welcome, 2010

Thursday, December 31, 2009

'i do think new year's resolutions can't technically be expected to begin on new year's day, don't you? since, because it's an extension of new year's eve, smokers are already on a smoking roll and cannot be expected to stop abruptly on the stroke of midnight with so much nicotine in the system. also dieting on new year's day isn't a good idea as you can't eat rationally but really need to be free to consume whatever is necessary, moment by moment, in order to ease your hangover. i think it would be much more sensible if resolutions began generally on january the second.
~helen fielding, bridget jones's diary

makes a lot of sense, huh???

this is how we welcomed in the new year...posed in front of our dining room window watching a seriously monsterous display of fireworks!! who knew?? love it.

happy 2010 to each of you!!!

resolutions suggested...

'character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.'
~ cavett robert

what a great quote. well spoken, mr. robert.

i am so bad at resolutions. especially for me, it seems that they are quite simply meant to be broken. perhaps i set the bar too high for myself sometimes, but that's a whole different story.

i do know that i met one of my resolutions last year, and it was huge. to be honest, i can't remember the others; they fell by the wayside pretty quickly. the biggie: i did manage to start my own life and make it as normal as possible for the girls. i don't do it often enough, but i owe my self a big ol' pat on the back for that one. mission majorly accomplished!!

i am pretty sure that it was my friend kelly who unknowingly motivated me to start blogging. i stuck with it. i did not stick to it with the same gusto as her, but i am all about baby steps. and speaking of kelly...

she accomplished a major goal in 2009:
she blogged. every. single. day. and she took a picture of each of her beautiful girls to go along with her posts.

every. single. day.

this is such an impressive and inspirational feat to me, and one that i don't yet dare to add to my to-do list. i really can't express how proud of her i am!! way to go, kelly!!

i am totally going to keep blogging. it is a good outlet for me. i do like to talk, but i have kind of had a year of hiding and emotional hibernation which means that blogging has been my primary way of talking (it probably helps me not be such a motor mouth, too). blogging is something that i'm consistent with and i've been more diligent with it than i ever expected. i hope you'll keep following along with me.

my two main focuses for 2010 are:

budgeting - it seems lately like my bank account has a leak in it. this does not make me happy at all. i did so good with budgeting through october. i have no earthly idea what happened in november and december, but it was not good.

awe-manac - this is a change-your-life kinda book. i received it as a gift from a very dear friend (who has, coincidentally, also changed my life). you have to get it. you have to do it. get it today. i promise, you'll thank me for it later. the 'book' isn't my resolution because that wouldn't really be a resolution. it would be like getting a fortune cookie that should really be called a statement cookie.

so my resolution is to use awe-manac as a springboard to keep me writing throughout the year. i did a so-so job this year, and i can do better. with the help of my two writing buddies, i think i will have some good motivation on my side.

isn't it the just cutest book ever?

and of course, i want to keep doing the best job that i am able to do for my girls and for myself. that's a requirement, not a resolution. it's like inhaling and exhaling. or blinking. or making sure your bones show up on xrays. or making your heart beat every now and then.

tonight is going to be a wild one...me and the girls, some pasta, a movie or two, and many good times. our party pants are in full-force, and they just might be flannel with matching button up flannel tops. be afraid, the henry girls are some serious party princesses.

2010, i look forward to meeting you. 2009, it's been great.

i wish each of you and your families a very blessed and prosperous year.


twenty questions (give or take)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i love the 'why' questions, like 'why is the sky blue?' and 'why do dogs have four legs?' and 'why do trees have leaves instead of hair?'...these are easy to answer. my favorite response is 'why not?' it's kind of a conversation-stopper, but sometimes that's what you want.

jay has been chock full of intriguing questions lately, and they are not your garden variety 'why' questions. it is really catching me off guard. it's like somebody turned her 'deep thoughts' switch on over the weekend. i have tried my best to answer her, but it hasn't been easy.

does it hurt to get your tonsils out?

have you had your tonsils out?

how many did you have taken out?

does everybody only have two?

is that painting a picture of your earth angel?

does she really watch over you?

how many eyes do angels have?

how many do you have to be so you can be an angel?

do you think i'd be a good angel when i grow up?

what happens if both of your parents die and you're a little kid?

so a kid gets to pick who takes care of them after their parents die?

what if you don't like the people that your parents picked for you?

does the earth angel know the God parents?

do i have an earth angel yet?

what if the people the parents picked don't want the kids?

would the new people ever child abuse?

do the kids get to take their toys and stuff with them?

how many days is it until my birthday?

how long is thirty-four more night nights?

do i get to go to kindergarten the next day?

how long is six months?

do we get to stay home with you this summer?

do kids have to go to school?

what happens if moms don't work?

can we homeschool?

can my earth angel go to school with me?

well, that was twenty-six questions. those are just the ones that immediately came floating back to me. it makes me nervous and sad and curious and perplexed to answer these questions. i want to give her honest answers, but of course she isn't looking for dissertations, either. i don't remember cee asking questions this deep so young.

i have been amazed at jay's level of empathy for a really long time. she can read my face better than anyone i know. she gets really sad in movies...we had to leave 'up' before it was over because she was sobbing uncontrollably. she cries in 'the parent trap' when one lohan pierces the other lohan's ears. she worries about people that look sad or upset, even if she doesn't know them.

my first reaction is to wonder why she is such a deep thinker so young.

my inner monologue replies to me, 'why not?'

i think this gift that she has is incredible. i would give anything to have had as much empathy for others when i was her age...my kids never seem to surprise me when they share one of their many gifts with me. getting a peek into their talents and blessings makes being a mom seem like christmas every single day.

best ever?

Friday, December 25, 2009

okay, this seriously might have been the best christmas ever! i don't know if it's because the girls are both at the perfect age for loving santa or if it was just a great ending to this year, but it was absolutely fabulous. i have lots of pictures...

they actually slept until 7:30, which worked out well because santa was hard at work until 1:30...and santa requires six hours of sleep at a bare minimum.

this pretty much sums up the look that jay had on her face all morning. it's kind of the same sugared up face that she gets on halloween, except there was no sugar involved.

cee wanted a ds so, so bad. she was just as happy with her didj. she had it figured out way before i could ever have put the batteries in it.

we had an environmentally-friendly christmas...remote control cars that are solar powered. the funny part to me is that if you let it 'charge' for 4 hours, you get 10 minutes of remote time.

and for my big gift, i got a stuffed rudolph. technically, this negates the environmentally friendly christmas that i just touted; however, i promise this is the first *and* the second-to-last deer that i ever shot. it was two years ago. it's texas...it takes awhile to mount all the dead deer heads. i was very happy to see him again. i think i named him hank, so i will have to think of a better name for him. if it makes you feel better, he was really old. if that makes you feel worse, then forget i said it.

the girls have now left (sniffles) to go spend time with their dad's parents for a couple of days, so it is really quiet at my house. browning and hank are sound asleep. my mom and i are watching movies, and i am pretty sure that we will have wicked battles of connect four, operation, and maybe even minature golf in a little while. i might even convince her to watch the hangover...such a heart-warming holiday tale.

i hope that everyone had a very happy, prosperous, and blessed christmas. to me, it's all about family, friends, and love. merry christmas to each of you!!


the eve

Thursday, December 24, 2009

it's the eve. this might be the most exciting Christmas that i can ever remember. the girls are seriously psyched. they received video messages from santa, we tracked the big man on norad, and we saw rudolph's nose flying through the sky. they waved at rudolph and blew kisses to him.
the cookies are out, the milk has been poured, and the carrots, celery & oatmeal are waiting for the reindeer. ahhhh....their little faces just light up every single time anything new happens, and i can't get enough of it.

