couldn't sell ice to an eskimo

Friday, March 27, 2009

i love my sweet mom so much!

she is helping me re-stock my house, and i am so terribly appreciative of everything she has given me, especially her love and support. i feel like a kid again, except with kids this time. 

the other day, my mom noticed how my cooking utensils were more than slightly sparse. she bought me a pairing knife - i did not have one, and i used it tonight in place of a vegetable peeler. she gave me a frying pan. a nice, cephalon pan. she told me she wanted me to have it. afterall, she said,  "i bought it three years ago and i've never even used it!"

i was very excited to add my two new pieces to my cabinets. i unwrapped the frying pan from the newspapers that revealed dish towels that revealed paper towels, all carefully surrounding the delicate, unused culinary necessity. the wrapping job was SO my mom - i love those special mom touches, don't you?

my mom was so proud, and i was so excited!! and when we discovered crunchy and fully identifiable three year old pancake remnants that were encrusted in the carefully cared for pan....well, we couldn't help but burst into uncontrollably hysterical laughter! 

ahhhh....i love my mom. i scoured my frying pan, and i love it, too. 

thanks mom, for helping me hop into my new life...with frying pans, pairing knives, and lots and lots of love. you are the very best mom EVER! you couldn't sell ice to an eskimo, but you are mine and i wouldn't trade you for anything!!!!

baby on the way (not mine!)

today i am thankful for happy surprises!!! 

my very best friend is having a baby!!! i am absolutely beside myself with giddiness!! i told cee and jay tonight...their responses were classic! 

(do you notice the overload of exclamation marks? that's how excited i am.)

(it took lots of restraint to end that last sentence, and this one, with a period.)

here was our conversation at home this evening:

me: guess what!!! 

c & j: what!?!?! (in unison, of course)

me: whitney is having a baby!!

cee: when does she get it?

jay: today?

me: no, not today. and it isn't a mail order kind of thing. it takes awhile.

cee: oh. so when?

me: october!

cee: when is it going to be october?

me: when you are in first grade.

cee: oh. so like a long time away?

me: well, not too long - it will go by fast!!

jay: okay guys, i get it! i get it! the baby is gonna get ordered for october!

me: okay. so, isn't that so super exciting?!?!?

jay: yeah, totally!

cee and jay: "yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!" 

(and then the celebration ensued: jumping up and down, screaming, running around the kitchen, blowing their new soccer whistles...and you should have seen the girls. :) nothing is more calming than screaming and whistles at the same time...ommmmmm.)

whit, pox, and midas - big fat huge congrats to you!! i couldn't be happier!!

take good care of yourselves. :) lots of love.


Monday, March 23, 2009

so - i am, in general, that person who believes almost everything she reads. maybe i don't believe it to the end of the earth, but i take most published works with a pretty serious grain of proverbial salt. the article in this month's 'real simple' magazine has made me ponder my facebook account. should i or should i not? 


on the bright side, there is a rockin' recipe for a shrimp extravaganza in this issue....

today, i am thankful for the power of choice. facebook is a super minor choice in the spectrum of life, and i am grateful that people have the power of choice for issues much more staunch than the kevin bacon game. wisdom is knowledge. make wise choices. follow your heart.

the starbucks factor

Sunday, March 22, 2009

starbucks. a caffeinated, creamy, colossal cup of goodness. for some, it is an addiction. crack-like, if you will. i read a book called "smart women finish rich" and an entire chapter is dedicated to "the starbucks factor". it is a detailed outline of exactly how much a person can potentially spend each year on starbucks alone. additionally, the chapter tells how much could potentially be made if the money that would be spent on starbucks was invested into interest-generating accounts. the chapter makes a sickening amount sense. 

i recently added up the annual cost of a starbucks addiction for a junkie friend of mine. it totaled almost $1000 each month!! HOWEVER, i cannot and will not judge her because i love her. plus, it would be totally hypocritical: despite the common sense presented in the starbucks chapter, i realized that I purchased TWO copies of "smart women finish rich". really?  now THAT is a glorious example of common money cents slapping me in the face! 

in today's economic uncertainty, i try (yearn) to start a budget, stick to a budget, and live by a budget. there is nothing that makes more sense right now that to be financially disciplined. that said, has anyone been to starbucks lately? it beholds a plethora of aromatherapy and carbohydrate-enriched goodies: bagels, coffee cakes, donuts, tarts, over grown rice-krispie treats, and luscious brownies. a delicacy of sugary temptation, if you will! 

and in addition to our seriously struggling economy, we are also faced with an obesity epidemic. i have heard that a poor economy contributes to obesity because fast food is cheaper than healthy food. seven days ago, i would have digressed and believed in my own truth.

now is the part where i am going to plead full victim. alas, i was dragged helplessly to a starbucks that was FOURTEEN miles away from my vacation destination this past weekend. if you consider the sky-high gas prices, it took about $1.50 just to get there. after my friend shoved dried bamboo shoots under my fingernails, drugged me with darvocet, fed me roofies, and threatened my life within an inch, i folded and went into to the fabulous coffee cafe. 

despite my reluctance to spend a dime in there, opting that a diet coke would do ample justice, i fell prey to the addictive vices within. i left with a grande caramel macchiatto (fat free all the way, no whipped cream, soy instead of dairy), an old-fashioned donut, a piece of blueberry heaven coffee cake, a garlic-onion bagel with fat-free cream cheese, and a gigantic and completely non-greasy chocolate chip cookie! was all terribly, horribly fabulous. 

i was $10 poorer than when i entered the yummy smelling haven of sin. today i am thankful that i had an extra $10 to spend. i promise i will give it back to those in need. karma. it's the right thing. i will.

will the ironies of life never end? 

i love how life can grab my attention. just when i am feeling like a smarty pants, reality whispers in my ear and says, 'what ever happened to that 'practice what you preach' bit?' 

and then i feel good and goofy and fully flawed all over again. life steps back into stride. 

(i heart starbucks, and i still want to finish rich. i will find a way!!)

baby mama

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

times are tough. money is tight for almost everyone in our grand country. i am trying to be savvy and 'frugal'. i just got my cable bill. i purchased 'baby mama' six times last month 'on-demand'. who the hell invented 'on-demand'? tell me if you know - they are on my bad list. at $4.99 a pop, i spent $30 last month on one fabulously hilarious movie. 

i bought the dvd yesterday. $20. i saw it twice at the movies ($8/time). all in all, i have invested $66 in the movie. 

thank you, tina fey, for your brilliant comedic genius. laughter is food for my soul!

if you have not seen 'baby mama', i highly recommend it!!! good times. i double-dog dare you.

"you are so dead wrong." - angie, baby mama, circa 2008.

cutie pies?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

my fully unbiased opinion says YES!!! i love them with my whole entire heart. i am blessed by every moment of joy that they bring to me. amen. 


Sunday, March 8, 2009

i miss my dog. see entry from three times ago. you will totally understand. i am happy that browning has a big ole yard to run around in, a cool patio to nap on, and an endless supply of kibbles. 


Friday, March 6, 2009

hello. just wanted to let you know i am still here. the cat has had my tongue lately. more soon, hang tight. patience is a virtue, a blessing, a chance to be still and listen to what the world has to say to you. sometimes we blabber to much (we being me).

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