happy birthday....

Friday, October 30, 2009

...to my mom!!!

she is spending the weekend with us, and it is so nice to have her here.

we went to mama fu's for dinner & the girls had *so* much fun playing at the park afterward.

my girls totally love the chop sticks. love, love, love it!! i think it makes me feel a little more city and a lot less small town girl to see them rockin' the chops.

i really love my mom more than words can express. she just 'gets' me, and she knows when i need my space and when i need her shoulder to cry on...i can only pray that i am as good of a mom to my girls as my mom has been to me. i am lucky and blessed to have such an amazing matriarch. my gratitude for her is huge and incredible.

happy birthday, mom!! we all love you tons and tons. plus one inch.

tomorrow is soccer. mimi, nana & papa jack will all be in attendance which is super exciting. the girls are gonna feel total pro. papa jack can't get around as well as he used to, so the golf cart will be in full effect. i am sure papa jack will have a fun honky horn & some fancy strobe lights ready to set the golf cart apart from the other spectators. that's just how he rolls.


trick-or-treating tomorrow night. this year will be the first year the girls get to distribute and receive on the candy front. they have no idea what it's like to give candy to the fellow trick-or-treaters, so it should be fun to watch.

don't worry, i will have plenty of pics tomorrow. i have been a photography slacker lately, but i promise not to disappoint you tomorrow.

alright - soccer mom needs rest for the competitive-yet-sportsman-like cheering that occurs on the fields. really,it is just brutal. kids fall. kids cry. and the game goes on...time outs are just not allowed unless there are large amounts of blood or exposed bones.

larry king is talking about ghosts. anderson cooper would so not do this to me. i am a scaredy cat; therefore, it's time for me to change channels and hit the hay.

(oh, and by the way, one of my students apparently talks to ghosts about twice a week. this is the same kid who told me that he once saw his uncle shoot bevo. shortly thereafter, his uncle miraculously healed bevo with a magical chant, and bevo was back at the game before anyone could notice. yes, this is my life.)

nighty night, bloggers, and hello nice, non-competitive, non-cow-killing, soccer-winning, trick-or-treating, and very, very sweet dreams.

end of an era

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

okay, maybe 'era' is a tad over-the-top, but it's the end of a big first: end of the first t-ball season!!!

the girls got their medals tonight, and let me just tell you how proud they were!! i have never seen bigger grins! i have never seen more pride!! i have never seen them want to wear anything around their necks to bed!! but they did. and i let them. and as soon as they were zonked, i took them off. :)

and as soon as they got dressed this morning, they promptly put them back on to wear to school.

so sweet, and my pride runneth over.

so...end of a t-ball era, beginning of a new pasttime?

(just between you and me, i much prefer soccer to t-ball. don't tell, okay?)

okay. thanks for keeping that on the 'd.l.'

peace out.

happiness is...

Monday, October 26, 2009

a ball cap & some ├╝ber blue yogurt. remember when life was simple? why can't it be that way again? i hope this happiness never goes away for these sweet, awesome, light-of-my-life girls!!

four and a half words: it's the litte things.

don't sweat the small stuff...

the accidental cupcake

Sunday, October 25, 2009

you know what i hate?

not being a very good cook.

you know what i really hate?

messing up simple things in the kitchen...like a box of cupcakes.

i am *so* in a fall mood!! our house is halloweened out. i wanted to bake halloween cupcakes, but there were no halloween sprinkles or cupcake holders. so i settled for confetti. and silly me - i put too much water in the mix and didn't realize it until the batter was flowing into the cups. :(

so i'm hoping that they at least turn out to be edible. i am guessing they just won't be fluffy and springy like normal cupcakes. that i can handle.

as long as they make the girls smile, all is well.

uh oh. cee and jay just got out of the tub.

side note: even after four years, jay always always gets out of the tub, touches the towel to her face, and then runs around naked as a 'jay bird' screaming how cold she is. you think that after four years she might have learned. this always makes me laugh.

so the girls ran into the kitchen and said, 'oh. it smells like something's burning.'

i said, 'what?!?!'

they said, 'you know, burning. like the cupcakes.'

i said, 'you mean baking?'

and they said, 'oh!! yeah. baking. those words are a lot the same.'

yes. they are a lot the same.

and a lot not the same at all!!

they both start with b.

they both have to do with heat.

i guess i do burn things i bake a lot.

okay. the girls have a point.

i will spare you by no posting pictures. :)

the eyes have it

Thursday, October 22, 2009

cee & jay wrote me a get well poem. i am flattered beyond words. flattered to tears.

my eyes are beautiful.
so are yours.
your eyes are beautifuller
because your eyes are brown.


i have turned to mush.

those girls are amazing beyond words.

and yes, 'beautifuller' is a real word.

and so is 'wonderfulness'....

because my girls fill me with wonderfulness each and every day.

