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Monday, June 29, 2009

ha ha? get it? another favorite star wars quote, via yoda, 'do or do not. there is no try.' i have been letting that quote lead me for the last couple of weeks.

next subject:

i have never been one who can keep my metaphors straight...cold feet, wet feet? roll off my back like a duck or like water under a bridge? for some reason, that part of my brain doesn't process. unfortunately, i think it might be genetic. two examples from the last 24 hours (and i will start paying closer attention for more solid evidence of a genetic deficiency):

cee: (after nap) my whole arm is still sleeping snug as a bug.

jay: (before mamma mia) we look dead droppin' gorgeous! least it makes for good laughter. for me at least. then again, i am easily amused these days. :)

and speaking of dead droppin' - how dead droppin' sweet is this? after mamma mia, a humongous slip-n-slide party, and no naps, they were *worn out*! usually they sleep in their own beds, but they fell asleep on the couch last night and when i put them in cee's bed and went back to cover them, this is what i found. i got very sweet, it melted my heart. for those of you who know pancake, please notice that jay is his new owner.

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