Thursday, September 30, 2010

dear today,

you win.

i am waving my white flag.

what a doozy of a day!

today i encountered a teaching 'first'. i was speechless (literally).

me, to student: are you going to read the story? you need to read it before you can start analyzing the plot.

student, to me: yeah...i'm just not in the mood to read today.

me: ummmmm....what?

student: i'm just not in the mood to read today. so i'm not going to read.

me: -------------------------

multiply that times four and you have the approximate sum of my day.

what in the heck happened? i totally saw the moon this morning, and it isn't full. there is no cold front or warm front anywhere nearby, and there is no major change in the barometric pressure.

which takes me back to 'ummmmm....what?'

before it was noon today, i made a deal with myself. a very serious deal.

i don't usually make deals with myself.

i said to myself, 'okay. if you can make it through this day, then you can probably teach for the next 30 years of your life. and then you can retire. if you can't make it through today, stamps will be in your future.'

i made it.

i was not victorious, but i made it.

tomorrow is friday.

i can't quite remember the last time i was so excited for a friday. and a saturday. and a sunday.

peace and pasta...

the agony of defeat

Sunday, September 26, 2010

yesterday was my first day as head coach of soccer…for a team of 4 and 5 year olds. holy cow, they are so stinkin’ cute!!

our loss (7-2) was palpable, but you’d have never guessed it by how hard my little crew played. they were sweaty and tired and red-faced and still smiling and laughing by the end of the game. here’s a pic of three of them…

see? adorable, huh?

i have two kids on my team who only speak spanish. i am going to have to find my spanish training info from this summer…all i knew was:

palota = ball
aqui = here
bueno = good
andale pronto = hustle (more or less)
mijo = my boy
gooooaaaaal = universal translation for this one :)

i am going to buy some little trinkets for them for prizes when they score a goal. their faces absolutely *beam* when they score!!

also i’m gonna work on figuring out how to make plays…that might be helpful, too.

i was so proud of jay - we have several of the kids from her team last year on our team this year, so she was ready to have fun and kick hard.

i did not get to watch cee's, game, but my girl scored her team's only goal!!! she was so proud, and i am, too!! i get to watch her next weekend and i can't wait. thanks to my mom friends who cheered for cee - ♥ ya, girls!

alright, i’m off to cheer my fantasy football team on to victory!


i'm back

Thursday, September 23, 2010

okay - when i said i would be back soon, i didn't actually intend to be back this soon.

it's just that i forgot to mention how amazing thing one and thing two are.

i love them so incredibly much.


the end.

sweet dreams.


i have missed you. i feel like i am having epic slackage in the blog department this week, and i don't like it.

i seriously have not had time to write.

i hate saying that, but it's true. it's been a busy week.

this week has tested almost every ounce of my patience in one capacity or another, and i am happy to tell you that i have survived. yes, it's only thursday, but i'm feeling pretty good about tomorrow.

since i threw that out, i need to clarify something. my students this year are ahhh. maze. ing. they seriously rock. i am so lucky!!!

i am ready for the weekend. soccer starts saturday and i am coaching jay's team!! both girls play at the same time, and i'm sad to miss watching cee. i get to embrace the charm of living in a small town, though, because three of her best friends are on her team and i know their mommas will cheer for my baby, too.

i am loving all of the firsts for jay with kinder this year. i was worried that they weren't going to be as big of a deal to me since i've done the song and dance before. she gets *so* excited about all the milestones that it is super easy to embrace every single one of them. last week she checked out her first library book. this week she was 'the cookie monster' for her class.


do you like how she's rockin' the 80s headband around her neck? with a denim skirt? oh yeah!

and cee is honestly growing up quicker than i can process. every day it seems like something changes in how she looks.

where did the time go?

one of my sweet friends finds out tomorrow whether the bun in her oven is pink or blue. i can't wait for the news!! another friend found out earlier this week that his wife's baking bun is pink. so fun!!!! it's baby season - my favorite time of year. :)

it's dinner time and the wee ones are looking famished. hopefully i will be back soon. until then...