(and yes, i'll sign on the line accepting your generous words!!!)


jedi mind trick

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i met my match today. karma at its best.

it has been said (and probably thought more than actually spoken) that i could argue with a tree.

while this is potentially true, i have always vehemently denied any ownership of this statement.

until today.

and i am only admitting that this *might* be true because today i may or may not have met my match.

in the form of an eleven year old kid.

and said kid kind of looks like the kid lewis from meet the robinsons.

(google him - it's adorable)

endearingly loveable. and still endearing even after you find yourself on the wrong end of said kid's whipping stick. :)


talk about a future in debate.

or wearing someone down until they give in because wisdom decides it's easier to conceed that the other person might be right than it is to argue anymore.

and it's not at all in my nature to just *give in.*

did that make any sense at all?

my mind is adrift.

in a big way.

i think said student pulled some sort of wicked jedi mind trick on me. my brain simply collapsed under the given pressure.

i imagine this is how harry potter feels whenever voldomort is around. or maybe vice versa. i don't know.

see? i am adrift.

i am going to go ahead and blame my less than stellar stick-to-it-ive-ness to the fever that has been stalking me like a crazed felon for the last few days.

but let's be honest...the kid has talent.

kudos and apologies to anyone who ever, ever, ever had to battle the hard-headedness that is engrained in my being.

i wave my white flag.

(i think.)

happy trails to you....


(sniff, sniff)

oh - and p.s.:

12 days until *nanowrimo*!!!!!!

weight check

Thursday, October 15, 2009

dear weight,

just checking in on ya. seems like you've gotten pretty comfortable around here, you and all your extra baggage.

well guess what. i just had a brilliant idea and it involved *you*!!

and a case of red bull.

so here's my plan. i am going to drink a red bull every morning that i don't have the girls. and by morning, i mean like 5 am. and you know what that's gonna do? it's gonna make me have wings. and you know what i'm gonna do with those wings? if you said fly, you are wrong. i'm gonna run!! yup. you heard me. r-u-n.

and when i get home from school every day, i am gonna drink another red bull and i am gonna run again!!

that's right. twice a day.

you have totally overstayed your welcome. in fact, i am not sure that you were ever officially invited here. i know you think you'll win.

i know you are picturing the hilarity of the caffeine crash that you think i'll experience each morning when the red bull wears off. whatever. and i am sure you can picture me limping on day 2 and barely mobile on day 3. and still crashing from the caffeine withdraw. but whatever.

did you hear me?

i said *whatever*!!!

so watch your back. i've got my eyes on you bob deniro style.

starting tomorrow, you better hit the road. don't let the door hit ya on your way out.




p.s. i hope this isn't too harsh. i'm just really tired of living with you.

warm fuzzies + 1 inch taller

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

cee and i were playing the 'no, i love *you* more!' game while she was falling asleep tonight.

jay likes to play too, but she was seriously conked out within seconds of her head touching the pillow.

i thought i had cee 'out loved' by her default in sleep's favor.

right before she took that final deep breath that signals she's giving in to the sleep fairy, she whispered, 'i love you the same as you love me.....plus one inch taller.'

i have never known of a love as precious as the love i have for my girls.

i am blessed.

the time tuesday dressed up as monday

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

yeah. that was today. all day i thought it was monday.

and what to my wondering eyes should appear?

the abbreviation 'tues' and i said *oh dear!!!*

i love it when i get my days confused in a good way, like today. it felt like a monday. i mentally prepared myself for a monday. and before i knew it, the day was over and i realized that tomorrow is wednesday!


don't get me wrong. i love school. i love my job. i just like the unexpected surprise that a short week can occassionally deliver.

t-ball games and soccer practice were cancelled tonight. this is the 4th of 5 tuesdays that we've had to cancel. as cee said today, 'we all prayed for rain, but maybe we just prayed a little too hard.'

ahh, sweetness.

tonight the girls constructed a diaroma of a tree and they put a treehouse in the tree.

well, actually the treehouse is *on* the tree.

i am amazed at their ingenuity. so creative and full of ideas. once they get the 'medium' to get their ideas on, it's best to just let them do their thing. love it.

they stayed with their dad last night, so i stocked up on some halloween and fall goodies for our house.

jay was the first to spy the loot. halloween hand towels in the bathrooms....autumn themed towels in the kitchen....and best of all??

