metaphors be with you

Monday, June 29, 2009

ha ha? get it? another favorite star wars quote, via yoda, 'do or do not. there is no try.' i have been letting that quote lead me for the last couple of weeks.

next subject:

i have never been one who can keep my metaphors straight...cold feet, wet feet? roll off my back like a duck or like water under a bridge? for some reason, that part of my brain doesn't process. unfortunately, i think it might be genetic. two examples from the last 24 hours (and i will start paying closer attention for more solid evidence of a genetic deficiency):

cee: (after nap) my whole arm is still sleeping snug as a bug.

jay: (before mamma mia) we look dead droppin' gorgeous! least it makes for good laughter. for me at least. then again, i am easily amused these days. :)

and speaking of dead droppin' - how dead droppin' sweet is this? after mamma mia, a humongous slip-n-slide party, and no naps, they were *worn out*! usually they sleep in their own beds, but they fell asleep on the couch last night and when i put them in cee's bed and went back to cover them, this is what i found. i got very sweet, it melted my heart. for those of you who know pancake, please notice that jay is his new owner.

God bless little boys

at the pool today, i was a nervous wreck! this precious little blondie was jumping from the side (right in front of me) into the pool onto a board...i was so scared he was going to fall back and bonk his head open...but his antics did make for a cool picture, don't you think? his mom was so calm and mildly asked him to be careful every now and then - i admire her faith!

this is good

Saturday, June 27, 2009

(just after sitting down to dinner tonight)...

cee: wow, this is really good! where did you learn to cook like this?

me: are you serious? you really like it?

cee: mom, we're playing restaurant, remember? you're the chef. you're supposed to be good.

me: oh.

the end

date at dusk

Friday, June 26, 2009

so - cee has been away for the week at soccer camp, and it is perfectly safe to say that jay has enjoyed every single last minute of our alone time!! i think she needed it really badly. i feel extremely lucky to have captured this picture of her. blue skies, shady trees, and a precious is wonderful! and tomorrow we will again be three! blessings are being counted and appreciated.

i scream, you scream...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

(say it with me...)
we all scream for ice cream! jay was *so* good at a special dinner the other night that she earned an ice cream sundae. remember that chocolate shell stuff that we used to pour on our scoops of ice cream when we were little? apparently that is gourmet now. jay had never experienced the crunchy topping before, but again, in a series of shots (i guess i am on a roll with those right now?), she decided it is well beyond acceptable!

a little bit timid...

awaiting the taste test...

what a dare devil...

i think this smile should be the new hallmark of ultimate seal of approval!

happy summer, and never forget the value of trying new things, overcoming your uncertanties, laughing, and of course - ice cream!

sweet hen

Monday, June 22, 2009

I went outside to the chicken coop this evening to gather eggs and let the hens roam in our yard for a little bit. It makes me feel better calling them free-range chickens if they mosey about everyday. When I opened the door, they scampered out in a hurry just like always.

I looked down and said to myself, “Oh dear, we have a problem.” One of the five had not left the coop. She was laying on the ground. This did not look good. I gently pulled her out where I could see her a little better. Upon closer examination, I realized her neck was broken and she was dead. How she sustained this injury, I have no idea. As I moved her further into the light, the last breath of air that was in her lungs exhaled through her beak. For a brief minute, this gave me false hope that I could somehow revive her, but there really was no life left in her. The other hens were scattered beneath the fig tree eating bugs, scratching up the earth, and not noticing their fallen comrade.

Now, episodes like this only seem to happen when G is out of town for work. Times when I am left to handle these situations entirely on my own. There was the time an entire section of our fence blew down. The time a huge oak tree fell – broke at the root and collapsed. The time that our contractors “accidentally” broke our main water line.