they begged and begged to open *one* gift tonight, and of course i gave in because i'm a sucker for the puppy dog eyes. i let them open a gift from jerry the tiny elf. i was shocked to find out that jerry got them their own sock monkeys!!! this was great news for us all, because now i get my *monkey monkey* back...he's been my bud for about 10 years, and it was really getting difficult to share him.

side note: it's jerry's last night with us. cee cried when she laid down to go to sleep because she's going to miss him so much. they made cards and pictures for him to keep so he won't forget about us.

i am seriously tempted to wake them up right this very second so they can open their gifts. much like happy hour and five o'clock, it's Christmas day somewhere. :)

merry Christmas to you and yours. peace & joy to all, and to all a good night.

lights? camera? action!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i am smitten with christmas spirit!! yippie! i took the girls to a super fun light display last night. it's starting to be a tradition (if you count going for 2 years in a row the birth of a tradition). we missed the laser light 3d show, but we caught the regular one...i think seeing their faces light up with happiness is what put me over the edge.

of course i had my camera, so i snapped away and i feel good about the shots i got. the girls have finally resigned themselves to the fact that i will always have my camera in their faces and they may as well smile. this makes it easier for us all. :)

when we went last year, i got a cute pic of the girls bundled in coats. last night, it was a balmy 72 degrees. go figure, it's texas. we just roll with the meteorological punches. much like the girls and my camera, it's just easier that way.

santa sent them an email message yesterday. the looks on their faces were absolutely priceless. jerry the elf is still up to his usual antics. i finished our christmas memory book, and now all we need is a visit from santa.

hurry, santa. don't be late...

merry christmas eve eve, everyone!

dear santa,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

we wrote our letters to the big man in red today...they melted my heart!!!

dear santa,

hi! i miss you and love you. how have you been? have lots of people been bad this year? i was good this year. i promise. and i love you so so so so so much. like all the way to my mom’s school and back. if you don’t know, that’s a whole lot.

we love jerry so so much. he was kinda spooky at first. do you mind leaving a note next time you bring us something before christmas so we don’t get all spooked and stuff?

for Christmas, i want jewelry, a puppy, a phone, and a car. i also want a necklace, and i want all of my family (mom and cee and me and dad and browning and hank) to have a recipe for a fun party and yummy cocoa. and i want a cd of all the disney songs and i want my family to keep being happy. and maybe a barbie jeep, too. i like the escalade lots. and that is all. oh, and i want an ipod and an iphone.

thank you very much, but you may not get me what i want. if you don’t, it’s still okay. i hope your reindeer stay okay and i hope nobody gets on the naughty list.


and part 2 - courtesy of cee...

dear santa,

hi. i miss you. jerry is really safe at our house. the first night, we were kind of freaking out because we had no idea what he was. we were kind of wondering if he was from you. i have been good, good, good. my sister has also been good, good, good. jerry helped us be good at the beginning and now it’s so fun to find him. today we found him in the kitchen. i think we are going to miss him a lot when he has to leave with you. i can’t wait until next year when i see him again. and a book came with him and we learned a lot about him.

we saw my teacher's elf yourself dance and it was so funny that we joined in. is rudolph and all the other reindeers ready to fly? before i tell you what I want for christmas, what would you want for christmas?

i want a ds, a dsi, games for both, a case for both, an ipod with ear buds, and a make up kit and a stuffed animal, a fake phone, and some new babies and a baby carrier and baby things. i also want my sister to be the kid in school when we play school. oh, and ten candy canes and a picture of rudolph and picture of you. oh, and i would love some ornaments for the christmas trees in our bedrooms, too. and i want my family to be happy forever and ever and ever and that is all i want.

i hope that mrs. claus and you are very safe this year. make sure you don’t wake us up if you bring the ornaments into our rooms for our trees. i love you so much, and i hope you have a merry christmas.


my new favorite Christmas song...

Monday, December 21, 2009

to me, this is just a little bit irresistible! we are headed to jay's Christmas performance in a bit.

disclaimer: i am new to youtube, and this takes awhile to load. but it's totally worth it!

i'm gonna go ahead and call this my new fave song for the holidays. i am hoping to get lots of cute pics tonight...brace yourselves. :)

happy hippo holidays!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

browning is my dog. he's pretty much a rock star. if we didn't have kids, then i totally would have requested custody of him in the divorce. however, cee and jay come first for me, so browning stayed with the ex. he came over to visit for the weekend. i love him so much - i have posted before about how cool he is.


merry christmas! this is my sweet browning. think of this as his 'senior pic'...in his cap. no gown.

on december 31, 1999, i went to new orleans for new years and stayed up all night playing craps. browning's dad and i ended up running the tables that night!! when we got ready to leave, we decided that a dog was one thing we'd purchase with our loot.

you know how when you have kids people say it will change your life? this dog changed my life before i had cee and jay in his own special way. he was the cutest, chubbiest pup in his litter. his litter name was 'fat boy'. i wanted to name him harrah for the casino, but it seemed kind of fluffy & way too feminine, so we flipped a coin between 'browning' and 'wesson'. i'm going to have to find one of his many baby pictures so you can see how irresistible he was.

he is seriously like the kid that i got to practice on to learn how to be a half way decent mom. cee and jay should be very thankful that he was my 'guinea pig'. i know i'm thankful...i made lots of mistakes.

he was overfed many times. he got in lots of trouble, and he got away with lots of things. he once crashed a birthday party at my neighbor's house. he ate the WHOLE cake. it was one of those amazing charm city cakes kind of cakes and it had been custom made for someone's 40th birthday. he crashed that same neighbor's crawfish boil another time. he ate so many crawfish (the nasty ones that had been tossed aside) that the next day i thought he was going to die. he wouldn't move any part of his body except his eyes. his eyes were so miserable.
i am embarassed to even begin to count all the times he devoured ungodly amounts of human food. i can at least say that 50% of it was healthy: lettuce, grapes, bell peppers, potatoes, apples, pears, figs... he is a canine garbage can. in fact, tonight, he ate a sock. i swear. and if i hadn't seen it with my own eyes and tried to fish it out with my bare hands, i probably wouldn't believe it. but that's just how he rolls.

the reason i'm writing about him is because his co-owner told me that he has heartworm. sure, it's treatable, but this was sort of my wake up call that my brown dog is getting old. what on earth will i do without him? he has literally been a part of my whole adult life. what will the girls do without him? he has literally been a part of their lives since they were born. he never once ate any of their toys; he has cleaned their plates for them more times than i can count and eaten their veggies for them more times than i can fathom; he has fallen asleep with them in bed more times than i could dream; and he has protected them from harm's way more times than i honestly care to know.
he has survived porcupine encounters. he got stabbed by a deer. twice. same deer, but we all live and learn. he's had more stitches than necessary. he has battled obesity most of his adult life. he is a trooper.

i found a few pictures of him (okay - albums and albums of pictures) and i am now pretty sure that i will never scold him again. ever. he has had a really, really good run at life. he's a super hero. he should pretty much be allowed to do whatever he wants for...the rest of his life. if dogs were knighted, then he would be sir browning.

(sniff, sniff)

i know that everyone has their own special relationship with their dog. that's why they're called man's best friend, right? so i guess this is just random old me showing you how much i love my dog and how much i can't believe that he is really 10 (which, as we all know, is 70) and that he's in his final dog years of life.

this is browning with cee - she was about 15 months old here. she's attempting to hand him a gigantic tennis ball animal. i am pretty sure that he devoured this indestructible toy within a week of its purchase ...

this is browning with jay - she was about 7 months old here. i like to think of this as puppy love...

browning with jay - summer of 2007...

browning last christmas...

i guess you get the 'picture'. browning is the coolest dog i have ever had. he is so sweet. and large. and noisy & smelly. and i love him tons and tons and tons.

the. end.