'trick or treat' vinyl placemats. :)

the holiday decor was a hit....

...until hank ate some of the halloween candy. he's gonna pay for that one since he ate the wrappers, too.

more decorating to come very, very soon.

i promised pictures, but it has been too wet to plant my fall flowers (they are happily surviving on the porch in their pots). i will plant them and post photos as soon as humanly possible!!

happy fall to all, and until next time, goodnight.


Monday, October 12, 2009

so get this. when i was in college, one of my best friends coordinated a bone marrow drive. the turnout was phenomenal. we were all so proud of her! actually, she did lots of really cool, charitable things in college...this is one of many. she's super cool like that.

♥ meagan, you rock!! ♥

so i donated a tissue sample for the sake of bone marrow transplants. i honestly don't remember if it was in the form of blood or a swab from the inside of my mouth. there is a very high probability that i was hungover, though (that's for sure).

regardless, said tissue sample was frozen on or about november 6, 1996.

fast forward twelve years, 11 months, and 6 days (ish).....

i got the call.

actually, my mom got the call. a lady left her a message trying to find me.

i felt very grown up that it was not a collector or a repo person (aggghhhh - college flashback. sorry).

moment of silence for anyone who may have done a drive through at insta-check with me.

i called the sweet lady back this afternoon.

i *might* be a match for someone!!

i have never given much thought to this possibility (go back to that hungover part...) until now.

i am surprised that having sweet baby girls doesn't change my attitude towards this possibility. instead, it strengthens it. who knows what the future holds...if my girls, or any of my family members or dear friends for that matter, needed a donation, i hope someone else would do the same.

and that's not even why i am moving forward with it. karma or the thought of gratitude being returned simply isn't even a factor. it's more along the lines of a 'random act of kindness' sort of high. even the anticipation is pretty indescribable.

the lady told me that the candidate who is a potential match is a 33 year old male who is suffering from non-hodgkins lymphoma.

of course, i googled this as soon as i gave my consent for further match testing.

non-hodgkin's lymphoma is cancer of the white blood cells in the lymph nodes. it does not respond well to chemotherapy because (i think) it damages the bone marrow that is required to repair the cancerous cells.

so what happens is they give the patient a super dose of chemo and then very soon after, they perform a bone marrow transplant to quickly reintroduce healthy bone marrow into the system and encourage healthy, cancer-free white blood cells to replenish the body.


medical science is amazing.

and even if the 'further match testing' doesn't turn out to be anything, i am still touched and moved by this opportunity, by the power of miracles, and by the promise of hope.

i really do pray that i am able to help.

until then, we wait.

5-8 weeks of patience for the patient and for me.

fingers crossed, mary's hailed, prayers sent forth, or buddahs blessed. your pick. just please send some of your own personal brand of positive energy out to the powers that be in our magnificent universe.


the itsy bitsy spider...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

the itsy bitsy spider
climbed up my daughter's leg.
(while she was with her her father named greg)
up swelled the leg and caused a lot of pain.
the itsy bitsy spider will never strike again.

off the cuff, i can't think of anything catchier than that.

yup - jay got a spider bite yesterday - right on the side of her knee. it was so swollen and puffy and feverish that i took her to the doctor. poor thing!!

she got a yummy antibiotic, 2 stickers, a heavy dose of benadryl, and i wish you could have seen her smile when we left!!

she was *so* happy to not have to get a shot!

on our way home, fergie's 'big girls don't cry' came on the radio.

she said, 'i bet she wrote this song because she was going to get a shot and she was scared and she told herself not to cry. that's what i do.'

so super sweet!!

the knee is better. it is still red, but it is already decreasing in diameter.

we are watching my red raiders play some ball. guns up!!

we are beating kansas state 17 - 0 right now.


i hope mike leach has some quotable quotes tonight. they make me laugh. he's way, way out there.

cee and jay are playing boyfriend & girlfriend with their stuffed gorillas. cee just said, 'you will live together forever in total macaroni'.


