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Friday, February 26, 2010

a.) i am watching larry king. gosh, i love that guy. however, he is leaning a little too far towards the montel williams style of programming tonight - 'i'm married to a convict'. wow. i must admit that it is like a bad car wreck - i really can't stop watching. which essentially makes me a loser.

b.) browning went galavanting about today and ended up in the clink. apparently, he did houdini magic to escape from the barn. from there, he busted a hole through greg's fence, cavorted with someone's trash can, went for a swim, ate some goldfish, and ended up in prison. thankfully, our 'animal control' people take their finds to a no-kill shelter. my sweet boy had a big day. i am very thankful that it's the first time i've ever had to bail him out of jail in 10 years (or 70 years)...

c.) the girls are with their dad tonight, and i am looking forward to sleeping solo in my bed. for some reason, they see absolutely no need to sleep in their own rooms. they've been on a palette for a few days (okay, a few weeks. whatever.) and two nights ago i slept for a total of about 2 hours. not my favorite way to get a good night's sleep. thursday morning i woke up with 10 feet under the covers: two were mine, cee had two, jay and two, and hank had four. that's 10 feet, people. in a queen bed. we needed a bigger boat.

d.) i once pondered writing a book called 'six feet under the covers' about snuggling with my daughters in bed in the mornings when they are so sweet and snuggly...and then i thought that it either sounded really morbid or really perverted. so i didn't write it, and that's why i am not a genius literary millionaire. :)

e.) next, i give you the best late arriver notation of the week. (thanks for this one, jtfb)

student name: harry o.
date: 2/25/2010
time: 8:32 am
reason for being late: my mothers taking a drug to help her stop taking cigerites.

sweet - gotta love the pure, unadulterated honesty and heart-felt spelling efforts.

f.) i don't really have an f, but i would be irritated by the lack of unparallel structure if i ended this without continuing my outline format. tomorrow = basketball. mimi is coming to watch the games, visit the girls, and chill with us. i hope your weekend is fantabulous.

g.) good night.

h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o...

p.) peace.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i just spent the last 2 hours of my life in a major battle.

against a worm.

the trojan kind.

oh yeah - my computer got some fancy little thing called an lsas blaster keylogger.

what in the heck??

there are only a very small handful of peope who i hope might catch this virus.

i was kind of freaked out at first because warnings popped up saying that a worm was trying to steal my credit card information!!

and then it just got annoying.

that's my first experience with worm trojan viruses.

i am so over them.

apparently the people who manufacture those little boogers have no ethics.




i won!!

it took two painstaking hours, but...

i won.

now i am going to bed.

oh - it snowed here today!!! the flakes were huge and fluffy and beautiful, and as soon as they hit the ground, guess what they did.

they melted.

regardless, we had snow!!

i really wanted to go outside, spin, twirl, and catch snow flakes on my tongue.

i didn't get to, but it was a very happy thought.

that counts for a whole lot!!!

good night.


Friday, February 19, 2010

i don't know that i have ever looked as forward to a weekend as i did today. why, you ask?

today i was ready to fly. away.

far, far away.

remember jenny from forrest gump?

'dear God, make me a bird so i can fly far, far, far away from here. dear God, make me a bird so i can fly far, far, far away from here. dear God, make me a bird so i can fly far, far, far away from here.'

i felt like jenny today.

to sum up my week, i give you these two fitting slogans:


all in all, i do love almost every sinlge day of teaching. today just wasn't at the top of the awesome list. the bad days seem to sing a lot louder and more off key than the wonderful, harmonious, splendid ones. which kind of makes sense - you can always hear the 'bad' singer, but the wonderful ones blend perfectly and just make you smile without even thinking about it twice. because that's what you expect to hear, and that's how it is supposed to be.

ahhh, the things i take for granted. when all is said and done though, i guess i wouldn't change what i do for anything in the world.

in the meantime, i need to figure out how to hop over the bump i'm climbing so i can sail down the other side and back into the land of happy harmony.

this girl is all about peace, love, and happiness. outside of that realm, i don't function very well. not. at. all.

on a side note, i was alerted of *weiners* drawn in my textbooks. two of them!! two separate books, one weiner per book. and two exceptionally mortified girls found each of them. they were so humiliated to show me.