(oh, p.s. - this is him when we first got hank. he is pretending not to scowl in disgust, but he really doesn't have a very good poker face.)


Sunday, December 13, 2009

i just had to go to urban dictionary to clarify the meaning of the lyrics in my last post because i am just that cool.

guess what the word of the day is on urban dictionary?


how cute is that!?!

here's the definition, and i am sure that all my mom friends can totally relate:

**the feeling of being overworked, underappreciated and like you don't exist to others during the holidays, while in actuality the season's success depends on you.

**the sense of being 3 feet small when others would view you in high stature if they realized all you do to make the holidays happen.

ahhh, it's the little things that make me smile.

(ha. get it? little. like an elf.)

and speaking of elves, jerry may or may not have forgotten to relocate himself last night. ooops. elf master needs to get with it!!


cee and jay are going to start their first basketball season in january. i am very excited about this; they, however, are not. they totally get stage fright with all things new, but once they're past the newness, they embrace things warmly. hopefully this will be true for basketball.

cee's dad is coaching her team, and their name is 'the spurs'. this is a cool name (i played on the spurs when i was younger).

jay's team name is 'the ballers'. this is not a cool name (in my humble opinion). ballers? really? to me, it's sort of like calling your kid a 'cute little gangster' or something.

i have already devised a plan to get me mentally prepared to be the mom of a female baller.

enter lil' troy.

oh yeah. 'wanna be a baller'.

i am going to purchase a gigantic boom box and a track suit (sue sylvester-esque) and chill in the bleachers with lil' troy blaring. that will be their theme song.

go ballers, go!!

wanna be a baller -- shot caller
20 inch blades -- on the impalla
a caller getting *#&$ tonight
swisher rolled tight
gotta spray my ice
i hit the highway
making money the fly way
but there's gotta be a better way
a better way
a better way

yeah. that's why i am not crazy about having my four year old on a team called 'the ballers'.

also, i find it interesting to note that the use of punctuation is very loosely used in rap. i am not judging because, after all, my capital letter usage is few and far between. i am simply making an observation.

alright - happy balling. watch out for the 20 inch blades on your impalla, yo.

(another interesting note: spell check does not recognize 'baller' as a valid word. we'll call that exhibit b.)


Sunday, December 6, 2009

i have a new love in my life. his name is jerry, and he is the cutest thing you have ever laid eyes on, trust me.

properly know as 'jerry the tiny elf,' he is our 'elf on the shelf' and he arrived at our house today. he is so incredibly cute, and i would swear that he really has magical powers. the girls have been absolutely angelic today.

so here's the deal: jerry is our special visitor from the north pole. he is basically santa's mole. he travels back to the north pole each night to report to santa, and he's back by the next morning. every time he comes back, he lands in a new place.

on christmas eve, he leaves with santa in the sleigh and returns again the following year.

absolutely briliant.

the girls left a granola bar out for him just in case he gets hungry, but i am pretty sure that he only eats special elf food at the north pole each night.

and our christmas tree...

this is my favorite decoration. it was my grandmother's and it is still in perfect shape.

hank is in the christmas spirit, too.

make believe parenting?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

i love it when the girls ask me if i want to play 'mom and kids.'

they lay out their parameters for this game very carefully:

'you can be the mom, and we can be the kids. okay?'

it's a big stretch for my acting repertoire, but i am more than willing to give it a shot.

every single day.

the best part of playing this 'game' is that after we finish, they tell me that i'm the best mom ever. i don't know if they are referring to my alter-ego mom from the game or to my real life mom skills, but either way works for me.

in case you were wondering, this game is merely an extension of the good old standby known as 'katie and stacey' where jay stars as ashley and cee stars as halley. this game is always played right after we get home from school each day, which leaves me with the role of 'the office lady' who has to work on her computer for a few minutes (translation: check facebook & yahoo). :)

such creative little minds.

happy saturday!!

cloudy with a chance...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

...of snow.

it *might* snow tomorrow.

this is central texas.

we don't see lots of snow.

therefore, everyone is in quite the frenzy with anticipation of fluffy white flakes.

i'll keep you posted.

to my friends who live anywhere north of here, please don't laugh.

we take snow seriously. :)

hee hee!!!

give thanks...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

today really has been a blessing in disguise for me. this is my first thanksgiving without the girls. they are with their dad and his family until sunday. not to be a negative nancy, but i really anticipated yucky, empty feelings today.

while i do admit that the day was completely different from any other thanksgiving i have experienced in the last seven years, i did manage to find lots and lots of things to be thankful for this year.

and i mean lots.


i give you my top ten list.

10.) i am thankful for diet cokes and wine. if you know me even just a little bit, then you already know this and further explanation would be redundant.

9.) i am thankful for facebook. yes, i am serious. i have reconnected with so many friends who i grew up with and it is really a huge blessing to me to have each and every one of them back in my life. God really does work in amazing ways.

8.) i am thankful for my job and i am blessed to work with such an incredible group of people. i *finally* understand what it means to have a job that i love.

7.) i am thankful for my friends who helped me get through the last year of my life. my dearest friends are my rock and they own a very big portion of my soul. the last year of my life might have turned out differently without their love and support. *muah*!!!

6 1/2.) i am thankful for all the new babies who have made their way into the world this year...especially sophie, blake, and ellis.

6.) i am thankful for the roof over our heads. sometimes money is tight, but it is always comforting to know that i have a safe place for the girls and me to live (aside from mischievous, roaming oranges). there are days that i wonder why i bought a 3/2 house when it seems like we might have been better served in a 1/1 condo, and then i realize all over again how lucky i am to have girls who want to be with me all of the time. i wouldn't change this for anything.

5.) i am thankful for our health. we have had a remarkably lucky year in the sickness department. the h1n1 stayed with us very briefly. knock on wood - we have all been relatively well, and i certainly appreciate that a whole, whole bunch.

4.) i am thankful for the blessing of being a mom. i have this really cool allegory in my head that will go down in writing some day about the circle of love that radiates between a mom and her babies. i love that i have witnessed it between my mom and my granny, between my mom and me, and between my girls and me. it's really difficult for me to wrap my thoughts around the enormity of this relationship.

3.) i am thankful for my mom - she rocks. she is giving and gentle and kind and really, really funny. i just can't allow myself to imagine what my life would be like without her in it.

2.) i am thankful for my faith. my church is absolutely amazing. my pastor is my guardian angel, and i mean this in the strictest sense of the word. she is a God send. how cool is that?


the number one thing i am thankful for this thanksgiving...