Monday, September 20, 2010

i know this is very shallow.

i know there are things lots more necessary that *this* in the universe right now.

but i'm tossing it out there...

i want a custom blog background.

i do.

i can't help it.

i just do.

my friend katie just changed her 'outfit' today and it's super cute.

i want to change mine, too, but i just spent an hour stressing out about it.

nothings fits exactly the way i want it to fit.

it's high school all over again!!! somebody has something i want.

but i don't want exactly what they have.

just something close.

or not close at all.

but since someone else changed, i think i need to change, too.

if i had a custom outfit, i think i'd be happy in it for a long, long time.

but right now it seems like i want to change 'outfits' seasonally and that's not as easy as it sounds.

so, universe, if you find it in your means, please grant me the wish of a custom blog outfit.

except i'm not asking for the 'little black dress' of outfits.

i'm just asking for the quintessential 'jeans and tee-shirt' of outfits.

so until i find something that fits just right, i am going to go eat bread and butter.


guns up

Saturday, September 18, 2010

i was so excited to watch the tech/ut game with my baby girls!! nature had other plans for us tonight.

jay has been feeling super duper puny and i will spare you from the icky details. poor baby is miserable.

in fact, i am going to blame her ailment on the reason she has decided to hook her horns tonight.

since she's sick, she's been granted a temporary pardon.

and since cee rocks to her soul, she's been loud and proud all night long!!!

go red raiders!!!

yesterday i was getting sick.

today i was sick.

tonight i officially lost my voice due to yelling.

we had a fabulous spread tonight...chips and salsa, queso; ranch & carrots; chicken wings; sliders; caprisuns for all; ice cream sundaes.

yup - we know how to tailgate. in our living room.

it's half time.

tie ball game.

cee and i are headed to bed.

she doesn't know this yet.

she isn't going to be happy when she finds out, but it's time.

tomorrow = fantasy football.

until then, guns up. wreck 'em, tech!!!

peace and passing touch downs...

you're so tired...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

jay has been asleep in my bed since 6:15. she was completely toast. see?

i knew it was going to be an early night for her when the peanut butter made her cry.

i am pretty worn out, too.

i guess i am being kind of grumpy.

cee just came over to me, stroked my hair, and said, 'mommy, you're so tired it's not even funny.'

wow - i guess i've said that enough times for it to stick!

it was a 'knock the wind out of ya' kind of day for me. and she's right...i'm ready to crawl into my bed.

and that's exactly what we're about to do.

right after she finishes her reading...i love that she loves to read. and write.

peace & sweet dreams.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my school has a very black & white dress code. there really isn't much wiggle room.

so please imagine with me, if you will, my surprise today in the middle of the library.

the librarian had finished giving my students an overview of historical fiction. they were informed. they were armed with new knowledge. they were ready to go forth and seek literary solitude.

and most of them did.

my biggest dress code concerns are usually centered around: shorts/skirts that are too short on girls. v-neck shirts on girls that show a little more chest region than necessary. saggy baggy pants on boys that require them to walk with their feet about a meter apart in order to keep their pants up. shirts that are not school appropriate.

but today i encountered something entirely new to me.

i gave my students the 'once over' while the librarian was imparting her knowledge upon them.

then i graded a paper or two.

after that, i gave my students another 'once over'.

i instantly realized that 1 of my students had fallen out of dress code.

i can't to this moment tell you what each of my kids was wearing today, but i can assure you that when you glance at them once and then again a couple of minutes later, major wardrobe changes are the first things to stand out (for me).

at first glance, he had on a cute brown AE t-shirt.

at second glance, the cute brown AE t-shirt was gone. nowhere to be found.

in its place was a tiny, scrawny 11 year old boy... a wife beater.

tucked into his jeans.


i did a double take, but my eyes hadn't tricked me.


had a kid.

in the library.

in a wife beater.


that kid.

instantly transformed.

from all-american.



yup - it was a first for me.

'child,' i asked him once his classmates had dispersed. 'what happened to your shirt?'

'i was hot,' said the child.

' what happened to your shirt?' i asked.

'oh. can i just wear this?' asked the child in the wife beater.

'ummmm...i'm not sure. i kind of think that shirt isn't going to measure up to our dress code.' i stammered.

'really?' asked the kid.

'yeah...i think the width of your straps and the overall 'tightness' of the shirt are maybe going to be working against you today.'

have you ever just felt that something was right?

like you knew it in your heart?

i knew in my heart.

this wife beater was no bueno.

'so....what do i do?' asked the kid in the wife beater who had, only moments before, been clad in all-american apparrel.

