Saturday, January 31, 2009

cee and jay woke up EARLY this morning, saying, "mom! it's 9:35! wake up, we are starving!" really it was 7:45, but i got up anyways. they do this a lot on saturdays. cee wanted pancakes, and i told her we were out of mix.

some people might have opted to pile the family in the car and head out to their local cracker barrel; but not me. i whole-heartedly embrace a saturday morning challenge!

i googled 'pancake recipes' and only found 538,876 results (in 0.9 seconds). decisions, decisions. after at least two painful minutes of careful research, i settled on a 'from scratch' recipe that was someone's great grammy's specialty. allegedly. when i told cee i'd found one, she made a face letting me know she had limited faith in both me and great-grammy. she said, "okay jay. it's time to keep our fingers crossed."

jay is slowly grasping my severe lack of cooking skills and said timidly, "well, we could just eat cinnamon bread..."

i started on the recipe. flour, salt, sugar, and baking powder. check! milk, vanilla, melted butter, and an egg. because we are full country folk, i said, 'cee and jay - mommy needs an egg! run out to the back porch and grab one off the grill for me, please." our chickens lay their eggs on our grill, and the girls have no idea that most people do not 'grow their eggs on the grill.'

so the mix was mixed, the batter was poured onto the griddle, and voila! the pancakes were DIVINE. cee told me i am not allowed to buy the boxed kind anymore. i felt like a million bucks. thank you, someone's great-grammy. moment of silence for great-grammy.


as i poured the syrup over the pancakes, cee asked, "mom, why is oprah on the syrup bottle?" i almost spit diet coke out of my nose as i gurgled the words 'aunt jemimah.'

jay said, "oh, i just love oprah."

jay has never seen oprah. she is three years and 360-something days old. yes, the rest of america is best friends with oprah, but jay has simply absorbed her love for oprah through pure osmosis. which is actually pretty darn cool.

today I am thankful for the depth and insight related to my girls' intelligence. they make my soul warm and fuzzy. they keep it real for me. they are truly an amazing blessing from God. so is oprah, but not on as high a level. i am a very lucky woman.

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