journey geriatrics

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

oh, what a journey it was!! last night was a blast, and i am left feeling very, very old.

(and more than a little nostalgic)

it seems that lighters held overhead during ballads have been replaced by the lighter ap on the iphone. wow. things our kids will never experience.

there were people there my parents' age who looked like they were fully ready to rock out as i walked towards them. fine jeans, nice shoes, fabulously vintage rock -n- roll tees that definitely cost $100+. fantastic concert wear. i am not lying when i say that their 'rock out' factor went way down when i passed these people and saw the cotton balls and ear plugs in their ears. :)

the man sitting directly behind my friend was precious. he was totally gray, and quite possibly *the* happiest person there. he sang at the top of his lungs to every single song. after night ranger finished, he said, 'i am so happy i could cry!' after journey finished, he actually cried. somewhere in between the crying, he managed to air hump my friend's head. nice.

(actually, his happy face is smiling at *you* in the picture at the top...)

there were mullets aplenty. women sported their favorite 80s 'dos. i would be fibbing if i said that i wasn't tempted to wear a side ponytail & legwarmers myself even though it was at least 80 degrees outside....

we bought t-shirts as soon as we got there. mine is a long sleeved baseball tee. love it. i rocked the t-shirt during the concert. yes, i was *that* person.

night ranger opened. for their finale - the band lined up and did the obligatory bow for the packed crowd. the lead singer got a wild hair (ha ha, no 80s hair pun intended), likely due to the crazy amounts of applause, and attempted a standing backflip using his buddies' shoulders as a lever. this was not a pretty sight. he almost made it half way over. this put me into bouts and bouts of chuckles for the better part of the rest of the night. i think he might have pulled a hammie.

after the failed backflip attempt, i had a visual of all the guys from journey (except very, very young filipino singing man) doing stretches backstage with richard simmons on the vcr. my visual for young filipino man included, but was not limited to, a quick round of billy blanks' kickboxing dvd. this entire paragraph is disturbing to me on so many levels.

arnel pineda. alright, let's be honest. this kid walked directly into the cash cow!! he is incredible! energetic, spunky, dancy, jiggy, flippy, and his voice is identical to steve perry! he is the only one i didn't worry about having a potential stroke, heart attack, or aneurysm.

i probably had extra big confidence in him because of the pre-show billy blanks workout.

the concession stands were very entertaining, too. lots of water being ordered. and they served wine. now that's just a plain old good sign of knowing your audience. :)

there was a man in front of me about my same age. well dressed. probably came straight to the concert from the law firm (think late 90s ttu phi delt. with a brain.). all i wanted was my plastic cup of yummy wine and my bottle of fiji water. after placing his flesh colored foamy earplugs on the counter in an attempt to converse with the concession lady, this gentleman requested (get this) 'a healthy bit of real food.' the lady behind the counter was baffled.

(i was too; afterall, it is a concession stand)

she asked him to clarify. he said, 'real food. substance. not snickers, you know?'

she knew. she sighed that sigh that people sigh when they are at the brink of losing their patience. 'uhhhhh. yeah. we got some sausages in wraps.'

the guy said, 'perfect!! i'll take one of those on a whole wheat tortilla! oh - what kind of sausage is it?' now he could tell she was about to lose it. concession stands don't often have choices of sausage: chicken? beef? pork? mystery meat? tofu? yeah, no. it's a concession stand. he quickly insisted that it didn't matter what kind the sausage was.

the red in the lady's face faded.

ever. so. slightly.

at the last moment, he decided that peanut m&m's would be a nice touch to his mystery meat sausage wrap in a plain jane white (non-homemade) tortilla. the lady took his money and then seriously held the m&m's higher than necessary when she *chunked* them onto the counter. the cracking of the candy shells was audible. even over the bass coming from the chalky bernie.

his facial expression was so, so classic, and had i have been 1000% brave, i would have risked my life to snap a pic of his face. and then i would have posted it right underneath this line of text (dear self: next time get some guts and post picture *here.* thanks, me).

i feel so truly fortunate when i get to bear witness to scenes such as these. rare moments of people interacting with each other who should never actually interact with each other without a quick 'manners & expectations 101' power review immediately prior to said interaction. folks, this is humanity at its finest.

and you know what the best part was? walking down the hallway at school today in my brand new tee (oh, you can bet your bottom dollar that i washed it-in uber hot water-as soon as i got home!!). each time i would pass one of my teacher friends, she would start singing 'don't stop...believin' to me. loudly.

this prompted the kids to start doing the same thing.

it was kind of like being in my very own music video.

(okay, a girl can dream.)

by the end of the day, i think everyone in the sixth grade hallway was believin'. and if they weren't, they were at least faking it really well. kudos, collegues!

it's just not worth it to stop believin'. ya know?

it is safe to say that a good time was had by all.

rach and holly - thanks for a great time & for full texting entertainment!! love you, girls.

t.t.f.n., peeps.


p.s. one of my students asked me bright and early first thing this morning, 'miss - did you go to journey last night?'