1.) duh. i am thankful for my sweet love bugs. if you know me even just a little bit, then you already know this and further explanation would be redundant. :)

this year proved itself to be one of the toughest in my life, and i am very happy that i can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the doors that are opening to new chapters in my life. i am, as i have said many times before, blessed beyond measure by all that has been provided for me.

thank you, thank you, thank You!!!

happy thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night.

xoxo - me

agent: orange

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

well, i called 911 tonight for the first time since i have been living solo with my baby girls.

i heard a very, very loud and solid *thunk* against the side of my house. the girls were asleep, and so was hank. hank popped up and started growling and barking. good boy, hank!! i am so proud!

the sweet 911 guy told me to secure my children (he accepted the word 'thunk' for my official description of the noise).

o.m.g. - i have always thought of my girls as secure in their own beds until tonight. i'm going to look into one of those panic rooms now. since i don't currently have a panic room, i took them into my room because it has a lock on the door. in retrospect, it also has a window that could easily be broken, but that was my first momma bear instinct.

after 10 nerve wracking minutes, i finally got the guts to peek out the window in front of my house. guess what: 3 cop cars, 3 teenagers, and lots of flashlights. i instantly felt sane. at least i am not hearing things.

an officer came to my front door. i intercepted him so the doorbell wouldn't wake & terrify the girls. he informed me that the kid across the street was having a 'get together' which is a nice way of saying 'a wild party whilst the parentals are out of town.' he asked if i had looked in the area where i heard the noise.

ummmm, no. i was too busy protecting my offspring in my make-shift panic room.

two officers went to the side of my house. they came back and reported the official extent of the damage to me: a large, juicy orange had been chunked at my house. it didn't look like the orange was going to make it into anyone's fruit compote this year.

okay. i was in high school once upon a time. i clearly remember throwing cherry limeades at houses and i definitely egged my fair share of cars. i am going to chalk this one up as pure karma.

with each of my girls, i did not know their gender until the moment they were born.

back track 20 (ish) years, and there was a time i got in a really bad fight with my mom. she was going to take the keys to my car away because of some minor curfew offense. i was taller than her, and i held them above her head...yes, i was taunting her, daring her to jump for them. she didn't jump. instead, she said, 'someday i hope you have a daughter and she's...




oh, the curse. we both froze...we knew. the challenge, the threat, had been dealt to the powers of the universe. it was sort of like the moment in freaky friday where the 'transformation' happens, except not really like that at all.

fast forward 15 (ish) years to the moment(s) when the doctor exclaimed, 'it's a girl!!'....

...and that's why the first thought that went through my head both times was, 'oh dear. the curse.'

and here i am blogging at 11:03 pm two nights before thanksgiving about a fanatical orange that found its way securely into the side of my house.

karma, karma, karma.

now, if i were a detective investigating the case of the fanatical orange, i would start with the football and baseball teams because whoever threw it had a pretty good arm. just sayin'. that orange had some power behind it!

i am a forgiving person. i don't hold grudges. therefore, i will continue eating oranges tomorrow.

but not the one that is rotting in my yard.

until next time,

good night.


Monday, November 23, 2009

sweet!! i am bummed no more because i remembered what it was that i wanted to write about so badly!

cee had her first sleepover saturday for her birthday. jay was not very tolerant of the idea of cee getting all the goodies, and jay's aunt graciously took her for a special night of her own. thanks, jenn!! you. da. bomb. or as jay says...you da dog diggity.

you know how lots of times your kids look at you like you are insane, dumb, or ignorant? well, i get that a lot. sometimes i take it a bit more personally than i should, and other times, i roll with the punches. i was humbled beyond words at the sleepover.

these are some of the eye-opening things that cee said that night:

'oh! let's ask my mom. she'll know!'

'let's show my mom. she can fix it.'

'i bet my mom can do it.'

'i think you should talk to my mommy. she can help.'


i felt so special, and at the same time i felt pretty inadequate. she has me on a pretty big pedestal. this absolutely melts my heart. fortunately, i knew all of the solutions to everything that came my way that night.

i know there will be many, many times in our future when i don't hold all the answers and i can't simply fix it. this makes my heart ache.

i have always believed that until a certain age, most kids think their parents hung the moon. they think their parents are flawless, and they think their parents are amazing and invincible. the thing is, it's all relative.

i see it every year as a teacher. the kids who have less than ideal lives don't know that things could be different. some think that hitting is what everyone does. some think that curse words are the only way to express something important. the examples don't even necessarily have to be that bad, either. my girls think i am great, but i am not perfect. i am far from it...yet they have no idea how many shortcomings i have as a parent. it makes me want to be the best i can possibly be.

another thing i think about is the delicate balance that straddles the fence of having all the answers and letting kids figure things out on their own. i keep hearing about the 'helicopter parents' who hover to the extent of being detrimental to their children's growth. i definitely don't want to end up in that category!

i love the challenges presented in the process of parenting. each day holds a new challenge, and i like to think of these as learning and growing opportunities. so this is my newest endeavor: finding the delicate balance between super hero mom and mom who allows her children to explore and learn through their own mistakes.

i am looking forward to this new road of thought and can't wait to encounter each new consideration. in keeping with the spirit of the season, today i am thankful for the blessing of parenting my little love bugs.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

i had the *best* idea last night for a blog topic! i almost got up and wrote it down as a reminder, but then i decided that it was so good that there was no possible way i could forget it.

guess what.

i should have written it down.


we'll blame it on age if you don't mind.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

that's right. cee is seven today. i am totally refraining from telling her, 'seven years ago today, we went to the hospital....'

blah, blah, blah

cee changed my life in ways that are too big for words to encompass. she is my little trooper. she wakes up happy as a lark every single morning. she loves to laugh. she has the greatest laugh in the whole world, and she likes making other people laugh, too. she is smart, witty, articulate, snuggly, inquisitive, thoughtful, and amazing.

i took cupcakes to her class yesterday. all the kids sang happy birthday to her (the cha cha cha version), and she beamed from ear to ear.

we are having a party later and a sleepover tonight. i don't think i have ever seen her so excited before.

jay is being a trooper. it took every last bit of silence that she could muster *not* to tell cee what her gift was before she opened it. they are best friends. they are so sweet and gentle with each other (most of the time).

and since cee isn't interested in this part, then i will tell you, sweet blog readers of mine. seven years ago today, at 9:06 am, we welcomed our six pound, 4 ounce, 18.5 inch long beautiful baby girl into the world.

i honestly don't remember what i did before i had her in my life.

happy birthday, cee!!! i love you (more).

12 (ish)

Friday, November 13, 2009

when is the last time you spent *quality time* with a twelve year old?

if you said, 'all day, every day for the last year of my life...' or anything that might similarly be associated with being a parent of or a teacher to a 'tween', then there is a pretty good chance you won't laugh at my daily funnies.

i am only asking because i have spent a big part of the last three years of my life with them by choice. i teach them. i love teaching them. they make me laugh every single day. my sweet friend pointed out to me today that sometimes we take the insane amounts of humor that life as a teacher provides to us on a daily basis...well, a little bit 'for granted'.

for instance, she is grading papers tonight (that's what we dorky english teachers do on friday nights).

one started with, 'once a pond a time...'

then there is the eloquence of the hyperbole 'i was so high i was about to cream in my pants.'

another used the genius simile of 'my legs were shanking as a vibrator.'

and those are just the ones about the holocaust.

here are a few fun facts about the kids i teach each day.

(and they are guaranteed to make you feel old...unless you are under the age of 16. if you are under the age of 16, there is a pretty good chance that your parents should be monitoring your internet usage and screening your sites a little bit better. i'm not judging your parents, i am just stating an opinion that lots of other people happen to share...which sort of makes it a fact, but not really...it might just be peer pressure.)

-computers have always been a part of their lives (and i don't mean the kind that you hook up to your 12' t.v. with a keyboard and no mouse)

-the internet has always been a part of their lives (as opposed to my favorite college course, 'welcome to the world wide web'...3 credit hours!!)

-90% of them have cell phones

-50% of them have cell phones much cooler than mine

-most do not worry about spelling because word has spell check

-most can text faster than they can type

-most think that they are the first generation to love vans & converse, even though they are at least the third generation to love these fashion icons

-lots have handwriting that is less than desirable

-think michael jackson's thriller was the greatest thing to ever happen in summer '09

-all take dvr for granted

-the majority don't know what a vcr is

-the majority don't know what a 'floppy disk' is

-few have ever had any use for a cassette tape and wonder what the little rectangular hole is in cars

well, this could so go 'you know you're a child of the 80s when...' very quickly; therefore, i will stop because i have forgotten what i was writing about in the first place.


there's a yellow string tied around my finger.

i feel like i am supposed to be doing something important.

i can't remember what it is.

oooo! look - something shiny!!

oh wait. it's just another gray hair.

thumbs up...

