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Sunday, June 20, 2010

'any man can be a father; it takes someone special to be a dad.' -posted by a facebook friend of mine

that really struck a chord with me today. i am so thankful for all the wonderful dads in this world - especially my dad and the girls' dad. we are all so lucky to have their guidance, love, and support.

i sometimes get caught up in the mundane details of life, and today i have really been thinking about how blessed i am by my dad and how blessed the girls are by their dad.

as i've said a million times, cee & jay are such amazing little creatures and they melt my heart every single day. tons of their character comes from having a wonderful dad to teach, nurture, and mold them into wonderful young ladies who aren't afraid to get their hands a little bit dirty every now and then.

my cousins (april, myra, summer, autumn, robert, winter, and george, who range in age from 19 - 34) have really touched my heart. their posts today have been so thoughtful and heartfelt, and i have found them to be especially touching.

their dad died when they were way too young...about six years ago. as if that wasn't difficult enough on them, their mom died about a year later. that could bring lots of people way down to their knees, but these kids have been one of the most stellar examples of 'family' that i could ever imagine. they stick together through thick and thin. they have all, in their own unique ways, filled in the gaps for each other where their parents aren't able to anymore. it is really such an amazing thing to witness.

they have all posted 'hello' comments to their dad today, and here is my favorite post - it's from autumn:

'i look at my son and think, "Lord thank you for blessing me with the father i had. he was one who lived his life for his children: never selfish, a man of wisdom, but mostly a man of God." daddy thank you for being an example of a man that i want to have in my life for my son. happy fathers day dad! i love you, and i miss you. tell momma hello from me.'

so on this father's day, i am again greatful for all the incredible dads out there, but i am also beyond thankful for having an amazing, beautiful, and supportive isn't the 'wasp'-y image of what i always thought i'd have (yes, i actually wanted to be june cleaver)...and i have no complaints at all. i am blessed inside and out, from head to toe.

to me, family is what it's all about.


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