(much to my delight, my t-shirt apparently didn't give this away to everyone - instead, the shirt only sent a message to a select few)

i told him, 'why yes, i did!'

my student proceeded to tell me, 'oh cool. because my mom saw you there.'

a.) sweetness that your mom was there.

a and a 1/2.) oh dear.

b.) oh crap, self! i ran the *entire* night through my head on lightning speed trying to think of anything that i might have done that could have been considered even slightly unsightly at any given point in the night.

b and a 1/2.) so far so good....

c.) and finally, sweet relief. i deemed bubba's mom 'so stellar and super cool' after i realized that i behaved like an almost perfect angel last night. is now clear to me after writing all of this that i don't get out nearly enough.

i am going to put a stop to that. more interesting adventures from the outskirts of the walls of my house coming soon to a blog near you....

p.s.s. there were 164 cans, 40 flies, 4 sub woofer flies, 3 drum strobes, and lots of wires. and 2 costume changes for very, very young filipino singing man.

ready. or not?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

what a sunday. where did the time go? where did the weekend go, for that matter?

i am 100% *not* prepared for tomorrow!! i graded papers. i used a new favorite website to create poetry pictures from the AMAZING work some of my kids did for me last week. (check out wordle when you have a chance)

i was so busy getting caught up that i forgot to do my lesson plans. it is 10:55 and i just realized this. i have absolutely no desire to do them right now, hence the late night blog entry.

the girls were so much fun this weekend. they both had soccer games. their dad was out of town, so i was solo soccer mom. and let me tell you, they played their little hearts out!! they were aggressive and energetic and i beamed with pride!

last year, jay had stage fright on her first game, and she decided to sit out for the season. she was 3. what in the world was i thinking? seriously? i am very lucky that she is brave enough to go gettem this year.

cee went to soccer camp in the summer, and she has all these amazing skills stored up that she is getting to show the world. her league is *no guts, no glory*. there were four different injuries during her game (minor, thank goodness), and....the game kept going. there was no stopping for the wounded soldiers. brutal, but i must admit that i prefer it that way as opposed to 'everybody gets a medal'. i am all about instilling competition in my baby girls!!

okay - i feel very boring and bland and i am pretty sure that i am not making anyone smile, giggle, or even chuckle. so that's it for now.

happy week - and welcome, october.....



Saturday, September 26, 2009

as the language arts teacher, i have to wonder about the orgin of this word. the prefix ex- immediately implies a negative connotation. which maybe is why i have a new favorite blog.

read it. you'll love it.

i just know it.

exercise (give or take) will have you in stitches!

school daze

Friday, September 25, 2009

i am in a school daze today.

i tried to write several semi-witty things just now and nothing really worked out. perhaps it has something to do with completely fried brain cells from not having to form a single thought for the last 2 full days of work. not good. i function much better when it is necessary for brain cells to synapse, interact, and mingle with one another.

my dendrites like to interact with each other!

even if you don't crack the slightest smile when you read this entry, trust me when i tell you it is better than anything else i could conjur up. looky there, i just ended a sentence with a preposition!! that's a big no-no in these parts. go figure.

adios & mucho mas peace.

p.s. i am going to see journey on tuesday with two of my very most favorite people in the whole world...t-minus 96 hours and counting!!! don't stop believing, people. don't stop.

happy week-day

happy 1 week old birthday, sweet pea!!!

(a.k.a. blake)

you just might squeal when you see a picutre of this precious bundle....wait for it, wait for it.....and squeal!!!!!!!


Monday, September 21, 2009

so - last night i went to bed thinking, 'what a rotten weekend for me and football!'

my red raiders lost. my fantasy football team tanked.

grrr. sigh.


and when i got to work this morning, perspective punched me in the gut. one of our family friends was in a bike wreck this weekend. he had emergency surgery to repair internal injuries, and he is now resting and recovering in the hospital.

i had such a reality check when i got the news this morning. life can change in an instant. a single, tiny instant.

i am so thankful that willie will is alright.

i am so thankful for my health and my family's health.

no moment in life can ever be taken for granted.

wait, weight. let's talk.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

dear weight,

i saw you this weekend in several pictures. you are not being very nice to me right now! what did i ever do to you? whatever it is, i am ready to make ammends with you. i like it a lot better when we get along with each other. fighting with you is a borderline hellish experience.

carrying you along with me in my face, thighs, and booty...not a good thing. i can only stomach you in small doses. so....if you don't mind, let's take a break from each other for awhile. back off!!

no offense, it's just that you are making me feel very awkward and self conscious right now.

with very little love and a smidge of appreciation,



Friday, September 18, 2009

the pea has arrived safely into our amazing world.

what a blessing!!

i am beside myself with happiness.

pea is precious.

pea is perfect.

pea is....

well, i guess i should start calling her blake now. :)

prayers of thanks are going out for blake, whit, pox, and midas tonight!!!

pea. ess. - pea-ce

the rattles have me rattled

update on the snake situation:

oh yes, my sweet babies have soccer games tomorrow. in snakesville. i did call the parks and rec department this morning to make sure they had eradicated the slithering pests.

and you know what?