'well, first, you're gonna need to put your cute brown shirt back on.'

'but, miss, it's hot in here.'

'okay - so what if you go to the restroom and take off the tank and put it in your backpack and put the cute brown AE shirt back on before you leave the bathrooms?'

'yeah, miss. that works.'

people, this is why i get paid the big bucks.


uhhh huhhhhh....that's what i thought.

peace and sleeves.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

i have always been a huge fan of cheese enchiladas. always. to me, cheese enchiladas are the defining attribute of a good mexican food restaurant.

the girls have loved them as much as me since the 'food stage' that comes right after cheerios. and they both called them 'lah dahs' before they could really say it.

i have always known they aren't the healthiest thing a person could eat, but i took that tidbit with a grain of salt.

until now.

some of my facebook friends were posting recipe ideas last week and someone mentioned how much their kids love the enchilada recipe from the back of the old el paso enchilada sauce can. i thought that with so much success from others, i might stand a chance of my own picky eaters liking it.

here's where matters usually turn south when i try new things like this.



to explore.

my options.

there were so many different cans and levels of spice and brands and flavors in the enchilada sauce department! there were brands that sounded way more authentic than just 'old el paso'. i didn't know what any of them meant (even though i am pretty bilingual), but they just looked more interesting.

and then i saw the brand called 'hatch'. i was instantly intrigued. was it the same 'hatch' as the 'hatch green chilis' that are so delicious? upon further investigation, i noticed that the can also said 'tex-mex' and i was sold. related to the chilis or not, anything with 'tex-mex' printed on the label has to be good.

the recipe on the back seemed easy enough, and the ingredients were cheap. i figured it was worth a shot, and if it was like my normal 'experimental-recipe-gone-terribly-wrong' scenario, i wasn't out too much money.

yes. this is how i think.

i was seriously disgusted with myself when i started making them.

i always saw them as completely innocuous.

the recipe asked me to dip corn tortillas in oil and warm them up in a skillet.


but i did it.

and then you just drop a lot of cheese on the warm tortilla. a lot. and roll it up and put it in a baking dish.

and then you do the same thing over and over so the first enchilada has friends.

and then you pour the delicious hatch enchilada sauce (tex-mex) all over them.

and then you dump even more cheese on top of them.

and let them bake until they are nice and melty and yummy.

i hoped the girls wouldn't like them.

they made a comment about the 'funny smell' coming from the oven. this was a good sign. usually when they are aware of the smell while food is cooking, they won't eat it.

when my enchiladas were done, they said, 'oh...well, they smell weird but they look good. really good.'

and they proceeded to gobble the enchiladas until there were none left.

and tonight they requested cheese enchiladas for dinner.

talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place:

on one hand, they never like the things i cook.


so having them request a dish? wow!! that's a first for me.

and on the other hand, i can't believe how unhealthy this meal is.

at least i know what they're consuming and i can make sure we eat super healthy for the rest of the week.

of course i will never tell them this.

they're strictly on a need-to-know basis when it comes to the lah-dahs.

but you can bet that i will never order cheese enchiladas in a restaurant ever, ever again.

unless it's a new place and i need to check their credibility...

peace and queso...and red raiders!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

practicing 'how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?' is a serious accident-waiting-to-happen for a 7 year old.

especially when her little sister is focusing on the letter 'f' in kindergarten this week.

it happened while i was unloading the dishwasher...

when she said it, i honestly dropped the glass i was holding. it shattered into a million tiny pieces.

time stood still. i looked at her, she looked at me.

her eyes filled with tears.

i said, 'cee. it's okay. it was an accident.'

she said, 'do you have glass in your feet, mommy?'

no, i don't. that's too sweet of you to ask.

but i did just sprout 10 new gray hairs.

the terrible tummy ache

Friday, September 3, 2010

september 3, 2:15 am

cee: mommy, i don't feel good.
me: oh no! come here...what's wrong?
cee: my tummy huhhhhrrrr.....

yup - relatively small pile of spewed chunks. on my sheets.

in the grand scheme of things, it could have been much worse. and much bigger. and much grosser.

my students wrote personal narratives this week. our main focus was including details that the reader would appreciate. i will spare you from the details of my mid-night experience becaue i don't think you would appreciate them...

