Monday, June 28, 2010

jay decided that she wanted to rename browning. conner was her choice. i thought it would never work. cee agreed with me.

i was wrong, and so was cee.

he now answers to connor, and it only took a weekend of practice.

i wonder if he is baffled. i wonder if he is thinking (in morgan freeman's voice, because i am pretty sure that's what he would sound like if he could talk):

what happened to the last ten years of my life? i could have sworn my name was browning. now these people are calling me connor and they smile and clap and rub my ears when i answer to connor. i like when they rub my ears. i must have dreamed this whole browning thing. connor has a nice ring to it...did i just hear someone in the kitchen? oooo - food. sweet.

the end.

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