Friday, October 9, 2009

so...rough couple of days. i have held my tongue, but i have to vent.

first of all, this whole 'sticks and stones' business is for the birds.

second, i am way too old for this. not that i'm old. i am just insinuating that i cannot believe this messy muck still happens.

i truly pride myself on being a good role model for my girls and being a good mom to them. i would do anything in the whole wide world for them. i don't really do much for myself because i am single-mothering (as recently pointed out by a friend). and i wouldn't change this for anything in the world.




and you know what? the girls' dad came to take them to school thursday morning. do you know what he called me?

a bad mom.

a bad mom.

in front of my girls.

a.) seriously?

b.) a bad mom?

c.) why!?!?

d.) in front of my girls?

e.) how do i help them understand this?

f.) who does he think he is?

g.) seriously?

h.) why do i still let his comments get to me?

i.) seriously?

i have not been able to shake this for the last 2 days. it bothers me so deeply.


okay - i just had to get that off my chest.

and honestly, i don't feel any better now that i said it all.

so yeah. sticks and stones.....hmmmm. not so much.




Monday, October 5, 2009

competitor to the snuggie...

i have been meaning to post this for quite some time now.

the picture makes me laugh so super hard because the slanket is such a monstrosity when compared to the competition.

plus the website is really entertaining.

the name really makes me chuckle, too. no offense to the slanket, but i think i might have chosen a different name (had i created the brilliant idea).

i laughed at this picture numerous times over the weekend, and this morning cee asked me when our long sweaters were going to come in. i searched my memory for any shopping we'd done recently related to long sweaters.

and finally, i realized that she was talking about the slanket. ahhhh...birthday gift!?!?

i think yes. monogrammed, of course.

(let's be honest. she really does look super duper cozy. and i can't help but wonder what book she's reading, what show she's watching, and most importantly *what presents are eagerly and patiently waiting to be unwrapped*! and how did her orchid get so tall?? mine die before i even get them home.)

ff update

i am seriously no good at fantasy football.

a.) my players get hurt. alot.

b.) my players are not that good.

c.) my players are terrified to meet the point potential that yahoo deems minimum each week.

after tonight, i will be in 12th place.

there are only 12 teams. :)

however, i must admit that i like the challenge. i am enamoured by the challenge of being *anything* but last place.

reach for the stars & you just might catch the moon.


p.s. have i mentioned that cee and jay stay with their dad on monday nights? this allows me plenty of time to fully wallow in my pathetic-ness in fantasy football strategies.

songs about rain...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

♥ ♥ ♥

"rainy night in georgia"
and "kentucky rain"
"here comes that rainy day feeling again",
"blue eyes cryin" in the "early morning rain"
they go on and on, and there's no two the same
oh how i wish i could blame all these
songs about rain.

-gary allan

♥ ♥ ♥

it rained almost all day yesterday and all night, too. i totally think i could live in seattle without getting the stereotypical depression that is so often associated with life in rainy climates.

the girls and i went to home depot yesterday before the downpour commenced. we bought lots and lots of fall colored plants & flowers. we were able to plant half of them with my garden shovel (the tiny one). i need a bigger shovel to plant the rest! mark my words: our house will be decked out for fall by next weekend!!

fall is my favorite time of year. the blazing sun is so much kinder than it is in the summer. it rains. it is overcast. the mornings are crisp & cool. football starts. soccer for the tots. soups and stews. long sleeved shirts. jackets & coats. scarves!!

cee's birthday!! thanksgiving!!

and don't even get me started on christmas!!!

(i ♥ christmas a little more than what is normal)

plus, this year i have the pleasure of anxiously awaiting the release of 'where the wild things are' and 'new moon'!

(yes, i fully realize that i am a 35 year old adult, and it doesn't bother me a bit to be psyched for these movies!)

i will post pictures as soon as my house is fall-savvy & smells like apples, cinnamon, and the yankee candles harvest, farmers market, & vanilla pumpkin.

last night i made some rockin' baked potato soup. even the girls wolfed it down & asked for seconds! (granted they were being bribed by the promise of more rolls and hot cocoa for dessert)

today i am making apple crisp, blueberry bread & yummy pasta. cannot wait.

i hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as i am.

happy fall!! ♥


Friday, October 2, 2009

for free.

what do you think?

i require change every so often.

otherwise i feel bored and mundane.

plus, it's easier to change up the blog a bit than it is to do something drastic to my hair.

a few more tunes and tweaks coming over the weekend.

ahhhh - i feel like i just bought a new shade of lipstick. :)

t minus 27.2 days and counting until the nanowrimo madness ensues!

i have wanted to do this for the last three years. and my sweet baby sister is doing it for her 2nd year. i have been inspired.

i have a feeling it's gonna be a 'duck and cover' kinda weekend, so i might be quite the blogger over the next couple of days...i guess it depends on the weather.

you know?

stay tuned (if you want to. if you don't, it's totally fine - i understand.)...



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