but one of our example stories was about a kid who ate a fully loaded cheeseburger right before he rode 'the superman' roller coaster at six flags this summer. in the battle of superman v. cheeseburger, superman won. believe me - we had lots of juicy details for that story.

another student thought it would be fun to write a personal narrative about how he got his first water wedgie at the lake this summer. while i totally agreed that we would have lots and lots of good details and very expressive dialogue to accompany the proposed story, i opted for a safer route...getting bit by a snake.

eleven year olds have lots of adventures during the summer. they don't even share the really good ones.

ooops - i've gone on a little side tangent. sorry.

you know how i always tell you how lucky i am?

well, even with barf, i am lucky.

immediately after the barf...

cee: mommy, i am so sorry you have to wash the sheets in the middle of the night.

yup. that was her first thought, post-yack.

she rocks. what seven year old apologizes for barfing?

jay didn't really want to wake up this morning...she was so tired and it looked like we were going to have a deviously wicked 30 minutes together before school. i was fast on my feet, though...

me:'s time to wake up...
jay: no!
me: you have to. it's purple day.
jay: no. i hate purple.
(purple is my favorite color - i tried not to take this personally)
me: guess what.
jay: huh?
me: cee barfed last night.

i may as well have told her that santa paid us a visit overnight.

that child was up and crack-a-lackin' in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

i'm sleepy.

very, very sleepy.

the sheet-washing, clean-up-the-mess, give-the-wee-one-some-tlc, get-her-a-cool-cloth-for-her-head, let-the-dog-out-while-you're-up, pat-cee-back-to-sleep, pray-it's-not-the-bug duties kept me awake until about 4:30 am.

my alarm went off at 5:15 am.

it isn't even 8:00 yet, but i am one super tired woman.

therefore, i am going to end my personal narrative here. but i'm not going to say 'the end' because that's really not a proper conclusion. however, 'peace' is semi-acceptable and more than semi-proper. so...


p.s. - who invented the word 'tummy'?
just curious.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

my students have been writing all week. personal narratives, aka 'an experience i've had'...focusing on the most interesting thing that happened to them their first week of middle school.

i am seriously envious of the talent some of these kids are bringing to the table. i am fascinated by the way they're able to let me know who they are through their writing.

i love writing. i always have. it's something i've always done. but i was never just 'blessed with the talent'.

i have some little eleven year olds who are totally blessed with the craft.

as a teacher, i am constantly amazed by what my kids are able to do. seriously, truly, honestly amazed.

here are some of my favorite questions of the week:

'are we going to have time to read our library books today?'

'if we are done with our work, is it alright if we write another story?'

'can i please have some homework to take home?'

i think this year is going to be a good one.

my own babies are loving school so much. this weekend, cee has a homework assignment to decorate her writing journal.

after school today, the girls got to pick their 'free center'...they both picked the writing center. my heart may or may not have fluttered off of the seismic charts when they told me this.

therefore, our 'craft' for the weekend is going to be to decorate our wriitng journals. all three of us. jay and i are going to have to buy one...and i can't wait. :)

okay that's about all i have for now.

oh. i realized today that i am a *full fledged* small town mom. i actually said this sentence (more than once):

'i really need to go to the grocery story, but it's just too far away. but my kids need food. it's just so far away!'

what are my other options? gather eggs and berries? slaughter the pet cow? oh yeah - we live 10 minutes from the store. it's just so far away now.

the girls have after school care provided at their elementary school, and it is not close to the grocery store at all. i am all about routing...our old day care at the church was close to the store. i guess i am a creature of habit...

in 12 more days, i am sure i will be over this. 21 days to break a habit, right?

i hope you have a great friday!!

peace...and happy crafting. watch out, hobby lobby...we're headed your way!

mellow yellow...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

makes me happy!!!
(think: if you're happy and you know it clap your hands...)

spells yellow.

spells yellow.

like the early morning sun
when the day has just begun.

spells yellow.

daffodils, baby ducks are yellow.
lemonade, scrambled eggs are yellow.
i love the happy face
he is such a happy fellow.

spells yellow.

(you may now stop thinking: if you're happy and you know it clap your hands...)

peace and yellow crayons and sunflowers and mustard and lemons and bananas and...remember the guy in charge of curious george -wasn't his hat yellow?
p.s. - none of this is a link.

p.s.s. - but all of it is yellow.

if you're worried that you might be color blind,
here's a super fab test for you. have fun!

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