her in such a weak and vulnerable state just doesn't sit well with me.

not at all.

she had surgery in august to unblock her femoral artery, and she did a great job. but a couple of weeks ago, her body rejected the stents that were put in her leg, and her artery was almost completely blocked again.

luckily for lots of people, she has a completely amazing and gifted surgeon, and he fixed her up again today. to me, it seems like the words 'thank you' aren't even faintly the beginning of enough to tell a person who does such incredible work on someone who means so much to you.

you know?

one of her best friends came to the hospital to stay with her for the night and sent me home to rest. 'thank you' didn't seem like faintly the beginning of enough for her, either.

the good news is that all is well, my flannel sock monkey pj's totally rock, browning is warming my feet (i'm still defrosting), i have another full glass of 'don't even ask', and the proposal is still on tv.

and tomorrow is a new day.

i hope this wasn't the crappiest post i've ever written, but if it was, then i promise to do better next time. okay?


december? really? (hi)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

i always welcome december with wide open arms...but it seems like december made a super expeditious arrival this year.

no complaints...nothing more than a casual observation.

i'd just like to point out a few very important things to you.

1. sue sylvester is in the fugitive. did you know that? i didn't...until just now (because i'm watching it). she's a pathologist.

(okay, in all fairness, i probably already knew this, but i just realized it. again.)

2. jerry is quite simply up to no good. 'mom, can we bake a cake?' of course...except for the elf is in the mixer. 'mom, will you teach us to play the piano?' absolutely - except i think we'd be getting into his bubble.

3. i can't be sure, and i would hate to wrongly accuse anyone, but i believe that jerry is also trying to sabatoge my favorite pasttime (aka 'wine fund.'). there's nothing accidental about the location of his dangerous little elf feet.

and why won't he look at the camera for pete's sake??!! he's always glancing innocently off to his right. what's over there?

give me pensive.

is that asking for too much?



pensive, you little elf!!!

i have a feeling that jerry is simply up to no good tonight.

trouble (it would be with a capital t if i believed in capital letters).

plain and simple.

elves these days...

he makes cee and jay a couple of happy campers, though...

so i guess he has earned a little flexibility in our house...

for now.



Monday, November 28, 2011

as it turns out, the letter h only sustained a superficial wound. it looks like h has made a full recovery with only minor scarring. wish away, friends...

and on a side note, when i downloaded this picture, someone (who shall remain nameless) got totally red-handed busted. compliments of previous dropping deaths, my camera is seriously and strictly off limits (because if it breaks, angels cry). apparently we need to review this rule.

immediately. :)

and on a side note, isn't that the most beautifully painted pink room you've ever seen?

and on a separate side note, i feel like i may have created a bit too much rivalry in my attempt to challenge the girls to be 'the first one to find jerry' each morning. oooops.



Saturday, November 26, 2011

the tree is up, my halls are decked, and i'm a pretty happy camper right now. i feel like i should have made a to-do list during this break so that i could step back and admire everything i would have been able to check off of it.

in the last week, i have accomplished the following: celebrated cee's birthday, breezed through 'the hunger games', painted both girls' bedrooms (i was finally able to emerge from an abyss of pink yesterday afternoon), devoured 'catching fire', cooked the entire thanksgiving dinner, cried my way through 'mockingjay', put away all my fall decorations, completed two assignments for grad school, welcomed christmas to our home, and ate pancakes (twice).


i have a fabulous dilemma to deal with. my stocking hangers spell 'wish' which seemed fun and whimsical three years ago, but now i don't really get it. wish what? and why?

when i pulled them out today, i realized the 'h' broke while stuffed in storage and i've tried super gluing it, but it's not looking good. right now my mantle looks like this:

my first thought was that maybe nobody would notice...but i would know. i realized that surely i could find a lonely 'h' somewhere. but then i remembered that 'wish' is kind of random and i could use a change.

next, i thought i could probably find a 'peace' set which would give me options. i could have 'peace' or 'wisp' or 'wise' or 'wasp' or 'spew'. finally, the best idea of all came to me. i realized that i could probably do even better...with the more logical purchase of 'noel' (fyi this picture is not my mantle).

