good bye, sweet k

Monday, June 1, 2009

good bye, sweet kindergarten. you were so sweet to us. cee had a ball and enjoyed every last minute of you. she has been begging her teacher to follow her into first grade. :) this is a picture of cee and q on the last day of school (they had a huge party, six year old style). cee and q were in the same kindergarten class this year, and they were also in preschool together since they were about three years old. it has been so fun watching her group of friends growing from toddling, drooling, diaper clad little people into fully functional school-agers who read, write, and talk. nonstop, mostly. q - we will see you at the birthday party next weekend. and now, we are off to enjoy our first non-school day of summer!!

don't you think it's so cute how they all have the matching little 'snaggle'? love it!

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