Monday, November 9, 2009

and over and down and around...

how long can a person possibly twiddle their thumbs until their brain implodes?

that's my question for today.

my kids are taking tests....one day down, one to go.

all i can do is sit and stare (monitor) to make sure they are on task.


and stare.

and stare.

hour after

hour after

endless hour.

wednesday cannot possibly get here fast enough!!

i hope they are more entertained by their tests than i am by watching them look at their tests.

please, oh please, let them do well.

well done

Friday, November 6, 2009

i am *so* over today.


i quit this day. totally quit it. and i am not a quitter. but i totally give up on today.

today i learned that i am below average. now - i am not trying to be uppity, but i have never been below average in my whole life.

i was good at sports. i made good grades all through my elementary, intermediate, middle school, and high school years.

i am pretty sure i never made lower than a c in college, and i graduated cum laude from college. i was on the president's list. the dean's list. mortar board. cardinal key. and all of those other things.

and now i am...labeled.

below average.

i. am. not. a. happy. camper.

in fact, i am pouting.

i feel like i robin hooded my students from last year.

i feel like i owe them an apology for my educational ineptness.

i hate when all the bars on a bar graph go head first into the downward position instead of skyrocketing towards the stratosphere & space & universes unknown.

my school is on a grant program and teachers are paid bonuses based on their classroom performance.

i feel like i personally owe the grant my own pocket change this year. there is no reason that they should be paying me money!!

more than anything, i feel so so badly for everything i could have given to my students last year, but i wasn't even able to meet my bare minimum.

so to all of my kiddos from last year: i love ya, and i wish you a much, much better year.


father time

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

father time totally believes in tough love.

i can attest to this.

i am getting a serious dose of tough love right now.

tonight i found three gray hairs and i saw my crow's feet for the first time.


if you have seen my crow's feet before, then please just fake that you haven't and let me have my senior moment. thanks in advance. :)

hello, 35.

welcome into my life.

i know you are here to stay, so i begrudgingly accept you with a more than just a hint of a smile.

i kinda liked seeing the crow's feet.

isn't that sick & twisted?

i had a wonderful day with lots and lots of love and spoiling from my sweet baby girls.

have i ever mentioned that they are my rock and my oak?

love those sweet girls a million ga-zillion times over.

life is good. very, very good.

i am not going to lie to you.

i am thankful to put 34 to bed.

the previous 365 days of my life were filled with the most enlightening revelations,the deepest depths of soul searching, and the most lonely hours i've known. the last year was hands down the toughest year of my life. i am pretty sure that i proved truth behind the theory of 'that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger.'

i am happy and thankful to bid my 34's good riddance!

and here i am to welcome in the newest year of my life.

(with a surprisingly big smile on my face)

i am blessed.

very, very blessed beyond measure.

the end.

funny guy???

Monday, November 2, 2009

dear mr. time change,

you are hysterically funny.

(in a quirky sort of way)

cee & jay woke up at the tender hour of 4 this morning.

did you have kids?

if you did, did you like them?

did you like your wife?

in the wee hours before the sun even thought about rising, did you get up with your kids during the torment that we call 'falling back'?

what is your favorite color? mine is the color of the back of my eyelids.

if i was a betting woman, i would bet that your favorite color is evil berry.

what is your favorite food? mine is whatever makes me sleep for a solid 8 hours.

if you found a magical lamp with a genie in it and you could have any three wishes in the whole wide world, what would they be?

i'm only asking because one of mine would for sure be to erradicate the concept of daylight savings time. sleep is a very huge big deal to me.



what time is it there?

it is 8:51 here.

what's your favorite animal?

i like bears, especially when they are hibernating.

just curious to know a little more about you and your pathetic, vicious, psychotic motives.

clearly, i am not even slightly amused with you.

write back soon.

that's the end of my inquiry.



my basket runneth over...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

with gobs and gobs of candy!

the girls had their trick-or-treat baskets brimming full and spilling over after only 30 minutes & two blocks of walking. it was absolutely fabulous!!

while the girls were getting ready, jay decided that she did not want to trick-or-treat because she was feeling shy. by the time we got to the second house, she could not contain herself from running full speed up to each house! so cute.

other funny comments from the night:

'oh, mom! that kid's ugly!'

'oh mom! that lady has some gunk in her trunk!' (she really did...balloons)

'this is the most fantastic halloween *ever*!!!'

'i wonder when the fellas are coming to our house?' (who says fellows??)

'guys!!! *we're* home! come get candy from us!!!'

the girls offered curb-side service for our candy. they would literally greet people with the candy bucket at the curb. they were so stinking excited to be on the giving end for the first time.

it was truly wonderful. the sugar highs were unsurpassed, and fun was had by all (especially by the cheerleader and hannah montana).

happy birthday....

Friday, October 30, 2009

...to my mom!!!

she is spending the weekend with us, and it is so nice to have her here.

we went to mama fu's for dinner & the girls had *so* much fun playing at the park afterward.

my girls totally love the chop sticks. love, love, love it!! i think it makes me feel a little more city and a lot less small town girl to see them rockin' the chops.

i really love my mom more than words can express. she just 'gets' me, and she knows when i need my space and when i need her shoulder to cry on...i can only pray that i am as good of a mom to my girls as my mom has been to me. i am lucky and blessed to have such an amazing matriarch. my gratitude for her is huge and incredible.

happy birthday, mom!! we all love you tons and tons. plus one inch.

tomorrow is soccer. mimi, nana & papa jack will all be in attendance which is super exciting. the girls are gonna feel total pro. papa jack can't get around as well as he used to, so the golf cart will be in full effect. i am sure papa jack will have a fun honky horn & some fancy strobe lights ready to set the golf cart apart from the other spectators. that's just how he rolls.


trick-or-treating tomorrow night. this year will be the first year the girls get to distribute and receive on the candy front. they have no idea what it's like to give candy to the fellow trick-or-treaters, so it should be fun to watch.

don't worry, i will have plenty of pics tomorrow. i have been a photography slacker lately, but i promise not to disappoint you tomorrow.

alright - soccer mom needs rest for the competitive-yet-sportsman-like cheering that occurs on the fields. really,it is just brutal. kids fall. kids cry. and the game goes on...time outs are just not allowed unless there are large amounts of blood or exposed bones.

larry king is talking about ghosts. anderson cooper would so not do this to me. i am a scaredy cat; therefore, it's time for me to change channels and hit the hay.

(oh, and by the way, one of my students apparently talks to ghosts about twice a week. this is the same kid who told me that he once saw his uncle shoot bevo. shortly thereafter, his uncle miraculously healed bevo with a magical chant, and bevo was back at the game before anyone could notice. yes, this is my life.)

nighty night, bloggers, and hello nice, non-competitive, non-cow-killing, soccer-winning, trick-or-treating, and very, very sweet dreams.

end of an era

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

okay, maybe 'era' is a tad over-the-top, but it's the end of a big first: end of the first t-ball season!!!

the girls got their medals tonight, and let me just tell you how proud they were!! i have never seen bigger grins! i have never seen more pride!! i have never seen them want to wear anything around their necks to bed!! but they did. and i let them. and as soon as they were zonked, i took them off. :)

and as soon as they got dressed this morning, they promptly put them back on to wear to school.

so sweet, and my pride runneth over.

so...end of a t-ball era, beginning of a new pasttime?

(just between you and me, i much prefer soccer to t-ball. don't tell, okay?)

okay. thanks for keeping that on the 'd.l.'

peace out.

happiness is...