click here to steal my awesome idea

combining 'wis' and 'noel' would give me so many options: wine. wines. wino. winos. lows. lowes. slow. swine.

i'm so excited!

jerry's back and up to his usual antics (i think he loves the kennedys as much as i do), and the girls have been texting me for pictures of him each day (they get back tomorrow).

so all in all, i'd have to say it's shaping up to be a pretty spectacular holiday season. i've already watched elf, miracle on 34th street, christmas vacation, the holiday, and you've got mail. christmas music plays nonstop on 99.5, and my christmas cards came in today.

yes i am a dork...but i seriously love christmas!!! happy saturday everybody!

thankful thoughts

Thursday, November 24, 2011

hands down, this is the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year. i always feel like buddy the elf when i make fluffy, dreamy proclamations like that (erring on the side of annoyingly optimistic), but it's really how i feel.

time to count our blessings. extra time to spend with family and loved ones. time for lots of my favorite movies. time for jerry to make his much-anticipated return. time for christmas cards, cheesy christmas commercials, and christmas music. time to breathe and remember what "it" is really all about.

i started reading 'the hunger games' friday. i finished it sunday evening, and i started the second book in the series, 'catching fire' tuesday and finished it last night. i can't wait to dive into 'mockingjay'.

reading 'the hunger games' has made me realize that i really have a lot to be thankful for and that i take a lot of things for granted. sometimes a minor shift in thought can unearth a new perspective on life for me, and this series has done exactly that. timing is everything, right?

the series definitely reminded me to slow down and appreciate all of my blessings.

i hope you and your families have an incredible day, stuff yourselves absolutely silly, force yourselves into a turkey-induced coma, rinse and repeat...and take time to count your blessings.

in the meantime, wish me luck with today's main course. the cornish game hens are nestled (in a coat of butter and pancetta) all snug in their beds...while visions of roasting juices dance in their heads. i've never done them this way before, but whenever a recipe calls for pancetta and butter stirred together and coated on a tiny bird, i feel inclined to simply say amen.

it seems like the right thing to do.


p.s. - 2:57 pm update...they were delicious!


Monday, November 21, 2011

nine years ago today, my life was changed forever...

that was the day i became a mom. i will never forget the amazing feeling of holding cee for the first time and thinking that i might not ever let her go. for the next eight weeks of her life, i kind of didn't.

it was cold that year (much colder than this year), and i held her warm little body in my arms as much as i possibly could. she was like a little heater who smiled at me and needed me, and i needed her, too. her eyes were as deep and mysterious then as they are now.

she has blossomed into something i could have never imagined. she has qualities that i always hoped she'd acquire and qualities i never dreamed she'd gain. she is simply incredible to me.

her smile can light up an entire room, and she's gotten really good at using that to her advantage. :)

i love watching her wheels spin and churn as she figures out the ways of the world. i love watching her think of stories. i love how she loves school and soccer so much and i love how she loves family even more than school and soccer. and i love how she's picked up on some of my more desirable bad habits instead of the less desirable ones.

and no matter how much i have thoroughly loved every single moment of watching her bloom, this birthday is a little bittersweet for me. for all practical purposes, i've already used up half of my time raising her under my roof. i am pretty sure the next half will go by much quicker than the first, and that thought leaves me with a huge lump in my throat.

i hope i make the most of every moment of the next nine years of her life. there really isn't a minute i want to miss, and i feel like i'm suddenly running a race against time.

she's been keeping a detailed list of all the things i've told her she can start doing...when she's nine. i don't remember all of these, but she's done a great job of marking my words. this year will, apparently, be filled with ironing, cell phones, itouches, and redecorating her room. time for me to pay up on those promises!

this morning, she crawled into my lap, looked at me with those big brown eyes, gave me that winning smile, and wrapped her long arms around my neck to remind me how much she still needs me. and i need her more than ever.