When he is gone, the girls come down with ridiculously high fever or delightful stomach ailments. My car won’t start. Tires mysteriously go flat. The gate won’t open. You get the picture. These are the times I know my faith is being tested. That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

The chicken didn’t pass that test; the chicken had been pushed beyond her limit. This didn’t make me want to yell or kick or scream, it just made my heart sad. And for a minute, I cursed G in my head for not being there to help or to figure out what to do with the carcass. 

As attached as I am to my chickens, I can’t tell the black and white ones apart because they look the same to me. I would not do well with identical twins. The red ones, Big Red and Little Red, are obviously easy. The others are Dora, Jack, and Coke. I feel it is important for pets to have names. It gives them a sense of identity, even if it doesn’t help me with their identity. After careful consideration, I decided that it was Dora who was laying lifeless by my feet.

Left to my own devices, I got a trash bag and gently laid Dora in it. This prompted a reaction from the other hens. They came over to watch as I tied the bag into a knot. This was their way of clucking a final farewell to her.

When I told the girls what had happened, they were very curious and ready to help. We decided that we would take her to a special, serene resting place. I think we were thinking of the same perfect scene: sunset, by a lake, and doves would fly skyward as we laid Dora to rest.

Not so. I realized that there was no way I was putting a decomposing chicken in a trash bag on the leather seats of my car. My eyes darted quickly around the garage and I settled on a pink Hello Kitty suitcase that had been partially destroyed in a golf cart accident (reverse can be a bitch). I zipped Dora into the suitcase and then I felt alright about putting the suitcase on my leather seat. It would be a short drive.

We loaded up in the car and drove solemnly out of our neighborhood. I got a little edgy as the smell started oozing out in a slightly nauseating way. That’s a smell your nose won’t soon forget. I made the executive decision to forego the pristine sunset burial and instead opted for the first large dumpster I saw.

It was in front of a construction sight, and there were three guys still outside working, laying rocks. Damn it. I would have to explain myself.

I parked and ignored the girls questions of “Mommy, why are we stopping here?” and “Mommy, what is that smell?” and “Mommy, what are they building?”

I walked up to one of the men and said, “Hey there. I was…”

The man said, “No habala ingles.”
{I don’t speak English.}

I am prouder of my Spanish than I should be, but I went for it. “Hola, senor. Me habla poquito Espanol. Como estas?”

{Hi, sir. Your two year old niece probably speaks better Spanish than me, but I am going to try. How are you?}

He smiled. He either understood, thought I was an idiot, or was getting ready for some linguistic entertainment from me, the Gringo.

I continued, “Ahhh…me pollo es muerte, me pollo es in me automobile. I use la basura?”

{Uhhh…me chicken is dead, me chicken is in me car. I use trash?}

I pointed to the large, green industrial dumpster.

He looked confused, as if that wasn’t a request he heard on a daily basis.

 “Me pollo es muerte, por favor tu basura?”

{Me chicken is dead, please your trash?}

“Ah. Si,” {Oh, yes.} Sweet. He apparently understood and waved his hand toward the dumpster, indicating that it was alright with him.

So I grabbed the pink Hello Kitty suitcase out of my front seat. Who the hell knows how to say “Oh and by the way, the dead chicken is inside the pink Hello Kitty suitcase that my father-in-law backed over in our golf cart”?

I felt my face turning red and not from the heat. I could only imagine what the guy was thinking at this point. Was I a serial killer disposing of body parts? Drugs? Laundering money? Was I a secret agent delivering an incognito message? I heaved the suitcase (and Dora) into the dumpster. I was really glad I made it in on the first try. I walked back to my car, smiled at the guy, and said “Muchos gracias! Buenos noches.”

{Thanks so much! Good night.}

He stared at my tail lights with a crumpled brow as I drove off. I thought I better hurry just in case he got suspicious. Jay started to cry. Which made Cee start to cry. I asked why they were crying.

“Because we threw the chicken away,” Cee said.

“Because we threw the Hello Kitty away,” Jay said.

“Would you feel better if we said a prayer?” I asked.