back in my day, i only blackened teeth, drew horns, and embellished mustaches in my text books. never would i have thought to artistically sketch a weiner. never, never, never. my story did almost make someone snort tea out of their nose, so that's always lots of fun!

that's all i've got for tonight, people.

the end.


p.s. - i cried at school today. i cried like a small, emotionally disturbed child. true story. and just like that, life comes full circle whilst channeling a smidge of julie and julia. crying - especially in public - is *so* not my thing. gag. but i survived.

i wish i could speak spanish.

the end (for real).

the time fat tuesday dressed up as lent

Thursday, February 18, 2010

so, cee made a very profound statement to me today:

'mom, i think you should give up diet cokes for fat tuesday, and i am going to give up chores.'

nicely played, little one.

let's review a few points:

a.) it's called lent, not fat tuesday. however, much like many of your theological inquiries, i am not sure how i can adequately explain lent to you. your massive amounts of inquisitiveness often leave me tounge-tied. sometimes there are questions that can be slighted by double negatives, but your questions about God and the realms of the universe leave me grasping for adequate answers. i love that about you.

b.) *if* i were to give up diet cokes, would it be okay if i drank diet dr. pepper instead? because if you're comfy with that, we just might have ourselves a deal. pretty please?

c.) chores. hmmmm. i've been meaning to talk with you about doing those...

you did come up with some impressive, creative, and fabulous alternatives to giving up chores tonight. let's see. we had:

-folding laundry

-getting along with your sister

-feeding hank

-making your bed

-putting your shoes in the shoe bucket instead of in the hallway

-wearing only one outfit per day

all great thoughts, except you wanted to give these things up, and you don't really do these things on a day-to-day basis. or *ever* for that matter!! :) again, brilliant. you tried to reverse psychology me, but i didn't fall for it (this time).

i totally understand this, though. last year i thought about giving up collard greens and cauliflower for lent - i do not eat collard greens. i don't eat cauliflower.

therefore, i see where you're coming from because i have clearly been a stellar influence on you when it comes to giving up things as a sacrifice.

i give myself an f as far as being a role model for sacrifice goes.

classic case of 'do as i say, not as i do.'

i'm sorry.

and i think giving up diet cokes for lent is a fantastic idea!!

jay has been in waco with the grand parents since saturday. i miss that little love bug.

the messages jay leaves for me are so exuberantly happy and make me beam from ear to ear. cee's disposition has been absolutely fabulous this week, and that makes me glowy happy!!

will they ever make each other as happy as they make me?? i sure do hope so.

my time with cee has been wonderful. she is so spunky and funny and goofy. having one on one time with her makes me realize how little she still is, and how grown up she is at the same time.

being away from jay isn't easy at all. i miss the extra pair of feet running around. it makes me realize how little she still is, and how grown up she is at the same time. she hasn't been homesick once. i'm bittersweet on that one.

jay gets home friday. i am ready for thing 1 and thing 2 to be home under my roof again. let the countdown begin!!!

happy wednesday, and i hope you each had a wonderful fat tuesday/mardi gras/ash wednesday, etc.

p.s. - i am strongly considering giving up insomnia for lent...seriously. we could all do without it, right? i think the big man upstairs might actually go for this one because of how unpleasant i can be when i am sleep deprived. i'll let ya know the outcome.

until then, i will be counting sheep.

1 sheep,
2 sheep,
red sheep,
blue sheep.
3 sheep,
4 sheep,
big sheep,
little sheep.
5 sheep,
6 sheep,
black sheep,
white sheep.
7 sheep,
8 sheep,
9 sheep,
sweet sleep.


p.s.s. - i truthfully can't tell you the last time i was awake at 1:48 am. not good. not good at all.

thow thuper cute

Monday, February 15, 2010

well, as you know, i am a sucker for missing teeth (on kids).

cee and i were having tickle fights tonight and in the process, top tooth #2 fell out and onto the pillow.


her lisp is absolutely melting my heart into millions of mushy pieces. tons and tons of cuteness.

the tooth fairy was totally not expecting this and had a minor anxiety attack trying to scrounge together enough loot to please the pumpkin. i think the tooth fairy just learned a very valuable lesson about always keeping ample cash on hand for these surprise circumstances.