happy birthday to the most incredible nine year old i've ever met!!!


and check!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

another year of christmas pictures are over and done! the girls did a fabulous job, the cards are ordered, and i even managed a 25% discount. score!

this picture was my favorite...

and this picture was their favorite...

and then the three of us agreed on an entirely different picture to use for our card.

when i was fixing their hair for one of the shots, i found a mini-colony of glitter stuck to jay's scalp. not only is it everywhere, it follows us.

cee's birthday is on monday, and we've got lots of good stuff to take care of this weekend (and next week). being a teacher rocks during the holidays: no work until nov. 28...woo hoo!

i cannot wait to drag out my christmas fanfare - by this time next week, my halls will be completely decked!

okay, i'm feeling way too exclamation marky right now. gotta get it back together.

in the meantime, if you'd like a good read about perserverance, i double dog dare you to read this. he's my fantasy football namesake. :)

peace and portraits...

fashion faux pas

Thursday, November 17, 2011

there is really no way to adequately describe the feeling you get when you're a single mom and your children stayed with their dad the night before and when you pick them up from school the next day, you realize they are dressed like orphans.

i won't even attempt to define the precise level of my mortification, but let me set the scene for you. it was 42 degrees this morning. it is november, exactly a week before thanksgiving. it is after labor day. easter is at least five months away, and any self-respecting southern girl knows you just can't wear white after labor day or before easter. and boots never, ever go with soccer shorts.

i'm pretty sure emily post has written about this.

so you can imagine my horror when i picked up these cutie pies from school this afternoon.

and the kicker is that i'm no fashionista myself, so i am certain there are other fashion laws that we've undoubtedly violated. can you find them? (hint: jay's pants aren't buttoned)

i know i shouldn't worry about what other people think, but i do. i have to think that somewhere throughout the day, someone saw my children, wondered if i was drunk when i dropped them off at school, and had no idea that i knew nothing about their outfits until the bitter, heartless end.

when i asked her about the clothing selection, cee simply replied, 'i wanted to play soccer and wear cute shoes. and my shoes match my shirt! isn't it the greatest?'

well, it's something...

my punched-in-the-gut feeling was something, too. although i can't pinpoint the 'how', it parallels in magnitude to the day i picked jay up from daycare (under similar single-mom circumstances) and cringed at her 'ho ho ho' santa shirt. it was may. her shirt was red, her pants were purple. yet somehow, today was distinctly and measurably worse.

i love my sweet baby girls to pieces. absolutely love them from head to toe. matching or not, they are my world.

the exciting news is that we are doing our christmas pictures in t-minus 48 hours. and i promise not to post anymore mismatched photos between now and then. deal?

good. :)


a glittery resignation

Saturday, November 12, 2011

i am waving my white (sparkly) flag. i have resigned myself to accept the fact that my house will be gently dusted in glitter until sometime in the latter part of february.

it all started around halloween when cee painted a pumpkin for a class project and left a trail of glitter where ever she went. it was followed by shirts they both received as gifts that are covered in glitter (we love them, mimi) and paints that are glitter-based.

i can vacuum and sweep on a daily basis and still, at the end of the day, i will find glitter in weird places...on their bedroom floors; in their bathroom sink; on browning's tail; on me; on the piano keys. you get the idea.

it's everywhere!

in a couple of weeks, we'll be dragging out the christmas decorations (i can hardly wait!!!) which will infest our humble abode with yet another layer of glittery awesomeness.

new years naturally lends itself to more glitter, and just when i have all of our holiday decorations tucked away, it's time for valentines.

and that's where i draw the line in my five-month war on glitter. there will be no glitter for st. patricks day. or easter. or the 4th of july. none. do you hear me, glittter fairy? i said none!!

then again, we are a house of three girls (two little, one not)...glitter is part of our daily's part of what makes us tick, and it's part of what makes our lives a little more sparkly. without glitter, our home wouldn't be quite the same...and home is what it's all about.

i hope you have a sparkling, glittery, fabulous weekend. :)

peace and pizazz...

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