Monday, October 26, 2009

a ball cap & some ├╝ber blue yogurt. remember when life was simple? why can't it be that way again? i hope this happiness never goes away for these sweet, awesome, light-of-my-life girls!!

four and a half words: it's the litte things.

don't sweat the small stuff...

the accidental cupcake

Sunday, October 25, 2009

you know what i hate?

not being a very good cook.

you know what i really hate?

messing up simple things in the kitchen...like a box of cupcakes.

i am *so* in a fall mood!! our house is halloweened out. i wanted to bake halloween cupcakes, but there were no halloween sprinkles or cupcake holders. so i settled for confetti. and silly me - i put too much water in the mix and didn't realize it until the batter was flowing into the cups. :(

so i'm hoping that they at least turn out to be edible. i am guessing they just won't be fluffy and springy like normal cupcakes. that i can handle.

as long as they make the girls smile, all is well.

uh oh. cee and jay just got out of the tub.

side note: even after four years, jay always always gets out of the tub, touches the towel to her face, and then runs around naked as a 'jay bird' screaming how cold she is. you think that after four years she might have learned. this always makes me laugh.

so the girls ran into the kitchen and said, 'oh. it smells like something's burning.'

i said, 'what?!?!'

they said, 'you know, burning. like the cupcakes.'

i said, 'you mean baking?'

and they said, 'oh!! yeah. baking. those words are a lot the same.'

yes. they are a lot the same.

and a lot not the same at all!!

they both start with b.

they both have to do with heat.

i guess i do burn things i bake a lot.

okay. the girls have a point.

i will spare you by no posting pictures. :)

the eyes have it

Thursday, October 22, 2009

cee & jay wrote me a get well poem. i am flattered beyond words. flattered to tears.

my eyes are beautiful.
so are yours.
your eyes are beautifuller
because your eyes are brown.


i have turned to mush.

those girls are amazing beyond words.

and yes, 'beautifuller' is a real word.

and so is 'wonderfulness'....

because my girls fill me with wonderfulness each and every day.

(and yes, i'll sign on the line accepting your generous words!!!)


jedi mind trick

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i met my match today. karma at its best.

it has been said (and probably thought more than actually spoken) that i could argue with a tree.

while this is potentially true, i have always vehemently denied any ownership of this statement.

until today.

and i am only admitting that this *might* be true because today i may or may not have met my match.

in the form of an eleven year old kid.

and said kid kind of looks like the kid lewis from meet the robinsons.

(google him - it's adorable)

endearingly loveable. and still endearing even after you find yourself on the wrong end of said kid's whipping stick. :)


talk about a future in debate.

or wearing someone down until they give in because wisdom decides it's easier to conceed that the other person might be right than it is to argue anymore.

and it's not at all in my nature to just *give in.*

did that make any sense at all?

my mind is adrift.

in a big way.

i think said student pulled some sort of wicked jedi mind trick on me. my brain simply collapsed under the given pressure.

i imagine this is how harry potter feels whenever voldomort is around. or maybe vice versa. i don't know.

see? i am adrift.

i am going to go ahead and blame my less than stellar stick-to-it-ive-ness to the fever that has been stalking me like a crazed felon for the last few days.

but let's be honest...the kid has talent.

kudos and apologies to anyone who ever, ever, ever had to battle the hard-headedness that is engrained in my being.

i wave my white flag.

(i think.)

happy trails to you....


(sniff, sniff)

oh - and p.s.:

12 days until *nanowrimo*!!!!!!

weight check

Thursday, October 15, 2009

dear weight,

just checking in on ya. seems like you've gotten pretty comfortable around here, you and all your extra baggage.

well guess what. i just had a brilliant idea and it involved *you*!!

and a case of red bull.

so here's my plan. i am going to drink a red bull every morning that i don't have the girls. and by morning, i mean like 5 am. and you know what that's gonna do? it's gonna make me have wings. and you know what i'm gonna do with those wings? if you said fly, you are wrong. i'm gonna run!! yup. you heard me. r-u-n.

and when i get home from school every day, i am gonna drink another red bull and i am gonna run again!!

that's right. twice a day.

you have totally overstayed your welcome. in fact, i am not sure that you were ever officially invited here. i know you think you'll win.

i know you are picturing the hilarity of the caffeine crash that you think i'll experience each morning when the red bull wears off. whatever. and i am sure you can picture me limping on day 2 and barely mobile on day 3. and still crashing from the caffeine withdraw. but whatever.

did you hear me?

i said *whatever*!!!

so watch your back. i've got my eyes on you bob deniro style.

starting tomorrow, you better hit the road. don't let the door hit ya on your way out.




p.s. i hope this isn't too harsh. i'm just really tired of living with you.

warm fuzzies + 1 inch taller

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

cee and i were playing the 'no, i love *you* more!' game while she was falling asleep tonight.

jay likes to play too, but she was seriously conked out within seconds of her head touching the pillow.

i thought i had cee 'out loved' by her default in sleep's favor.

right before she took that final deep breath that signals she's giving in to the sleep fairy, she whispered, 'i love you the same as you love me.....plus one inch taller.'

i have never known of a love as precious as the love i have for my girls.

i am blessed.

the time tuesday dressed up as monday

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

yeah. that was today. all day i thought it was monday.

and what to my wondering eyes should appear?

the abbreviation 'tues' and i said *oh dear!!!*

i love it when i get my days confused in a good way, like today. it felt like a monday. i mentally prepared myself for a monday. and before i knew it, the day was over and i realized that tomorrow is wednesday!


don't get me wrong. i love school. i love my job. i just like the unexpected surprise that a short week can occassionally deliver.

t-ball games and soccer practice were cancelled tonight. this is the 4th of 5 tuesdays that we've had to cancel. as cee said today, 'we all prayed for rain, but maybe we just prayed a little too hard.'

ahh, sweetness.

tonight the girls constructed a diaroma of a tree and they put a treehouse in the tree.

well, actually the treehouse is *on* the tree.

i am amazed at their ingenuity. so creative and full of ideas. once they get the 'medium' to get their ideas on, it's best to just let them do their thing. love it.

they stayed with their dad last night, so i stocked up on some halloween and fall goodies for our house.

jay was the first to spy the loot. halloween hand towels in the bathrooms....autumn themed towels in the kitchen....and best of all??

'trick or treat' vinyl placemats. :)

the holiday decor was a hit....

...until hank ate some of the halloween candy. he's gonna pay for that one since he ate the wrappers, too.

more decorating to come very, very soon.

i promised pictures, but it has been too wet to plant my fall flowers (they are happily surviving on the porch in their pots). i will plant them and post photos as soon as humanly possible!!

happy fall to all, and until next time, goodnight.


Monday, October 12, 2009

so get this. when i was in college, one of my best friends coordinated a bone marrow drive. the turnout was phenomenal. we were all so proud of her! actually, she did lots of really cool, charitable things in college...this is one of many. she's super cool like that.

♥ meagan, you rock!! ♥

so i donated a tissue sample for the sake of bone marrow transplants. i honestly don't remember if it was in the form of blood or a swab from the inside of my mouth. there is a very high probability that i was hungover, though (that's for sure).

regardless, said tissue sample was frozen on or about november 6, 1996.

fast forward twelve years, 11 months, and 6 days (ish).....

i got the call.

actually, my mom got the call. a lady left her a message trying to find me.

i felt very grown up that it was not a collector or a repo person (aggghhhh - college flashback. sorry).

moment of silence for anyone who may have done a drive through at insta-check with me.

i called the sweet lady back this afternoon.

i *might* be a match for someone!!

i have never given much thought to this possibility (go back to that hungover part...) until now.

i am surprised that having sweet baby girls doesn't change my attitude towards this possibility. instead, it strengthens it. who knows what the future holds...if my girls, or any of my family members or dear friends for that matter, needed a donation, i hope someone else would do the same.

and that's not even why i am moving forward with it. karma or the thought of gratitude being returned simply isn't even a factor. it's more along the lines of a 'random act of kindness' sort of high. even the anticipation is pretty indescribable.

the lady told me that the candidate who is a potential match is a 33 year old male who is suffering from non-hodgkins lymphoma.

of course, i googled this as soon as i gave my consent for further match testing.

non-hodgkin's lymphoma is cancer of the white blood cells in the lymph nodes. it does not respond well to chemotherapy because (i think) it damages the bone marrow that is required to repair the cancerous cells.

so what happens is they give the patient a super dose of chemo and then very soon after, they perform a bone marrow transplant to quickly reintroduce healthy bone marrow into the system and encourage healthy, cancer-free white blood cells to replenish the body.


medical science is amazing.

and even if the 'further match testing' doesn't turn out to be anything, i am still touched and moved by this opportunity, by the power of miracles, and by the promise of hope.

i really do pray that i am able to help.

until then, we wait.