things i love...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

the candy department at nau's... rain... babies... carmex... friday, saturday, and sunday... laughing... jeans... breakfast at tiffany's... twilight... talking... writing... nice paper... peace and quiet... green... my girls... savignon blanc... being home... you've got mail... goat cheese... brie... fresh mozarella... ricotta... velveeta... gouda... muenster... playing piano... claussen pickles... oranges... blogging... jokes... imperfections... flowers... linguistics... my mom... my granny... the brady bunch... glee... chickens... peacocks... lancome eye make up remover... each and every one of my friends... genuinely nice people... genuinely funny people... opi nail envy... christmas... white towels... boutique hotels... cirque du soleil... the beatles... the kappa pickers... amazing grace... starburst... skittles... blowing bubbles... manicures... massages... shopping... learning... living... loving... pasta... new york... chicago... los angeles... paris... faith hill... the indigo girls... taylor swift... norah jones... forgiveness... browning & hank... sleeping... the makeup department at sak's... the holiday... love, actually... annie... shabby chic... the idea of getting older... ginger... sunrises... sunsets... buying books... reading books... pretty woman... graying hair... modge podge... mascara... ben and jerry's ice cream... making wishes on eyelashes... pinky promises... making wishes on falling stars... chili dogs... making people smile... yankee candles... manners... being spontaneous... kid art... milk and orange juice... my sparkly ear rings... my favorite necklace... flip flops... surprises... photography... skype... perfume... the kids' shoe department at norstrom... the cafe at nordstrom... playing dress up... hot chocolate... creme brulee... the bar at almost any four seasons hotel... the first breath of fall... my computer... boating... butterfly kisses... the smell of the ocean... tomatoes... cape cod... seals... stuffed animals... romantic comedies... amos lee... moonshine... jack johnson... salsa... the 80s... magnolia blossoms... old school rap... jackie kennedy... bubble baths... clean laundry... dipping marshmallows in melted butter... crackling fires... happy memories... ♥


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

this really happened in my class today.

student: can i go get a drink of water?

me: have you finished your work?

student: no, not yet.

me: do a little more work for me, and then you can go.

student: okay...but i just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

me: gross.

student: yeah, it was. i had to swallow it, too.

me: oh my gosh!! go get some water right now! take your time.

student: thanks. it tasted really nasty.


yes, big eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww.


probably so.

oh well.

today was much better than yesterday. the weather is cold, gross, and sleety. i love it! this is my favorite type of weather ever. love, love, love it.

tomorrow is supposed to be the same weather, and maybe even worse. sweet!! double sweet because i get to wear jeans for 2 days in a row. life is good.

my kids were all really happy and peppy today. even my little side kick who likes to keep his head down managed to keep his head up for most of my class today. you never know what effect the weather or the phases of the moon will have on them, and today it made a totally positive vibe flow through the whole 6th grade hallway.

righteous bliss-ful-ness!!

happy wednesday.

i'm off to make a valentine's box and assemble 40 valentines. the kicker? i'm going to attmept to complete these tasks without any massive glitter explosions.

peace, love, red hearts, sweet nothings, happiness, sleet, and sun kisses.



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

there is a sign-in sheet at my school for kids who are late arrivers. there are lots and lots of notations, and i just happened to find the following entries, all from the same kiddo...gold mine.

student name: john z.
date: 1/22/2010
time: 8:22 am
reason for being late: my clock broke.

student name: john z.
date: 1/29/2010
time: 8:19 am
reason for being late: my clock is still broke.

student name: john z.
date: 2/3/2010
time: 8:51 am
reason for being late: clock was one hour behind so i thought it was 7. it was really 8.

student name: john z.
date: 2/8/2010
time: 8:18 am
reason for being late: clock is still broke. now i'm going to trash it throw it away.

these are the kinds of things that get me through the rough days. today was one of those not so fabulous days...

my favorite student who lives with autism has decided that he wants to spend the rest of his year in my class with his head pressed solidly against his cold, hard desk, safely burried beneath his hoodie.

this makes me very, very sad.