'there isn't really much we can do. but we will have our people out there on *high alert*.'


snakes, people.

lethal snakes.

free-range lethal snakes.

don't geese eat snakes?

do you think anyone would be annoyed if i brought a gaggle of geese to the game?

let the exodus begin.

game on.


mother goose

t-ball and football!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

we had our first t-ball game tonight!! i was really looking forward to it because i have heard stories about the entertainment factor that is involved with little kids, bats, and balls. my expectations were far exceeded!! however....

most of the game's glory was overshadowed by a *rattlesnake*. a *rattlesnake*, people!!!!

it was a total buzzkill. luckily, it did not harm anyone, but somebody's grandpa did some dire harm to the snake. he beat it to death with a miniature baseball bat!!! and then he whipped a knife out of his back pocket and sawed its head off. because we all carry knifes for the purposes of 'just in case', right? p.e.t.a. would not have been impressed.

not. at. all.

(yes, i do live in texas. no, i am not used to seeing rattlesnakes or knife wielding grandpas, although i am very greatful that this grandpa had a knife tonight.)

unfortunately, i was too baffled to whip out the paparazzi snake-cam to properly document the snake carcus/snake slaughter episode.

i was more traumatized than the girls, and i am most definitely going to request that the fields be 'desnaked' before the next game.

kids + rattlesnakes = bad combination

fantasy football update: i lost. darn it. i am in 7th place out of 12. next week will be better. i am first place in the loser bracket, so i have something going for me at least.

here are pics from tonight in all its glory!!

jay and cee's fancy feet stopping for a photo op...

fielding a vicious ground ball...

batter up!!!

end of game smiles....that's a good thing. :)

coming up next? *soccer*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

adios, amigos.

sweet dreams & large amounts of peace.

"let's roll."

Friday, September 11, 2009

God bless America, land that i love.

little princess pin and the fan-tabulous laugh

Thursday, September 10, 2009

remind me to tell you about my bowling extravaganza.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

jay is not smiling so much today. the big, bad flu has sunk its ugly claws into her. :( not fun. not fun at all. (sigh)

on the bright side of life, when greg picked her up from my mom's house, she threw up on him. twice. joking - that's not the bright side, although i am extremely proud of him for handling it so well. he does not tolerate bodily fluids very well.

he has probably lysoled himself 20 times since getting home. and he has probably doused himself in barrels of hand sanitizer. he is terrified of the stomach bug.

after the vomitous episode, he had the *brilliant* idea of giving her a 'magic bracelet' to make her feel better. the concept of mind over matter with a four year old is stunning!!!

love my girls so much.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i cannot go to school today
said little peggy ann mckay.
i have the measels and the mumps
a gash, a rash, and purple bumps....

okay, i just really like that poem (thank you shel silverstein). in our house, there are no measels, mumps, gashes, rashes or purple bumps....

but we have the *flu*!! not the swine variety, but the regular, good old fashioned flu. cee has been home with fever since thursday, and she is headed back to school tomorrow. i just took jay's temperature, and she has sprouted a fabulous fever of 101. my sweet jay can get a fever of 103 without batting an eyelash, but i sure do hate when they are sick.

siblings being sick at the same time makes no sense, so once one of them is well then i know the next one is up to bat. :( poor babies!!

wish us luck for a speedy recovery, lots of hand sanitizer, and bucket loads of lysol!!

p.s. - jay just told me with a huge smile that she wants to be sick so she can skip school!!

**what? what's that you say? you say today is saturday? oh! goodbye. i'm going out to play!**


Sunday, September 6, 2009

from this point forward, 'ff' means fantasy football.

i have officially drafted the worst team ever, and not on purpose.

i will keep you updated.

happy labor day eve!


Friday, September 4, 2009

here are the things i have found to be quite funny today:

1.) jay looked at me and said, "no flea flickers, mom. this is your game plan. learn it, live it, love it."

2.) jay said that she thinks we should change some names around here. upon further inquiry, it seems that she would now like to call hank 'weiners' and she would like to call her dad 'mr. squat'.

3.) i am playing fantasy football. my team name is 'bye'. this is my covert strategy: when the 'match up for the week' shows up, my opponents will think that they have an off week.

4.) when i did the pre-draft for sunday's actual draft, it turned out that 6 of my wish list people don't even play anymore.

i am sure that there are more, but those are really the ones that stand out for now.

happy long weekend!

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