5-8 weeks of patience for the patient and for me.

fingers crossed, mary's hailed, prayers sent forth, or buddahs blessed. your pick. just please send some of your own personal brand of positive energy out to the powers that be in our magnificent universe.


the itsy bitsy spider...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

the itsy bitsy spider
climbed up my daughter's leg.
(while she was with her her father named greg)
up swelled the leg and caused a lot of pain.
the itsy bitsy spider will never strike again.

off the cuff, i can't think of anything catchier than that.

yup - jay got a spider bite yesterday - right on the side of her knee. it was so swollen and puffy and feverish that i took her to the doctor. poor thing!!

she got a yummy antibiotic, 2 stickers, a heavy dose of benadryl, and i wish you could have seen her smile when we left!!

she was *so* happy to not have to get a shot!

on our way home, fergie's 'big girls don't cry' came on the radio.

she said, 'i bet she wrote this song because she was going to get a shot and she was scared and she told herself not to cry. that's what i do.'

so super sweet!!

the knee is better. it is still red, but it is already decreasing in diameter.

we are watching my red raiders play some ball. guns up!!

we are beating kansas state 17 - 0 right now.


i hope mike leach has some quotable quotes tonight. they make me laugh. he's way, way out there.

cee and jay are playing boyfriend & girlfriend with their stuffed gorillas. cee just said, 'you will live together forever in total macaroni'.


Friday, October 9, 2009

so...rough couple of days. i have held my tongue, but i have to vent.

first of all, this whole 'sticks and stones' business is for the birds.

second, i am way too old for this. not that i'm old. i am just insinuating that i cannot believe this messy muck still happens.

i truly pride myself on being a good role model for my girls and being a good mom to them. i would do anything in the whole wide world for them. i don't really do much for myself because i am single-mothering (as recently pointed out by a friend). and i wouldn't change this for anything in the world.




and you know what? the girls' dad came to take them to school thursday morning. do you know what he called me?

a bad mom.

a bad mom.

in front of my girls.

a.) seriously?

b.) a bad mom?

c.) why!?!?

d.) in front of my girls?

e.) how do i help them understand this?

f.) who does he think he is?

g.) seriously?

h.) why do i still let his comments get to me?

i.) seriously?

i have not been able to shake this for the last 2 days. it bothers me so deeply.


okay - i just had to get that off my chest.

and honestly, i don't feel any better now that i said it all.

so yeah. sticks and stones.....hmmmm. not so much.




Monday, October 5, 2009

competitor to the snuggie...

i have been meaning to post this for quite some time now.

the picture makes me laugh so super hard because the slanket is such a monstrosity when compared to the competition.

plus the website is really entertaining.

the name really makes me chuckle, too. no offense to the slanket, but i think i might have chosen a different name (had i created the brilliant idea).

i laughed at this picture numerous times over the weekend, and this morning cee asked me when our long sweaters were going to come in. i searched my memory for any shopping we'd done recently related to long sweaters.

and finally, i realized that she was talking about the slanket. ahhhh...birthday gift!?!?

i think yes. monogrammed, of course.

(let's be honest. she really does look super duper cozy. and i can't help but wonder what book she's reading, what show she's watching, and most importantly *what presents are eagerly and patiently waiting to be unwrapped*! and how did her orchid get so tall?? mine die before i even get them home.)

ff update

i am seriously no good at fantasy football.

a.) my players get hurt. alot.

b.) my players are not that good.

c.) my players are terrified to meet the point potential that yahoo deems minimum each week.

after tonight, i will be in 12th place.

there are only 12 teams. :)

however, i must admit that i like the challenge. i am enamoured by the challenge of being *anything* but last place.

reach for the stars & you just might catch the moon.


p.s. have i mentioned that cee and jay stay with their dad on monday nights? this allows me plenty of time to fully wallow in my pathetic-ness in fantasy football strategies.

songs about rain...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

♥ ♥ ♥

"rainy night in georgia"
and "kentucky rain"
"here comes that rainy day feeling again",
"blue eyes cryin" in the "early morning rain"
they go on and on, and there's no two the same
oh how i wish i could blame all these
songs about rain.

-gary allan

♥ ♥ ♥

it rained almost all day yesterday and all night, too. i totally think i could live in seattle without getting the stereotypical depression that is so often associated with life in rainy climates.

the girls and i went to home depot yesterday before the downpour commenced. we bought lots and lots of fall colored plants & flowers. we were able to plant half of them with my garden shovel (the tiny one). i need a bigger shovel to plant the rest! mark my words: our house will be decked out for fall by next weekend!!

fall is my favorite time of year. the blazing sun is so much kinder than it is in the summer. it rains. it is overcast. the mornings are crisp & cool. football starts. soccer for the tots. soups and stews. long sleeved shirts. jackets & coats. scarves!!

cee's birthday!! thanksgiving!!

and don't even get me started on christmas!!!

(i ♥ christmas a little more than what is normal)

plus, this year i have the pleasure of anxiously awaiting the release of 'where the wild things are' and 'new moon'!

(yes, i fully realize that i am a 35 year old adult, and it doesn't bother me a bit to be psyched for these movies!)

i will post pictures as soon as my house is fall-savvy & smells like apples, cinnamon, and the yankee candles harvest, farmers market, & vanilla pumpkin.

last night i made some rockin' baked potato soup. even the girls wolfed it down & asked for seconds! (granted they were being bribed by the promise of more rolls and hot cocoa for dessert)

today i am making apple crisp, blueberry bread & yummy pasta. cannot wait.

i hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as i am.

happy fall!! ♥


Friday, October 2, 2009

for free.

what do you think?

i require change every so often.

otherwise i feel bored and mundane.

plus, it's easier to change up the blog a bit than it is to do something drastic to my hair.

a few more tunes and tweaks coming over the weekend.

ahhhh - i feel like i just bought a new shade of lipstick. :)

t minus 27.2 days and counting until the nanowrimo madness ensues!

i have wanted to do this for the last three years. and my sweet baby sister is doing it for her 2nd year. i have been inspired.

i have a feeling it's gonna be a 'duck and cover' kinda weekend, so i might be quite the blogger over the next couple of days...i guess it depends on the weather.

you know?

stay tuned (if you want to. if you don't, it's totally fine - i understand.)...



journey geriatrics

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

oh, what a journey it was!! last night was a blast, and i am left feeling very, very old.

(and more than a little nostalgic)

it seems that lighters held overhead during ballads have been replaced by the lighter ap on the iphone. wow. things our kids will never experience.

there were people there my parents' age who looked like they were fully ready to rock out as i walked towards them. fine jeans, nice shoes, fabulously vintage rock -n- roll tees that definitely cost $100+. fantastic concert wear. i am not lying when i say that their 'rock out' factor went way down when i passed these people and saw the cotton balls and ear plugs in their ears. :)

the man sitting directly behind my friend was precious. he was totally gray, and quite possibly *the* happiest person there. he sang at the top of his lungs to every single song. after night ranger finished, he said, 'i am so happy i could cry!' after journey finished, he actually cried. somewhere in between the crying, he managed to air hump my friend's head. nice.