 They said they would. After explaining that I couldn’t close my eyes or do my prayer hands since I was driving, we prayed.

“Dear God,” I started.

 “Dear God,” they repeated…this is how we do it…small phrases, repeat after me.

 “Thank You so much (“Thank You so much…”) for blessing us with all…of our chickens. We are so sorry…that Dora died…and we are really going to miss her. We hope…her friends…aren’t too sad. We hope…You are taking…good care of Dora up there in heaven. We are sorry…we had to throw her in the trash can…and we hope…You will forgive us. We hope…the Hello Kitty suitcase…made her feel better…about being dead in the trash.”

“Anything else you want to add, girls?”

“Please don’t let any of our other chickens die because we love them so much,” Cee said.

 “And thank you for Noah’s Ark,” added Jay. She loves Noah’s Ark, and this is her standard addition to every prayer.

 “Alright. We love You, God. Rest in peace, sweet hen. Amen.”


my oreo week

Saturday, June 20, 2009

negative nancy meets positive polly. i will try to do an oreo of the good, the bad, and the good just to perk things up a bit.

positive - cee, jay, and hank have been *so* good this week! yay!

negative - my mac died due to a direct collision with a glass of lemonade; i had a flat tire that i had to repair; one child barfed for two days straight; as a direct result of the afore mentioned, i am missing lots of money; wire transfer from my savings account didn't come through; and my two favorites: just when i thought divorce wasn't so bad afterall, monday was our 'un-anniversary' and my ex took a new girl on vacation to vegas - talk about a shock to my heart and my ego.

positive - i fixed the tire by myself; the money will be here monday; i have a new computer; jay is well, and God is good.

why is it that i lose sight of the positive and let the negative overwhelm me like i got runover by a mac truck? i have always been able to find the silver lining in almost every situation in life, but this week has been the biggest downer i can remember having in a really, really long time.

so today i am thankful that this week is almost *over* and i am praying that next week will be immeasurably better. (sigh) sorry to vent, but i needed to get all that out of my system.

for the rest of this week (today), i just need to remember to breathe.

007: operation - city mice

Friday, June 19, 2009

tonight, cee and jay were caught red-handed - by me! i laughed so hard when i went outside to peek on them only to find them in this exact stance:

see, at our old house, we lived on 3 acres. the girls had miles of room to run, roam, and explore. there was never any need to see what was on the other side of the fence because there was too much good stuff on our side of the fence!
but last night while hard at work on creating a waterslide out of their playscape, they heard 'voices' from the other side of the fence....NEIGHBORS! they were mystified. baffled. infatuated. curious, nosy. i think this picture pretty much tells the rest of the story.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

best action shot ever created (by me at least)....

cee has her game face *on*...
please note that they keep their hands clasped together the entire time...
big breath...

we are loving every single last minute at our pool this summer! cee and jay are little fish!

hello, hank

Saturday, June 13, 2009

the three of us (cee, jay, and myself) have added a new addition to our family. as my dad said, 'it was inevitable.' we adopted a pup. the moment i picked him up, he was mine. there was really no denying it. he is the most chilled out puppy i have ever met. i only hope this is not a result of some sort of benadryl-like concoction that has kept him sedate for the whole day! here are some pictures....clearly, he was a hit with the girls.

good bye, sweet k

Monday, June 1, 2009

good bye, sweet kindergarten. you were so sweet to us. cee had a ball and enjoyed every last minute of you. she has been begging her teacher to follow her into first grade. :) this is a picture of cee and q on the last day of school (they had a huge party, six year old style). cee and q were in the same kindergarten class this year, and they were also in preschool together since they were about three years old. it has been so fun watching her group of friends growing from toddling, drooling, diaper clad little people into fully functional school-agers who read, write, and talk. nonstop, mostly. q - we will see you at the birthday party next weekend. and now, we are off to enjoy our first non-school day of summer!!

don't you think it's so cute how they all have the matching little 'snaggle'? love it!

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