he's an awesome kid - brilliant, kind, loving, and intriguing on his good days; brilliant, distant, solitary, and intriguing on his not-so-good days.

have you ever read 'the curious incident of the dog in the night time'?

i have.

you should.

it offers a very unfocused view into a few days in the life of the unpredictable world of a boy who lives with autism.

i love the kid in my class this year - on his good days and even on his bad days. it's just that his good days are a lot more rewarding to me, and i need an extra heavy dose of patience to get me through until the stars align and he has another one of those amazingly good days that make my heart sing.

until then, be sure to check your clock. you never know when it's going to mess with you, right?


handsome times infinity

Sunday, February 7, 2010

i don't get to show my nephews off too often, but oh my goodness! i had so much fun loving on them today! i don't get to hang out with these little guys nearly enough, and they are a ginormous breath of fresh air for my soul.

so busy. so brave. so fast. so determined.

here is jack - he is 3 months younger than jay, so they are like two peas in a pod when they get together. their conversations are seriously priceless! isn't he just to die for??

jack's little brother is ari and he is 2 1/2. it seems like he was born just yesterday. he will talk your arm off even if you aren't quite sure what he's saying. he is so funny, full of energy, and wants to do everything that big brother does. the admiration he has for jack is quite palpable.

it is so tempting to squeeze his cheeks and flop his ears!

i love getting the chance to see 'sibling-hood' with boys. i love that my girls get to grow up with such amazing little men. i love watching cee play 'mama bear' to ari. i love watching jay and jack and the sweet little bond they have.

my kid cup runneth over today.



Saturday, February 6, 2010

i am happy to report that we all survived jay's birthday party; however, i do not have the energy to write or post pictures right now. she has such a precious and amazing group of friends, and it makes my heart flutter to watch them play and laugh and run and giggle. they've literally known each other all of their lives.

i do have to relay the following conversation that just happened now that we're home and unloading the loot.

cee to mimi: okay - let's play school, and you're the kid.

mimi to cee: okay, i can do that.

cee to mimi: so come sit down here on the floor with me.

mimi to cee: oh, can i please sit at the table? i really need to just sit and breathe for a minute.

jay to cee: yeah, cee. she needs to sit. she's old. like really, really old. old people like to sit.

ahhhh - fun times because it's not me!

although i did get asked by a student the other day, 'miss, were you scared when mlk got assassinated?'

ummmm - i'm not *that* old!

more after i catch my second wind.

(like tomorrow)

oh wait - one more thing. you know those little silica packets that are put inside toys to help keep moisture away? well, i have always told the girls that they are poison because i figured that was a good way to guarantee nobody would eat them.

excellent question posed by the five year old: 'mom, why would they put poison in kids' toys? is there really a good reason or could they have a better option?'

deep thoughts.

the end.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

jay is officially five. she rang this birthday in with much more gusto than she had when she turned four. cee is totally my morning glory...she is goofy, silly, joking, laughing and super happy the second she bounds out of bed each morning.

jay? not so much.

this is one of the many ways that they are polar opposites.

jay would prefer that i get her dressed while she's still half asleep, pull the covers back over her once she's dressed, and wake her up just in time to plop in the car, toss a yogurt in her hand, and head to school.

this morning? completely different story!! cee woke up early, and we were both dying to wake up the birthday girl so she could open her gift from cee. sure enough, cee managed to get her up and keep her in a good mood!! she was *all* smiles!!!

she said she felt a whole year older, and she asked if she was going to kindergarten.

many things today were prefaced with, 'i'm five, so....'

her pah-tay is this weekend, and she is beside herself with excitement.

she calls her friends either her 'fellas' or her 'kids', and she is keeping track of exactly who is coming. she has her party very extensively planned.

love, love, love my sweet baby. i did get misty several times today - i just can't believe how quickly time flies. it seems like it was just yesterday when i had my puffy feet propped up waiting for her arrival. and much like punxutawney phil, she calls her own shots. she is such an independent little thing. she is definitely not afraid to stray from the beaten path. she's so unique, and she consumes such a ridiculously huge part of my heart.

happy birthday, baby jay!

(oh - have i mentioned that i let my girls eat cupcakes for breakfast on their birthday? yummmmmy!!!)

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