(actually, his happy face is smiling at *you* in the picture at the top...)

there were mullets aplenty. women sported their favorite 80s 'dos. i would be fibbing if i said that i wasn't tempted to wear a side ponytail & legwarmers myself even though it was at least 80 degrees outside....

we bought t-shirts as soon as we got there. mine is a long sleeved baseball tee. love it. i rocked the t-shirt during the concert. yes, i was *that* person.

night ranger opened. for their finale - the band lined up and did the obligatory bow for the packed crowd. the lead singer got a wild hair (ha ha, no 80s hair pun intended), likely due to the crazy amounts of applause, and attempted a standing backflip using his buddies' shoulders as a lever. this was not a pretty sight. he almost made it half way over. this put me into bouts and bouts of chuckles for the better part of the rest of the night. i think he might have pulled a hammie.

after the failed backflip attempt, i had a visual of all the guys from journey (except very, very young filipino singing man) doing stretches backstage with richard simmons on the vcr. my visual for young filipino man included, but was not limited to, a quick round of billy blanks' kickboxing dvd. this entire paragraph is disturbing to me on so many levels.

arnel pineda. alright, let's be honest. this kid walked directly into the cash cow!! he is incredible! energetic, spunky, dancy, jiggy, flippy, and his voice is identical to steve perry! he is the only one i didn't worry about having a potential stroke, heart attack, or aneurysm.

i probably had extra big confidence in him because of the pre-show billy blanks workout.

the concession stands were very entertaining, too. lots of water being ordered. and they served wine. now that's just a plain old good sign of knowing your audience. :)

there was a man in front of me about my same age. well dressed. probably came straight to the concert from the law firm (think late 90s ttu phi delt. with a brain.). all i wanted was my plastic cup of yummy wine and my bottle of fiji water. after placing his flesh colored foamy earplugs on the counter in an attempt to converse with the concession lady, this gentleman requested (get this) 'a healthy bit of real food.' the lady behind the counter was baffled.

(i was too; afterall, it is a concession stand)

she asked him to clarify. he said, 'real food. substance. not snickers, you know?'

she knew. she sighed that sigh that people sigh when they are at the brink of losing their patience. 'uhhhhh. yeah. we got some sausages in wraps.'

the guy said, 'perfect!! i'll take one of those on a whole wheat tortilla! oh - what kind of sausage is it?' now he could tell she was about to lose it. concession stands don't often have choices of sausage: chicken? beef? pork? mystery meat? tofu? yeah, no. it's a concession stand. he quickly insisted that it didn't matter what kind the sausage was.

the red in the lady's face faded.

ever. so. slightly.

at the last moment, he decided that peanut m&m's would be a nice touch to his mystery meat sausage wrap in a plain jane white (non-homemade) tortilla. the lady took his money and then seriously held the m&m's higher than necessary when she *chunked* them onto the counter. the cracking of the candy shells was audible. even over the bass coming from the chalky bernie.

his facial expression was so, so classic, and had i have been 1000% brave, i would have risked my life to snap a pic of his face. and then i would have posted it right underneath this line of text (dear self: next time get some guts and post picture *here.* thanks, me).

i feel so truly fortunate when i get to bear witness to scenes such as these. rare moments of people interacting with each other who should never actually interact with each other without a quick 'manners & expectations 101' power review immediately prior to said interaction. folks, this is humanity at its finest.

and you know what the best part was? walking down the hallway at school today in my brand new tee (oh, you can bet your bottom dollar that i washed it-in uber hot water-as soon as i got home!!). each time i would pass one of my teacher friends, she would start singing 'don't stop...believin' to me. loudly.

this prompted the kids to start doing the same thing.

it was kind of like being in my very own music video.

(okay, a girl can dream.)

by the end of the day, i think everyone in the sixth grade hallway was believin'. and if they weren't, they were at least faking it really well. kudos, collegues!

it's just not worth it to stop believin'. ya know?

it is safe to say that a good time was had by all.

rach and holly - thanks for a great time & for full texting entertainment!! love you, girls.

t.t.f.n., peeps.


p.s. one of my students asked me bright and early first thing this morning, 'miss - did you go to journey last night?'

(much to my delight, my t-shirt apparently didn't give this away to everyone - instead, the shirt only sent a message to a select few)

i told him, 'why yes, i did!'

my student proceeded to tell me, 'oh cool. because my mom saw you there.'

a.) sweetness that your mom was there.

a and a 1/2.) oh dear.

b.) oh crap, self! i ran the *entire* night through my head on lightning speed trying to think of anything that i might have done that could have been considered even slightly unsightly at any given point in the night.

b and a 1/2.) so far so good....

c.) and finally, sweet relief. i deemed bubba's mom 'so stellar and super cool' after i realized that i behaved like an almost perfect angel last night.

so....it is now clear to me after writing all of this that i don't get out nearly enough.

i am going to put a stop to that. more interesting adventures from the outskirts of the walls of my house coming soon to a blog near you....

p.s.s. there were 164 cans, 40 flies, 4 sub woofer flies, 3 drum strobes, and lots of wires. and 2 costume changes for very, very young filipino singing man.

ready. or not?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

what a sunday. where did the time go? where did the weekend go, for that matter?

i am 100% *not* prepared for tomorrow!! i graded papers. i used a new favorite website to create poetry pictures from the AMAZING work some of my kids did for me last week. (check out wordle when you have a chance)

i was so busy getting caught up that i forgot to do my lesson plans. it is 10:55 and i just realized this. i have absolutely no desire to do them right now, hence the late night blog entry.

the girls were so much fun this weekend. they both had soccer games. their dad was out of town, so i was solo soccer mom. and let me tell you, they played their little hearts out!! they were aggressive and energetic and i beamed with pride!

last year, jay had stage fright on her first game, and she decided to sit out for the season. she was 3. what in the world was i thinking? seriously? i am very lucky that she is brave enough to go gettem this year.

cee went to soccer camp in the summer, and she has all these amazing skills stored up that she is getting to show the world. her league is *no guts, no glory*. there were four different injuries during her game (minor, thank goodness), and....the game kept going. there was no stopping for the wounded soldiers. brutal, but i must admit that i prefer it that way as opposed to 'everybody gets a medal'. i am all about instilling competition in my baby girls!!

okay - i feel very boring and bland and i am pretty sure that i am not making anyone smile, giggle, or even chuckle. so that's it for now.

happy week - and welcome, october.....



Saturday, September 26, 2009

as the language arts teacher, i have to wonder about the orgin of this word. the prefix ex- immediately implies a negative connotation. which maybe is why i have a new favorite blog.

read it. you'll love it.

i just know it.

exercise (give or take) will have you in stitches!

school daze

Friday, September 25, 2009

i am in a school daze today.

i tried to write several semi-witty things just now and nothing really worked out. perhaps it has something to do with completely fried brain cells from not having to form a single thought for the last 2 full days of work. not good. i function much better when it is necessary for brain cells to synapse, interact, and mingle with one another.

my dendrites like to interact with each other!

even if you don't crack the slightest smile when you read this entry, trust me when i tell you it is better than anything else i could conjur up. looky there, i just ended a sentence with a preposition!! that's a big no-no in these parts. go figure.

adios & mucho mas peace.

p.s. i am going to see journey on tuesday with two of my very most favorite people in the whole world...t-minus 96 hours and counting!!! don't stop believing, people. don't stop.

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